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GRTV News - Rumour: Game Pass has over 30 million subscribers

A new post from an Xbox executive revealed the information.

Audio transcription

"Hello everyone and welcome back to a new episode of GRTV News. It's a new week and we're going to be talking about something that took place at the very end of last week and it's quite an interesting one at that because a new rumour has gone around regarding the official Game Pass figures and how many subscribers the service has. Now it's a rumour because the information was put out there and then swiftly deleted so we have to look at it and go like why is it being deleted but regardless it gives a good idea as to how Game Pass is sort of growing and expanding if there's any truth to these numbers so with that being the case let's dive on in."

"Rumour Game Pass has over 30 million subscribers as of August 2023.
Microsoft hasn't communicated any official number for Game Pass subscribers since last year when it was officially revealed that it had over 25 million users. Since then members from the Xbox team including the Xbox boss Phil Spencer has said that the number has increased without sharing how much. Earlier today we got a hint though from Xbox marketing exec Chris McNary who wrote on his LinkedIn that Game Pass has surpassed 30 million users last month, August. Launched and grew Xbox Game Pass, the world's number one gaming subscription service to over 30 million members. This was noticed by Tamir222 on X who screen grabbed the evidence when this was shared on social media. McNary decided to remove this number as it seemingly wasn't meant to be public information. As an Xbox exec McNary had the correct information available so it seems fairly plausible that this is correct information on the number of subscribers. As Xbox Game Pass Core launched earlier this week it's believed that the number of Game Pass subscribers will increase by a lot this month as all Xbox Live Gold subscriptions are automatically converted to Core. Hopefully this means Microsoft will be inclined to provide an official update on the current number of Game Pass subscribers."

"And then this is the image here from Chris McNary's LinkedIn. Again he's been at Microsoft for nearly 14 years now so definitely a veteran of the company. And it says in the statement that he has grown Game Pass subscribers to over 30 million users which again it's not something that's in the post anymore because of the fact that it's not something that should have been public information but it's right there. Launching directs Xbox Game Pass the world's number one gaming subscription service to over 30 million members through measured full funnel campaigns, GTM planning, etc. But yeah as Jarrod just puts in the news piece there Game Pass Core has launched which is quite an interesting thing because it's finally getting rid of Xbox Live Gold games where gold is dying all that stuff and instead anyone who had previous games with Gold subscriptions are now getting solely Xbox Game Pass Core subscriptions so you know the Game Pass numbers should significantly increase over the coming few weeks and months. So no doubt yeah as Jarrod puts we'll hear some official information about the Game Pass figures in the coming weeks and months but yeah that's all the time we have on today's episode of GRTV News. We'll be back now tomorrow with the next one so until then I hope you enjoy the rest of your Monday and we'll see you all on the next one."

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