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      Cross Blitz (Gamescom 2023) - Create the deck that will control the seven seas!

      We tell you what this new card and role-playing game is all about and why it could easily become one of our favourites in this video!

      Audio transcription

      "Hello everyone and welcome to a brand new Gamereactor Gamescom Impressions video in which I'm going to talk about a game that really grabbed my attention and that I actually discovered at Gamescom 2023 because I haven't heard about it until I was there and I don't know, it really surprised me I'm talking, as you may imagine, because of the images and the trailer and the gameplay and everything I'm talking about Cross Blitz, ok?
      A game developed by Taco Boy Studios and published by The Arcade Crew and Gamera Games which basically is an RPG deck builder, ok?
      which features tactical combat, as you may imagine, because of this deck builder thing in which we'll have to combine different powers, combine a lot of different types of cards to create some synergies to basically progress in the story, in the adventure and in the game in general As we've said that it's an RPG, we'll definitely have to explore, level up, craft our new cards and craft our own cards, ok?
      and that's something that I really like in these deck builder games and we'll basically build our perfect deck to just, well, lead us to victory and lead us to the end of the story First of all I want to say that one thing that really grabbed my attention is that we'll have a lot of powers of story, ok?
      This adventure is not like the typical adventure that it's like a kind of background to this deck builder game but that story that you can forget about because it's not interesting at all I don't think it's going to be like that I have to admit that I didn't, well, I didn't get to know this story that much because I played more this roguelite mode that I'll talk about later but the characters that I met and all the background story that I got to know was so interesting, it was actually really funny there were some characters that were really really funny and I don't know, it really seemed interesting and I really liked that because, for example, I love RPG games in general but I lately fell in love with these deck builder tactical combat system games but also I like to have a good background and a good story behind I mean, playing with cards doesn't mean that the game couldn't have, or can't have a good story behind and a good background and this game I think it's going to prove that obviously we've played and we've known different deck builder games with those characteristics but I don't know, I especially like this one, I especially like the personality of some characters and the personality of the story itself and obviously the art style really grabbed my attention as you can imagine, this kind of super cartoonish, super colorful pixel art I don't know, I just loved it and not only that, obviously, as I've said we're going to have, I don't know if, or I don't remember, sorry if there were going to be more game modes, ok but we'll have this roguelite game mode, we'll have this story game mode in which we'll get to know the story of different characters, ok and both of them really looked really, really interesting but one thing that I have to say, but I think they were working on it, ok so, well, we'll have to give them some time obviously and they have it, so I don't think it's going to be a problem but when I tried out Gamescom 2023, I have to say that it was kind of challenging and as I've said, I played different deck builder games I played different card, tactical, combat system games, ok and this was particularly challenging and difficult and I, well, we talked about it there and they said that maybe, maybe yes, maybe they have to load the difficulty a little bit, at least at the beginning to just get used to it and feel like you're progressing and acquire more skills, upgrades and more new cards later on and being able to defeat, well, the more difficult enemies but at the beginning, it was a little bit challenging I remember one fight that it was particularly difficult, difficult and I didn't see any chance of just defeating it, ok maybe there was, obviously, and maybe I just needed some more tries but it's true that it was challenging but as I've said, they said that they were working on it and it's a game that it doesn't even have an official release date announced so I don't think we have to worry at all and just because of these, well, the abilities that the card has the cards have, sorry I really like the mode that you have to play with your cards because you can just attack the card that it's in front of you unless that card or character has a special ability that can just pick up an enemy or whatever but it's really challenging to just realize what card you should put in what place, etc and that's why we say that it has a tactical combat system but I would say that if they just slow up a little bit this difficulty it's going to be a really, really, really, and I'm saying it seriously good RPG deck builder that I'm going to spend a lot of hours just playing it and enjoying the story of their different characters, etc and also, if you don't care about the story you can just enjoy the different levels about the different combat card system and that's it but also you can just enjoy the rogue-lite game mode which, as you may imagine, you can choose a level if you defeat it then you can choose a path, even right or the center one or the left one and then, well, access to different other rooms such as, I don't know, another combat or just receiving an item, receiving more cards just go to the shop and all those things, ok?
      those typical rogue-lite paths but, don't know, seriously I mean, I can't say any other thing that really grabbed my attention that it was really interesting that it was actually really easy to understand and to get used to it the mechanics are simple but interesting and fresh they kept me engaged all the time and paying attention all the time and that's one thing that sometimes these card games just left behind because they want to be brand new and different, etc but they're making it more difficult than they should and if you build a good combat system and some basic mechanic that works fine and that later on can give you, well, more options and can allow you to upgrade your combat style I think that's more than enough if you build a good background behind and I think this game just has it, so there you have it and I said that would be it I mean, in general, I know that I've said well, that I haven't said, but I've said so many things about the game but, as I've said, I just tried out the rogue-lite game mode which was so interesting but also challenging, as I've said and in general, I enjoyed it a lot as I've said, I don't think it doesn't have any super different or super particular from any other card game but maybe that's why it really grabbed my attention because even though it was another RPG deck builder it has their own essence, their own interesting rules, powers and cards and their own interesting, well, crafting your own cards mechanic that really shine by their own, if we can say it like that so, if you like card games, if this pixel art just grabbed your attention and if you want a story behind these card games but, well, don't get mad because it's super difficult because it's super tactical or super military or whatever I think this can be your game a game with an interesting story but like a fantasy story which is going to be so colorful, so beautiful, so funny probably and so interesting and that its combat system is really interesting also so, there you have it I actually enjoyed it a lot, as I've been repeating a lot of times in this video and I really hope that you enjoy it or that it really grabbed your attention and, as I've said, we don't have any announced release date so we'll have to wait but, for sure, it's going to be a good game, at least in my opinion so, add it to your wishlist, I don't know, just stay tuned for more news about it and remember that this game has been developed by Taco Boy Studios that it's been published by The Arcade Crew and Gamera Games and that it's going to be released on PC, at least as far as we know so, there you have it I hope you've enjoyed it, I've really enjoyed playing it so, well, I hope that you share that good vibes and good feeling that I had when I tried it out and, well, let's see if we can play it once it's officially released, actually because I really want to try it out so, let's see, let's see if we're lucky enough thank you so much for being here I hope you've enjoyed this impressions video or this, well, getting to know better this game video or whatever this is and see you in the next one as always, hugs and kisses to all of you, my guys bye-bye! Thanks for watching!"





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