Verdun is now available on Xbox One

And at a discounted price, too.

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World War One shooter Verdun is already out for PC and PlayStation 4 players, and the former can get the game as part of the Humble Jumbo Bundle. As if that wasn't enough good Verdun-related news, now we know Xbox One players can now take part in the action.

A new trailer on the game's YouTube channel revealed the game is now out on Microsoft's console, completing the trio of platforms. The trailer also shows off some more gameplay, as well as a pretty epic soundtrack.

Those who are interested in investing in the World War One shooter on Xbox One will be pleased to know that it can be purchased online for the discounted price of £9.59 (usually £15.99), so you'd best buy it now if you want to make use of the offer.

Is Verdun up there with the best World War One games?


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