Verdun exits Early Access on April 28

Full release of World War I trench war title finalised.

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Verdun is something rather special. It's a shooter based on World War I - a war that was largely fought in the trenches, and thus it was largely ignored by developers of first person shooters as nature of World War II lended itself more naturally to a video game. Nuts to that, said Blackmill Games and M2H as they went about creating Verdun that has been in Early Access on Steam since September 2013. Now the full release has been set for April 28 on Steam.


In a press release the developers detail some of the improvements. "The most notable improvements are; the introduction of the dreadful and iconic gas weapon combined with a claustrophobic gas-mask experience, the introduction of new troops, realistic maps such as the swampy Flanders map and the Artois map, and the Unity 5 engine upgrade which was a big improvement on performance and stability."

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