Stampede: Racing Royale

Sumo Digital on all the crazy stuff you can expect from Stampede: Racing Royale

Development Director at Sumo Leamington Paul Hollywood gave us a very exclusive first look at their karting battle royale when it had just been announced, and in this coach co-op interview he comments all the different features while looking at the screen and playing the game.

Audio transcription

"Hi friends, we're at Summer Game Fest Play Days Day 2. Congratulations, thank you so much for joining us.
Paul, what is Stampede Racing Royale about?
All right, so very simply, Paul, guys, beats Mario Kart."

"60 players online in a battle royale, race royale game.
It's super exciting, we are free-to-play, and this is super important.
We do not want our players to feel at a disadvantage because they haven't spent enough money.
So all the monetisation in Stampede Racing Royale is for cosmetics."

"It's about showing off, it's about expressing your personality within the Stampede multiverse.
What we did was we looked at our heritage, we looked at the skills on the team, and the experience on the team.
So a lot of talent on racing games, karting games, and free-to-play and games as a service.
And then when we started to talk about the idea and show people some early builds, they're like, why hasn't this been done before?
It seems like such an obvious and simple idea, but sometimes those simple ideas are missed because they are simple."

"So it's a three-round elimination, so in round one you have 60 racers.
That gets reduced down to 40, so 20 are eliminated in round one.
Round two, another 20 are eliminated, which leaves 20 in the final round.
And it's all about who wins that final round, and they're going to be crowned the champion."

"We have so many ideas, really so many ideas for things that we can put into Stampede.
But what we really want to do is understand what resonates with the community.
It's playtest first in the summer, really get some of that rich response from the players, and then take those learnings, put them back into the game, and give the community all the good stuff that they want."

"This includes content creators.
So we want to put features into the game to really help content creators engage with their audience using Stampede Racing Royale.
Put this in the hands of the content creators as soon as possible as well.
Just that feedback."

"We've got a really good idea of what we're doing.
We have a lot of expertise, we have a lot of experience.
But really it's a two-way conversation that we want to have with the community.
But as I mentioned, we are Games as a Service, so very briefly there are meta game features in here."

"We have a season pass where we're going to be launching challenges and new events as well as cosmetics for you to collect.
Obviously as you're playing the game you generate XP and a currency that you can spend in our shop.
So I'm going to go with this guy.
I think he's got your eyes."

"And then we're going to choose a body.
We have different options here.
I've got sports, I've got casual, I've got skating, I've got racing.
Hey, we've even got robots down here."

"And then obviously you need a hat.
You've got your cheese hat at the moment.
Hey, let's go for a hot dog head.
Okay, now we're all set up, we're ready to go into the race."

"I'm going to start the race here.
So here we've got multiple routes on the tracks.
We've got multiple surfaces.
And these also have different responses from the cars."

"Environment versus player as well.
These environmental hazards are randomly placed so no two races are the same.
How do you design the tracks to make sense and to sort of be balanced and to host up to 60 drivers?
So we're leveraging all our experience and knowledge to create this brand new online karting experience with so many players."

"So there's been a bit of a learning curve for us.
When can they get their hands on Stampede, on their earlier versions?
First it's going to be on PC.
And then on which platforms are you planning to release on?
Okay, so the call to action for the couple of days on Summer Games Fest is our Steam page goes live."

"Go to the Steam page, sign up for the wish list.
Also join in our social channels, stampederacing.com is live.
And then you can sign up and that's where we'll be able to communicate directly.
We'll let the players know when the playtests are going to happen, what the content is going to be in the playtest and when early access is going to come."

"Yes, there are multiple platforms next year, but we'll have that conversation in a little while.
Right now we're focused on getting the playtests out, really getting that feedback from the players and starting this wonderful journey of Stampede.
You've heard it. Okay, thank you so much for your time. I'm looking forward to joining the Stampede."

"Yeah, me too. I'll see you on the start line."

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