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      Helskate (Gamescom 2023) - Get ready to be the best skateboarder in hell!

      Find out what we thought of this action roguelite in which you'll have to learn to perform the craziest skateboarding tricks of the underworld if you want to survive...

      Audio transcription

      "Hello everyone and welcome to a brand new Gamereactor Gamescom Impressions video in which today we're going to talk about a game that really grabbed my attention because I was surprised because of its movement and its super colorful style and, well, the theme in general and we're talking about Hellscape."

      "Hellscape, let me introduce it to you.
      It's a roguelite, it's an action skateboarding roguelite, ok?
      In which, well, basically we'll have to grind, as you can imagine, because we're talking about a skateboarding game."

      "We'll have to grind, we'll have to perform tricks, we'll have to chain combos to power up our attacks and slay the monsters of this hell in which the main character is trapped, ok?
      And, well, for just trying to get out of here we'll have to combine unique weapons, upgrade our abilities or skills, upgrade our equipment and basically come back over and over and over again to this labyrinth, to this hell and try to get rid of those enemies and to the bosses and get out of here."

      "The title is being developed and published by Phantom Coast and it will be available on PC at some point.
      We still don't know the release date, ok?
      I think they told us at some point about 2024 but I don't remember exactly, ok?
      Sorry for that."

      "And I'm not sure and I think it was like super unapproximate date, ok?
      So forget about that, just stay tuned, wishlist the game if you like it and that's it and play it whenever it's ready.
      But let's keep going with the game because as you probably or you should be watching on your screen, ok?
      Because of the trailer, you're watching the trailer."

      "Basically we have a super fast, a super dynamic and fluent and I would also say crazy combat style, ok?
      And that's one thing that grabbed my attention but one thing that worried me when I first heard about the title because of course this idea of just, well, grinding and performing tricks with your skate is going to be super cool and also if you have an interesting combat system."

      "But also it can be really dangerous because this fast movement can be a double edge because maybe it's so difficult to control the main character, maybe it's so difficult to actually combine these combos and these attacks, etc.
      So that's why I was worried about but I have to say that I was surprised when I played it at Gamescom 2023."

      "Actually the controls of the character are cool.
      I think you have to get used to them a little bit, ok?
      It's not that easy from the very, very, very beginning.
      But as you play, as you try out different runs, as you get used and get familiar with these skateboarding tricks and with the movement, you realize that it's really, really easy to get used to it and that it's really satisfying, I would say."

      "So it's really cool.
      And in general, well, as I've said and as you can imagine, because, well, we've said that it's a roguelite, you'll have to upgrade, you'll have to, well, repeat your games over and over again to get resources, to upgrade your skills, your abilities, your equipment, etc."

      "As we've said.
      And also for trying to defeat every time more enemies and more bosses and get to the end of a run.
      And in general, I would say the main idea is that one."

      "We have to get out of this hell.
      We have to fight, die, upgrade and repeat until we're done.
      We have different stages in every game.
      We have, well, fighting against the enemies."

      "We have some places that are going to give us an item reward, a passive reward, different rewards to just empower our main character and try to get every time a little bit farther.
      And I would say that the most interesting thing is that this is actually skateboarding combat."

      "It's really fast, it's really fluent.
      But as I've said, once you're familiar with it and once you get used to it, it's really comfortable and it's really satisfying.
      I had to get used to it."

      "But it was cool and it was satisfying.
      We'll find different, weird and interesting enemies.
      They're really, really weird.
      But we have to keep in mind that we're in hell."

      "So, well, fair enough in my opinion.
      But everything, I think the thing that I like the most, besides the skateboarding combat, is the art style.
      Because everything's so comic-ish, so cartoonish, so vibrant, so colorful."

      "And at the same time, our attacks and the enemies are colorful, but all the environment is a little bit dark.
      And I liked so much that contrast about having these super colorful and super special skills and super different characters and enemies."

      And all in a dark and gray background, which can be or can represent this hell.
      So, I don't know.
      I actually enjoyed it a lot."

      "And I would say that it could be a really cool roguelite because, actually, I played just a couple of games, but they were really, really short because, as I've told you, I had to get used to it.
      We didn't have that much time."

      "Okay, that's important too because I think I was just able to play it like for 10 minutes, not for anything in particular, just because we were in a hurry and we were trying to check out as many games as we could."

      "And, well, that's the time that we had.
      But I felt that I was improving in that short amount of time.
      So, imagine if you spent just an hour playing it.
      That's why I said that you have to get used to it, that it's a little bit weird at the beginning."

      "But then it's so satisfying.
      And once you're familiar and you've mastered all these super fast movements, I'm sure that you're going to enjoy it a lot.
      I was surprised because the game was so, so funny, so entertaining, and so dynamic, as I've said."

      "And, in general, I would say that's it.
      It's really, really beautiful in its own way.
      I would say that a unique art style, and I loved it so much.
      The story, I would say that it's important, obviously, and it was fun."

      "But I would say that the main thing in this game that really can grab your attention is the combat style, in general.
      But, as I've said, I haven't met any god or any final boss or whatever to just realize if that story is interesting enough or not."

      "I just get to know the beginning and the intro.
      So, I can't talk about that.
      But, in general, I enjoyed a lot the experience.
      I liked it, and I think it can be a really, really cool roguelite once it's officially released."

      "So, if you like skateboarding, if you like roguelites, if you like super fast and dynamic roguelites or games in general, I think this game can be for you.
      And, for example, those characteristics are the main characteristics that grab my attention in video games."

      "And, well, they didn't fail.
      And, well, with this game, I would say sorry.
      And I would say that would be it.
      I remind you that we've been talking about Hellscape, a game developed and published by Phantom Coast that will be released at some point on PC."

      "You also have an interview that we did at Gamescom 2023 about this game, about Hellscape.
      So, you can go to our gamereactor.yourdomainofchoice to just give it a check, to just, well, get to know a little bit more this title and, well, knowing more interesting details about it."

      "And I hope you've liked it.
      My guys, try it out, add it to your wishlist if you liked it because I'm sure that, well, don't know when, okay, but it's going to be released."

      "And, well, I would say that it's not going to disappoint anyone.
      So, give it a try.
      I can assure you that it's going to be super funny.
      It's going to be super special because of its art style and its concept."

      "And I'm sure that it's going to grab a lot of people's attention.
      So, give it a try.
      I hope you've enjoyed everything, the video, the impressions, the details about it and, well, this kind of tiny introduction to the game."

      "And, well, let's see what awaits us this next month about this game.
      Maybe we'll get to know more details.
      Maybe not.
      Who knows?
      See you in the next Game Reactor Gamescom Impressions video."

      "My guys, thank you for being here.
      See you in the next one.
      And, as always, hugs and kisses to all of you.
      It's been a pleasure."






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