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Samsung Odyssey - checking out the Neo G9, OLED G9, and 2023 Ark monitores

We learn about the 57" dual-4K monitor, the 49" dual-QHD monitor, and the renewed 55" Ark monitors with Samsung Spain's visual display marketing manager Javier Luque at Gamescom.

Audio transcription

"We're at Gamescom 2023 in Cologne, and as you can pretty much tell that we're at Gamescom, it's pretty noisy, we're at the show floor, today is the first public day, and we stopped by Samsung's booth to take a look at the new display products that you guys have introduced into the market."

"Thank you so much for joining us, Javier.
This is the new Odyssey Neo.
We were fans of the previous model at Gamereactor, but this is two 4K screens, shrunk into, you know, squeezed into one super high resolution screen."

"And it released yesterday, so what can you tell us about the product?
Well, thanks for coming.
This is our new monitor that we launched in this Gamescom.
The name is Odyssey Neo G9, and if you loved our previous model, you will be so excited with this launch for this monitor."

"This monitor is the first monitor in the world, dual UHD, and this is that you can have a double screen with 4K in each screen.
The brightness and the resolution are massive, people are loving it, all the graphics and the colors, so immersive experience."

"This model is the only one that you can find in gaming with 57 inches, which is another step, you know.
Samsung, nowadays in gaming, we are launching, presenting three monitors under the claim Play Big, Win Big, because we are very into the big inches for gaming."

"We want to deliver a new experience, a new immersive gaming to our clients, and this is what this Odyssey Neo G9 is bringing to the new customers.
And for you guys to feed proper signal to this 57 inch display with such high resolution, you guys are opting for DisplayPort 2.1?
Yes, this monitor incorporates the DisplayPort 2.1, which is the highest top in the market where you can find the edge technology nowadays, because you will receive the content and the graphics faster and with the speed that this monitor recommends."

"So, it released just yesterday in Europe, if I'm correct.
What is the price point?
Well, we launched yesterday this monitor.
Each subsidiary has their launch promo."

"The price is €2,499.
I'm coming from Spain, we have a special promo.
Me too.
From yesterday to the 6th of September, you can get this monitor now with a promo of €400 discount, as Game Pass Ultimate incorporates."

"So, this is the price for our new monitor.
And it also has the gaming hub within?
This one is not incorporated.
It's for the next one."

"Let's take a look at the next one, come with us.
And the next product is the Odyssey OLED, this actually has the gaming hub incorporated, so you can switch your screen on, plug it into the internet, connect it wirelessly or wherever, and then you can also enjoy the games directly on the screen."

"That's it. This model is the Odyssey OLED G9.
This model you can get the gaming hub incorporated in the monitor, and the smart TV as well.
So, you just need a remote control calibrated with the monitor, and you can play with no PC required."

"And also, the specifications of this OLED are fantastic.
You have big specifications as graphics, colors, and the OLED experience in a monitor.
The brightness is 420 nits, which is the best in the market for brightness, that makes sure an experience of colors and a vibrant gaming experience."

"Also, with this monitor, the same as the other G9, we have the panoramic version with 1000R cube, so you will feel again this immersive experience in your gaming.
And whereas that was 2 4K into one, so in a 32 to 9 aspect ratio, this is the same aspect ratio, but you get two QHD monitors in one."

"That's it. This is also the first monitor that incorporates the dual QHD, so you have double screen as well, QHD, and also you have the multi connections incorporated, all the specifications regarding ergonomics, so tilting, balance, and everything, which is very important."

"Also, the design for these two monitors, it is important to say, because there is a lot of work behind the design, Samsung decided to change a little bit the gaming design of the monitors, and goes from the black that we, of course, we maintain, we keep the black in our monitors, but for these premium gaming monitors, big inches, we want to incorporate a futuristic design that metal design for the OLED, and the white one for the Neo G1."

"And that was 57 inches, now that you mention inches.
57 inches, and this one, the OLED, is 49 inches.
And the price point for this one is?
It's 1,900."

"It's available since a couple of months ago, if I'm correct?
It was launched in the middle of June, more or less, and it's available in our e-store already, and this one is available also in our e-store."

"Alright, and speaking about inches, we have 57, 30, 49, and now, let's see the ARC.
So, the ARC.
We used this to play vertical shoot-em-ups at the office, we took a good look at it, but the model we got was, I think, last year's or previous, so this is 2023 Odyssey ARC, correct?
So what's the new thing here?
Well, we know it's a model that journalists, our gamers and everything, they enjoy it a lot, because it's a very wow effect, this vertical and horizontal movement that they have, so we want to improve this monitor with new specifications, as four multi-view inside of the monitor, and each view, each screen works separately."

"Different HDMI signal, so you get four and a half, and you couldn't do that, we missed that in the previous one, right?
It's a new feature for this year, and also we incorporate the DPI 1.4, so the port, because we want to reflect the speed and all the refresh rates, that great technology that Samsung has developed in this monitor as well."

"And this model replaces the previous model, so it's not that you can choose, this is a new model, we cannot buy both anymore, so this is the one that people can buy now, and the price point was close to €4,000, if I'm correct?
This one was €3,000 when we launched this model, and we are going to continue with both models for a while, so you will have the guarantee to have the previous model and the new model."

"I cannot tell you the differences of prices yet, because each country will evaluate their market, but we will keep both models for a while, and then we will stay with the new one."

"Fantastic, thank you so much for joining us, Javier, and looking forward to playing around with the new screens.
Thank you so much.





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