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Asterix & Obelix: Slap Them All 2

Asterix & Obelix: Slap Them All 2 (Gamescom 2023) - Our favourite duo are back!

Check out our impressions video to find out what to expect from this long-awaited and fun sequel.

Audio transcription

"Hello everyone and welcome to a brand new Gamereactor Gamescom Impressions video.
We're almost ending this series of videos, probably next week we'll end with this.
So, I hope you're ready for the next announcements because, well, today we're going to talk about one of that series that a lot of people just know, that a lot of people just love, which is Asterix and Obelix, this time Asterix and Obelix Slap Them All 2, which is a slap-filled video map with, well, an original storyline."

"We're talking about a game developed by MrNutsStudio and published by Mikroids, which is going to be released this 30th November 2023 on PlayStation 4, 5, Xbox Series, on Switch and on PC.
It's the second title of the series because, as you may know, there was one Asterix and Obelix Slap Them All.
And, well, this time what's new about this title is that, I would say that it has improved a lot in general, just to introduce the game and this sequel."

"I would say that they've tried to use the essence and the main mechanics and the main essence of the game in general that worked so well when it was firstly released, the first title of the series.
And then add some new mechanics, add some new cool story and add some new things and some new features that I will talk about right now.
But the point is that, just like this, I mean, just to introduce this sequel and just to give you my very own impressions from the very beginning, I would say that it's an improved version of Asterix and Obelix Slap Them All in general, in everything."

"Because, for example, this time, let's talk about the new things because if you know more or less the prequel, or if you've played it, you know more or less what to expect.
And if you haven't, in general, as I've said, we're talking about a beat them up with some stories, with some new things this time.
But it's all about having fun just, well, slapping them all, all the romance."

"And that's it, and enjoy the story.
And if you're a fan of Asterix and Obelix, just enjoy the humor, the story, all the cartoons, all the animation, etc.
So it's all about that.
But what do we have this time?
This time, basically, we'll have some, well, I would say that more detailed, beautiful levels, okay?
And in general, a beautiful environment, more beautiful, okay, environment."

"I would say that they've, well, they've improved and upgraded to the next level.
No, also, these graphics that were so characteristic from the prequel.
And, well, I'm not going to spoil you, but they're going to travel through different interesting places and different known places, if you know the series, okay?
But I'm not going to spoil you."

"In general, we'll have also with this title, well, a new storyline.
And the developers said that it's going to be full of twists and turns, okay?
They didn't talk a lot about this story because they wanted it to be, well, different and surprising.
And they wanted to keep these twists in secret, okay?
To just enjoy it once we're able to just play it."

"In terms of combat, okay, they've added different new mechanics to the combat system.
More or less, this is the same essence, okay?
The same beat-em-up, stereo-cinematics combat style, okay?
If you've played the prequel, as I've said before, you probably know what I'm talking about."

"But now, we'll have a new fury mode that can be activated in combat, for example, to just, well, create more combos and create more super unrealistic and surprising scenes inside this combat.
Well, in these fights, okay? Sorry.
And also, we'll have like a kind of ultimate attack, okay?
For each character, we'll be able to just switch between the two characters, okay?
At every time, so you can just try to create some combos, mixing them up, okay?
For example, obviously, we'll have new enemies, new bosses, etc."

"As you may know, if you're a fan of the Asterix, Anubelix, and Microid games in general, you'll know that they love to introduce, well, this playability with the environment.
They love to just let the player play with all the elements that surround you, with some barrels, with whatever you find around.
So, obviously, we're going to find that in this game."

"We'll find, obviously, even though it's a new story, okay?
Obviously, we'll find locations and characters that are obviously well-known and that are faithful to the comics.
This time, we'll be able to play, well, all alone or up to two players in local co-op mode, okay?
So, you can play with a friend if you want to."

"And I think that's why I saved this feature, well, to the end of the video, even though I'll talk about my very own impressions playing it, okay?
But, in general, I think that the thing that surprised me the most this time is the animated scenes.
I mean, they're so beautiful.
I don't know, they're so special in general."

"They're unique, even though, as I've said, they're so faithful to the style, to the environment, to the characters.
Sometimes, with the story, even though they try to add new things or create a brand new story, they're so faithful with all the Asterix Anubelix style and context and essence itself.
I would say that one of the best things of the game are these animated scenes, because they're so funny."

"They remind you of the comics, of the series, of the old games, etc.
I don't know, you feel so satisfied.
If you're a fan, you're going to love them.
And, in general, well, the parts that I've seen about the story, they're fine."

"They're funny, obviously.
And they're so, I don't know, in synthony with the entire environment.
They're so balanced.
They're so well-fit."

"They're so well-placed.
So, don't worry, because if you liked Asterix Anubelix, slap them all.
Well, the prequel, the first title.
If you liked that one, if you liked, in general, these Asterix Anubelix games, and if you like these beat-em-up games, you're going to love it."

"Obviously, you'll have some parts where you can explore, where you can talk to different characters, where you can be more peaceful.
Or you can stay quiet for a moment, because you know that these games are crazy, because there are waves of enemies coming non-stop.
But, I think that would be it, all the new features.
And, in general, how did I feel when I played it?
Actually, really good."

"I mean, all the combat system is so funny.
In general, the fights are so funny.
They love these, well, these games based on Asterix Anubelix.
They love, as I've said, players interacting with the elements that surrounds you."

"They love making the player just smash the buttons, but at the same time creating some combos and using everything that you have at your hand to just have fun and, well, take advantage of all that you have.
So, if you mix all of that, and you use as much as you can, and you get crazy about, I don't know, just playing, you're going to have so much fun.
And that's what I thought when I played it, in general."

"As I've said, I feel it.
Basically, I felt it.
Just like Asterix Anubelix slapped them all one, okay?
But an improved version of it."

"A clearer and more beautiful, more smooth and fluent, I would say, and a more satisfying adventure with all that essence of humor, fun, and craziness that they like so much.
So, I would say that would be it, in general.
You know now all the features.
You know my impressions, which are positive."

"I mean, I'm not a huge Asterix Anubelix fan, but every time that I get to play a game like this at Gamescom or whatever, I really have fun.
So, if you're a fan, you're going to love it.
And if you've played similar games from the studio or from the publisher, etc., you're definitely going to love it.
So, don't hesitate to try it out if you're a fan."

"Don't hesitate to try it out if you've played the first title.
And, I don't know, just play and have fun.
And that's it, as always.
Stay tuned because we'll probably have our very own review at our gamereactor.yourdomainofchoice."

"And we'll obviously keep posting more reviews, more news, etc., at our gamereactor.yourdomainofchoice.
And I remind you that we've been talking about Asterix Anubelix Slap Them All 2.
A game developed by Mr. Nuts Studio and published by Mik Rojc, which is going to be released this November 13th, 2023, on PlayStation 4 and 5, on Xbox Series X and Xbox One, on Switch and on PC."

"So, there you have it.
You can play all alone or with a friend, but you'll definitely have to try it out and have fun with it.
So, there you have it.
I hope that you've enjoyed it."

"I hope that you've enjoyed my impressions, the video, our experience just playing it, and the game itself.
And see you in the next video.





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