Summer Game Fest Play Days - Impressions and Highlights

One thing was the Live Show, but this time around Dav & Ben talk us through the first of their two Play Days in L.A. after getting to try out some of the just-revealed games and/or talking to their developers. And even some things they weren't suppose to disclose as of yet!

Audio transcription

"Hello, everyone, and welcome back to Gamereactor.
We are still at Summer Game Fest.
Days... Summer Game Fest Play Days Live?
Day 1. Day 1. Day 1."

"Well, actually, we're just wrapping up Day 1, actually.
We're about to head back to the hotel.
But, yeah, we've just finished a full day.
I've seen a bunch of different exciting games, many of which were at the actual live showcase."

"I want to say many of which because there were some things, probably, that weren't at the actual live showcase, but were here.
But, anyway, you'll see more about that on your local Gamereactor region soon."

"But, hey, we're here to just recap what we saw today and talk about some of the big things.
And with that being the case, I'm going to throw it right to you to start things off, Dav."

"What was your highlight of the day?
It's going to sound like...
We were talking about Mortal Kombat and Sonic yesterday when we were talking about the show, the live show, right?
But my highlight has to be Mortal Kombat 1 because I got to play the game and I got to talk to Ed Boon."

"And it's really nice because they're coming back from the 30th anniversary and meeting Boon again, like, I don't know, last time was 2016 or something like that with Injustice and being able to play the game."

"And I was discussing this with you before.
Three of the highlights of the show and what we are playing these days are classics from the 90s."

"So we have Prince of Persia, Sonic, classic style Sonic and Mortal Kombat.
And both Sonic and Mortal Kombat I played today and Mortal Kombat was really next-gen and it looked fantastic, very colourful this time around."

"It changed the tone in a way.
Lots of fun, nice animation.
And then the chat with Ed Boon, check that out at your local Gamereactor site, was so laid back and so, you know, looking back at the franchise, we were talking about Jean-Claude Van Damme as well and The Last of Us references, and we enjoyed that a lot."

"And I think that's got to be my highlight.
But Sonic is a second, a close second, right?
Because it's also very classical style and the game plays great, looks great, vibrant colours and a bunch of ideas, powers and stuff, but makes you wonder why it didn't go the New Super Mario Bros. way like 10 years ago."

"It works with Sonic perfectly fine.
What about your highlight?
Well, it's actually a rather interesting question that because I don't know whether I necessarily saw anything that would be a highlight, you know, a thing that really stood out among the rest."

"But there were a few things out there that I saw that was quite exciting to me.
I saw Remnant 2.
I love Remnant from the ashes."

"And I saw Remnant 2 today, got to play it, and it was fun, it was fun.
Got to try, well, I say I got to try a few different classes.
I played the hunter class with the dog and the dog seems to be a really, really powerful class."

"So definitely pick that one when it arrives because it seemed to be the one to go for, we'll say that.
But otherwise, I got to see a few different things."

"I got to play Disney Illusion Island and that felt great.
That felt like a really fun, yeah, very, very 90s.
It felt like a really fun sort of platform with Metroidvania elements, but it was sort of designed in a way that was accessible, right?
Disney is a brand for all."

"It's not for one particular age range.
It's designed to be played by a wide range of audiences.
And Illusion Island really fits that bill and it was great."

"And yeah, you'll be able to see the interview with AJ from Delilah Studer.
That'll be up soon.
And AJ was great.
So be sure to watch that interview as well because he was a really charismatic personality."

"But otherwise, one of the things that really surprised me was Square Enix.
Because we had this appointment with Square Enix where at first I didn't really know what I was going to see."

"And I got there and it was Foam Stars.
It was Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis.
I have to be careful about this because...
It wasn't Rebirth, right?
No, it wasn't Rebirth."

"There was talk about Final Fantasy 16 there, but by the time that you see this interview, well, this video, Final Fantasy 16 is basically already here.
So we're going to gloss over that."

"But yeah, Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis, which was the mobile game, which is basically literally the full Final Fantasy 7 experience just on mobile, which is kind of interesting."

"It works really well.
So if you're interested in further opinions and thoughts on that, we'll share that soon.
But the real star for me from the Square Enix appointment was surprisingly Foam Stars."

"Now, I'm going to say surprisingly because if you've watched the Game Rector podcast or the Game Rector show as of late, I kind of attacked that game when I saw it at the PlayStation showcase."

"I called it, you know, like...
I basically said it was a Splatoon clone that nobody really wanted, right?
And I got to play it."

"It was really fun.
It was really fun.
Granted, we were playing it in a multiplayer session.
There was eight, you know, different members of press and creators and whatnot there."

"And it was really exciting and fun.
Yeah, I really enjoyed it.
But it was kind of, it was out of left field.
It really surprised me with how fun it was."

"So I'm excited to play more of that game and see more of that game in the future.
But yeah, it really struck me because it kind of went against what I initially thought when I saw that, again, that silly CGI reveal trailer."

"If the gameplay works, I don't know why we've got a CGI reveal trailer, but that's a different rabbit hole that I'm not going to take a stand right now."

"We have to look for a phone party now.
So we go for a phone party.
And then those mechanics in the real world, right?
I mean, you know, we were split into teams."

"There's the blue team versus the pink team.
I was on the pink team.
We had different team captains, different members of the PR team there that were guiding us."

"And yeah, it was great.
It was really a unique experience.
Shout out to the pink team captain who might probably won't see this, but might see this if she does."

"She was a great team captain, really charismatic personality.
So yeah, Foamstars is definitely one to watch out for.
And I know I've dedicated a lot of this video to Foamstars, but it really shocked me."

"It really did shock me because I was going into it thinking it was probably just going to be some sort of generic Splatoon clone, but it's been really fun."

"But you know, Dav's got something to say here, so I'm going to pass the mic over to him to stop me talking about Foamstars.
No, I see your Foamstars."

"I'm going to go the other way, the other extreme, just the opposite extreme of it.
And I'm going to...
So yeah, I think we've covered more like the super highlights."

"And we're standing here in front of a big Tekken 8 banner, which you cannot see, at the Bandai Namco booth.
And one of the weird things about Summer Game Fest is this."

"Same as yesterday, we were saying that the show, live show itself, was a very Geoff Keighley type of thing in that, you know, in the pace and in the filler and in the advertisement."

"This is kind of the same.
I like the arrangement.
I like the summer feel and the color to it.
But why is it all filled with Tekken 8 when we cannot play the game yet?
Harada-san is there having a margarita, but we cannot play the game."

"And there is some Pac-Billion in there.
We cannot play the game.
It's an advertisement.
Well, you can play Pac-Billion, but it's part of like a coupon."

"You know what I mean?
What I mean is it's not there for content.
And there are a bunch of games like that.
They are present here only to show off."

"And then, on the flip side, Cyberpunk's here.
Cyberpunk wasn't in the show.
Which is really unusual."

"And we got a really nice art book.
And we will show you the swag bag in a different video, different update.
So, anything else you're missing?
I think that was the big ones for me, really."

"Tomorrow is...
The way that the schedule's worked out, today was my sort of like casual day.
Tomorrow is the big one."

"If you like Ubisoft stuff, tomorrow is going to be a big one for you.
That's all we'll say.
Although, to be fair, depends on when you can see this video, because I'm assuming a lot of that Ubisoft stuff will be coming in the future a little bit, you know, for the Ubisoft 4."

"But we'll cover that when we get there.
Yeah, time is sifting anyway, and we are still jet lagged.
So, you never know."

"We don't know when you're seeing this.
But anyway, we thank you for watching it.
And stay tuned.
Yeah, thanks for watching, guys."

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