Star Trucker (Gamescom 2023) - Drive as you enjoy the breathtaking view of the cosmos

Discover our impressions after travelling and working in space to make a name for ourselves, get the truck of our dreams and... maybe discover some areas full of mysteries.

Audio transcription

"Hello everyone and welcome to a brand new Gamereactor Gamescom Impressions video in which today I'm going to talk about a game, a super chilling game, a simulation game, a really interesting game that grabbed my attention and even though it was not my kind of game or the theme, I thought that the theme was not for me, it really grabbed my attention and I really enjoyed the trip."

"So, well, if you didn't know, even though you'll be watching the trailer, etc., I'm talking about Star Tracker, a simulation game, as I've already said, developed by Monster and Monster and published by Roll Fury, which is going to be available on PC at some point of 2024.
Okay, as I've said, simulation, driving game, okay, but in space, in which basically we'll have to haul cargo, trade, and, well, keep our spacesuit close just to, well, get the fame and fortune that we've been searching for so long, okay, our character.
As I've said, it's like a simulation game, it's like this driving simulation game, but the point of being in space, it was so, well, it felt so different, okay."

"At the very beginning, I was a little bit scared because I think the simulation thing is really, really well done because you have a lot of buttons to press, a lot of things to do because security first, and you have to pay attention to all those details, and I think that's super important in a simulation game because if you do not feel inside the truck, if you do not feel that you're actually driving that Star Truck, you're not going to enjoy it.
And these games are all about enjoying the trip and enjoying the environment and all your surroundings, so in that terms, it was really, really good, really cool, sorry."

"As I've said, I felt like it was a little bit difficult to get used to the controls at the beginning, just because, okay, maybe you've played other truck simulation games, but this one's in space, so everything changes, and you have to play with gravity, and you have to play with physics, and you have to play with a lot of things.
And with, well, also with interstellar jumps and things crazy, things like that, and you'd have to pay attention to space dangers, okay, there are going to happen a lot of things in space, and you'll have to pay attention to all of them and be careful to just, well, deliver your cargo, okay?
And it's all about that. It's an open path, I would say, I think it was like an open world, okay, so you can explore it, you can choose your missions, you can choose where to go next, etc."

"And that's one thing that I really, really liked, because you feel free, and you feel like an actual Star Trek driver, you know, if I want to accept this cargo, if I don't want, if it's too far away, maybe I should do this one first, and then the other one, and whatever, whatever, or this one's going to give me more fame, but this one's going to give me more money, and things like that.
So you have to play with all those thinkings and all those elements and, well, think what you prefer and think what your priorities are. But in general, all these movements and all these deliver cargo mechanics are so well done."

"This driving in space felt so satisfying and so smooth. So challenging at the beginning, as I've said, but really satisfying at the end. I mean, it's not that easy to get used to it, it's just a little bit overwhelming and scary at your first try, maybe, or at least that's what I felt.
But it was so satisfying. I was really surprised by the gameplay and the movement of the truck. And well, basically, as you can imagine, it's all about that. It's all about progressing in your career, it's all about getting better and more important deliveries, upgrading, of course, your truck."

"And like that, having access to potentially dangerous new areas, for example, and as I've said, getting better trades, etc. Of course, you'll have to pay attention to all your insight systems, as I've said, because everything's important and security first, okay? So you have to pay attention to not crash a lot of times, because that's going to cost you money and all those things, okay?
In general, that's the thing. As I've said, I would say that I'm a simulation genre fan, okay? Because I like those type of games. I'm not that fan of the driving simulation games."

"But as I've said, and I repeat myself, and I know that I repeat myself a lot of times, but this one was surprisingly so satisfying. And I think it's all about that, all about enjoying all your journeys, all about enjoying all the things that you're doing, all about paying attention to every movement, to every detail and to everything.
Because, for example, for just the lever, those cargos, you'll have to, well, go backwards with your truck. And that's going to be actually challenging, okay? And you have to be really precise with your movements, and you have to do it really, really well if you don't want to crash. And just because of that, pay more money, okay?
So you have to, as I've said, be careful, be precise with all your movements, and well, but just enjoy it. I don't know. And in general, I would say that I didn't have the chance to just play it deeply or for, well, for an hour or anything like that. It was just like a sneak peek."

"But as I've said, it felt so satisfying. It felt so cool. It felt so deep and huge at the same time, because this space environment just makes you feel that you're in a huge area, in a huge map in general.
And as I've said, I haven't unlocked anything, and I haven't seen all these dangerous areas. I've seen some space events like some, well, like a meteor rain or something like that. No, and you'll have to avoid it and all that. I've delivered my cargo and things like that.
But so the simple things to just begin with, okay? So imagine what can you get if you go farther and you explore all these bigger and more interesting areas. So I don't know. I would say that if you like simulation games, that if you like this concept about driving in space and just enjoying all the journey and just, I don't know, looking at your surroundings, but paying attention."

"If you have enough fuel, if all your track components are all right, etc. I think that would be a game for you and that you're going to enjoy it a lot. As I've said, I consider myself a simulation fan, not a driving simulation fan, and I enjoy it a lot. So I think if your case is just mixing both of them, you're going to enjoy it a lot.
And also, well, the visuals were gorgeous. I mean, all the graphics, etc. were amazing. And the audio just makes you feel like, again, you're inside, lost in a quiet space, in a quiet, huge space. Okay, so there you have it. I don't know. I just enjoy it a lot."

"And I really want to know more about the title. I really want to play it once it's officially released. And I really want you to stay tuned for more news about this game. So there you have it. Again, I repeat, we've been talking about Star Tracker, a simulation game developed by Monster and Monster and published by Raw Fury that will be released at some point of 2024 on PC, as far as we know.
If you want to know more details about the game, you have the interview that we did at Gamescom 2023 about this game. So go to our gamereactor.yourdomainofchoice, give it a check, watch the video and get to know a little bit better this game. So there you have it. And that will be it. My guys, thank you so much for being here. I hope you've enjoyed my video and I hope that you know a little bit more about this interesting title and see you in the next one. Have fun! Take care and see you in the next video. Bye!"





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