Verdun's new DLC introduces the Christmas truce for charity

The money will go towards War Child.

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Verdun is getting in the Christmas spirit by introducing a DLC showing the Christmas truce of World War One in 1914, and it's all in the name of charity, with War Child appropriately being the charity in question.

Available as of today, the Christmas Truce map lets players engage in something lighter than warfare, allowing you to throw snowballs, play football, and enjoy all things festive. Also, medals are given to those who participate, and there are even bagpipe players as well.

The Steam page reveals more about the game, and there are three tiers to choose from, costing £1.99, £5.59, or £9.99 respectively.

"All net-income of this temporary DLC will be donated to War Child UK," the Steam page says. "War affects horribly the innocent children and we should stand by each other to help them as best we can. There are 3 tiers of prices for the DLC so that you can choose the size of you gift to support this cause whilst enjoying the content."

"The winter map of the Christmas Truce is accessible for all Steam players without a donation after three regular Verdun matches for five minutes. Making a donation allows unlimited access between the December 15 2016 and January 2 2017, plus.... we might include a nice surprise!"

Do you think this is a nice moment to recreate in games?


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