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One Military Camp

We talk all things One Military Camp with Abylight and how it's going to evolve and expand very soon

Other than discussing their ambitiously new Citadelum, we caught up with Abylight's perfectly-dressed-up-for-the-occasion David Martínez in Germany to see where their latest management game is and will be heading, including status and feedback, free and paid-for DLC, or upcoming console versions and multiplayer.

Audio transcription

"We're at Gamescom 2023 in Germany and that means that we see a lot of strategy, city building, resource gathering sort of games and some experts on this specific genre we can find them not in Germany but in Barcelona We're talking about Abylight Barcelona who recently released One Military Camp Thank you so much for joining us, David versus David this time around What has been the feedback like so far since you released the game a month ago if I'm correct?
Yeah, thank you, so nice to be here Yeah, it's been one month since we released One Military Camp, July 20th and we have great reviews even for the press and also the people out there playing our game in Steam So we wanted to say thank you to everyone and it is great for an indie developer to have such good reviews but you know, not everything is perfect so we decided, ok, we're going to give the people just what they want So we've been asking our community which is a big community, what would they put into the game to make it even bigger and better and that's what we are showing here at Gamescom Alright, so just for those who didn't play the game yet, the game is available on which platforms and what is it like content wise before you tell me about what you guys are introducing now Ok, right now One Military Camp is a base building game available in PC You can play it on Steam or Epic Games Store and we are working on console release So very soon you will be able to play it on PlayStation, Xbox, maybe Nintendo Switch We will have news on that later Right now you can play campaign about 25 hours, also sandbox mode It means 6 different biomes, 10 different maps and limited combinations So you can play indefinitely and the idea is in this base building game You have to build your military camp, you have to recruit people, train them and then send them to carry out missions in enemy territories So you have a first layer in which you play like a classic city building game and then on top of that, a strategy layer in which you have to conquer the enemy territories but there is no violence in the game So you will do it like a board game, if you know risk, something like that in which you roll the dice and depending on your battle force and the enemy battle force the type of units you are using for each mission, that will decide your victory or your defeat And from there you are introducing both free DLC and paid for DLC before the year ends already Yeah, that's something we are releasing here now at Gamescom because the first free update is already out on Steam So now you can play a new economy system, that's something our community told us about They wanted to have more possibilities to earn money, like in real life And we did that, we just followed their lead So we made One Military Camp wider and a better game And then we are planning on having a multiplayer release probably in November Also Halloween Frights in November, in which you will be able to play Halloween missions and you know, have some surprises and also get new decorative items that maybe also be out for Christmas season And well, not only that, but new secondary missions and five new biomes So we have plenty of free content for every player On the other hand..."

"Not for the free content, and then?
On the other hand, if you are willing to pay DLC to have a better, bigger experience in One Military Camp We are planning two big DLCs One of them is based on new soldier types, new Black Ops missions and a small campaign With the new story you will have to unfold and visit new places The idea is to have a very small campaign that continues the story you knew from the original The other DLC is based on tanks and planes and the possibility of building this war machinery and then use it Right now we have the possibility of training pilots and tank operators But you were not able to have the actual vehicles in the game and see them and use them And right now you will be able to do that after this DLC And who knows? Many more updates and DLCs and more content is coming to our game in 2024 So stay tuned In the future together with potential new platforms So just finally, I started this interview by saying that in Germany we normally see a lot of management games and building games So which audience are you trying to cater to with this game?
Of course it's accessible, there's no violence and it looks cute in a way But also it is deep in some of the systems So where do you think you guys are in terms of appealing to both the hardcore and newcomers to the genre?
Well the short answer is everyone But the long answer is we think everyone that likes this genre is going to enjoy One Military Camp Because it's deeper than you may think at the beginning But if you've never played a game like this, this is a good place to start So we have a tutorial, we have an easy learning curve And then once you think you know everything You will find a real chance to prove your value And it's not that easy So yeah, let's try it Looking forward to joining the camp myself And looking forward to learning more about Abbey Light in the future Thank you so much for your time Thank you"





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