JBL and Harman/Kardon - End of 2022 Product Lineup Interview

Both brands have a range of new or updated audio products releasing on the final stretch of the year and here we talk with Marije Bakker and Mikael Herje to learn more about several headphones, earbuds, speakers and even an Atmos soundbar....

Audio transcription

"Hi Gamereactor friends, we are in Madrid at JBL by Harman's annual product presentation.
We have taken a look at some of the new products that have been showcased here and now we are going to talk with Mikael and Marije about them to learn a little bit more."

"What would you say, Mikael, are the highlights of these two products?
Noise cancelling in total, because these are the most advanced headphones we have ever built and basically we have put a lot of effort into making the best noise cancelling headphones from JBL."

"They also come with different features.
One is, of course, an over-ear.
It is super lightweight.
It is one of the most lightweight headphones we have."

"So they are enjoyable and comfortable for the 10-hour flight during your holiday or for work.
For the true wireless, this is a completely new world's first."

"So this is the first true wireless with the smart charging case.
But what does that mean?
In today's market, true wireless is really full of features that usually is only accessible via an app."

"So the companion app is helping you to adjust your audio settings, your noise cancelling levels, but that only works when you are connected to a phone.
If you connect to any other device, the companion app is not there anymore and you lose the ability to adjust."

"But that is not the case anymore on this, because here you can do all your adjustments on the go on whatever device you are connected to.
You can also pick up your phone calls."

"You get messaging notifications.
You can switch on and off noise cancelling.
You can adjust your EQ.
It is also the first one that gives you full status of your battery all the time for all three devices."

"So left, right plug plus case.
We also made it super small buds.
They are 30% less size than the previous model.
Super comfortable, have the oval tubes for that snug fit and great for call quality with six microphones."

"We have a clip for Echo now, the Go 3 Echo.
So these products we launched them over a year ago.
Now these Echo versions, they will be available end of the month."

"So what's the nice thing?
It's made from recycled materials.
So it's fully made from recycled materials.
What can you tell us about the new features of the new model that just released as well?
Yep, so the new Pulse."

"So this speaker has a 360 sound and it also has a new light show.
Also comes with an app so you can really customize it.
So there's a lot of apps options in there to just, you know, I wear like a pink blazer at the moment."

"So you could even like kind of like synchronize with this color blazer.
Do you think this sort of flexibility or versatility is what users are asking for right now?
If you are home watching a movie, you would really like that cinematic feeling in your home as well."

"And with the detachable speakers, you know, you can put them behind you.
And so you even have like this more immersive sound.
When do you think we're going to be there in terms of not needing a separate dongle so that, you know, you can get really, really fast audio out of Bluetooth?
I think with the dongle now we deliver below 50 milliseconds and that's on the level where you can't actually notice it anymore."

"Let's say as a human being because it's so quick.
For our Bluetooth models, we also have a gaming mode that pushes the latency below 120 milliseconds without compromising on audio."

"Because when you play around with Bluetooth, if you push it too low, the frequencies will be compromised the connection quality will be compromised.
Also the total quality of data that's shipped will also be reduced."

"So for the Quantum 910, there is processing power in the dongle that you really need for head tracking.
There's a lot of communication going back and forth because each time you move your head, it's registered and each time you do something in there, that's processing the audio."

"And you have to have it because if you go away from that, the latency will increase and the performance will be conflicting in terms of audio when you move around.
So I'm not sure yet, but we try to keep the dongle for a bit longer."





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