Marvel's Midnight Suns

Venom joins Marvel's Midnight Suns next week

And you can try the game for free if the new trailer makes you interested.

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Take-Two has unfortunately made it clear that Marvel's Midnight Suns has been a commercial disappointment despite being a great game, but both the publisher and developers at Firaxis hope more content will change that. Then it's a good thing we don't have to wait long for one of Marvel's most badass characters.

Today's trailer reveals that Venom will join Marvel's Midnight Suns as part of the Redemption expansion on February 23. We're not just treated to some of the symbiote's brutal abilities either, but also glimpses of the three story missions where a smug Mephisto seems ready for a fight. The DLC also includes the Whisper Web upgrade for the Abbey, which "expands the tactical options for the Intel resource".

Does this make you interested in the game? Then it's worth mentioning that free trial versions are available on PC, Xbox Series and PlayStation 5 (for PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers) and the full game is 40% off these days.

Marvel's Midnight Suns

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