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      Talking all things Aeterna universe with Aeternum's Hugo Gómez

      At Gamelab 2023 we caught up with Aeternum's CEO, who was glad to discuss the different titles the studio is working on. On the one hand, three games based on the Aeterna universe: Noctis, which is being expanded with the story-focused DLC Pit of the Damned and later with the challenge-focused Virtuoso; Summum, which will release in September; and the 2024 sequel to Noctis, announced as Aeterna Lucis. On the other hand, there's the very secret Eden Genesis, set in a cyberpunk world.

      Audio transcription

      "We're at Gamelab 2023 in Barcelona, and now it's time to talk about an indie game that I've been following, but I wanted to learn more about, and it's still expanding, and it's beautiful, and it's Aeterna Noctis.
      Thank you so much for joining us, Hugo."

      "You guys released a game which was really beautiful and really nice, and then released a DLC, and now, perhaps in the future, more DLC.
      What's the status of the project? How do you feel about the project right now?
      The studio is very happy with the project, particularly with Aeterna Noctis."

      "We released our second game now, in two months, that is Summum Aeterna, but more or less in December, we launched the next DLC, called Virtuoso, and we are very happy with the project.
      It's a very big project, with a lot of spikes and pain, and it's beautiful for the players."

      "I love the difficulty of the platforms, the precision of the platforms, and the success of the game is very nice for our spirit.
      We are very happy with that.
      Why Virtuoso? Because you have to be very good with the controller, or Virtuoso because it's music-related?
      In fact, it's music-related."

      "The main character of the DLC is the collectionist, and he's an artist, so it's Virtuoso.
      The DLC is a boss rush, and you can fight again with the bosses, with too many difficulties, new difficulties, new challenges, simultaneous bosses.
      It's really a challenge for the player."

      "And that about the DLC that you are going to release before the year-end.
      What about the DLC that you guys just released a couple of weeks ago?
      This DLC has another history of Eterna, but a secondary history.
      It fits the main history, but in fact it's not necessary for the player."

      "Now this history, but it's very good for the experience now that they have two bosses, spectacular bosses. We love the last boss.
      I don't know if the people know who is the emperor, but it's more like the emperor.
      And it's more a storytelling DLC, and the Virtuoso is more a challenge DLC."

      "If I remember correctly, it was our Rebecca who played the game for review, and she praised the progression of the game, how you feel like you were progressing, and the platforming. So what can you tell us about these two aspects that she thought were really, really good with Eterna Noctis on the Switch?
      Our game has the tough, difficult, and precision platforming."

      "So we know that the player is very angry with our game.
      It's very difficult in Switch, for example, or in portable.
      Take frame rates, high frame rates.
      So it's difficult for us that the controls respond very fast, but we need that."

      "So the game is really precise with that consistency.
      And in terms of progression, we implement an RPG system that is not usually in that games, like Hollow Knight or Ori.
      It's very, how to say, it's very good for the player."

      "They can build his player to many branches, tank branches, ranged branch, or melee branch, and for many bosses, so many opportunities for that.
      So we think that is a very, very good thing in that kind of games.
      Very rewarding, yeah, of course."

      "And she loved the game, but she thought that the combat could use some work.
      Is that something that you know, that feedback that you get from the players that you perhaps in future iterations, other games, that the combat is something that you can improve?
      Yeah, we know that in Aeterna, the combat is not the main thing."

      "It's more the platforming.
      But now in Summon Aeterna, it's action-related.
      And the combat is the main thing of the game.
      It's very fast-paced, it's very challenging."

      "You have a lot of weapons, and the combat is more challenging, but it's more easy.
      For example, you can dash across the enemies, but in Aeterna, you collision with the enemies in that terms.
      And you have many assistance, high assistance for the player in combat, like auto-spin when you attack."

      "And in Aeterna, you don't have that.
      So it's more focused in that.
      So I think that if the player wants action, the game is Summon Aeterna.
      So both are set in the same lore, in the same fantasy."

      "So what can you tell us about that?
      About the stories you guys want to tell, the fiction, the lore, the art, you guys use at the studio, is this sort of universe that you are building?
      We build the universe of Aeterna for many games and other things."

      "Not only games.
      We have another game in this universe, that is Aeterna Lucis.
      But a few weeks ago, we announced another universe, that is Eden.
      Eden is the fourth game of the studio, a new IP."

      "So we are really happy with Aeterna.
      And it's grown and grown, but we love cyberpunk.
      And Eden is a new cyberpunk experience, a new game that we are really happy too.
      I think that the players can enjoy Aeterna."

      "What's the status of that cyberpunk project?
      I can't say nothing.
      We'll see.
      Thank you so much for your time, Hugo.
      Thank you."





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