Post Trauma (Gamescom 2023) - Fear is in our minds...

Find out how we feel after discovering Red Soul Games's spooky title where all will not be as it seems and you'll never should let your guard down.

Audio transcription

"Hello everyone and welcome to a brand new Gamereactor Gamescom Impressions video in which today we're going to talk about a horror game.
Yes, the time has come.
Actually, I think this is the only horror game that I've seen at Gamescom 2023, just in my meetings, obviously."

"But as you may know, if you know me, if you've seen my live streams or my gameplays, you know that I don't usually play horror games just because I'm too scared for playing them.
But well, the time has come and now we have to talk about Post Trauma, which is the horror game that I discovered at Gamescom 2023.
Basically, Post Trauma is a horror game inspired by genre-defining classics of the past decades."

"That would be super important, but I'll explain that later.
First of all, I want you to know that this game has been developed by Red Soul Games and published by Raw Fury and that it will be released on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 at some point.
We don't have any official release date, so it's yet to be announced.
But talking about the game itself, I have to say that this definition about being inspired by genre-defining classics of the past decades is super important because they're going to play a lot with those elements that those horror classics played when they were released."

"Basically, they're going to play with the point of view, with the camera, because one main characteristic of this game is that you're not going to be able to control the camera.
Maybe just a little bit in some specific rooms, in some specific point of views, but in general, the game wants you to watch what they want you to watch.
So don't expect to just look at every corner, look at every surrounding."

"Obviously, they're going to play with that.
They're going to play with some elements that are just in the corner of your screen to make you think that there's something hidden there, but at the very end, there's nothing.
They're going to make you think that there's going to be a jump scare just because of the camera, just because of the point of view, but at the very end, nothing's going to happen."

"And then, when you think that nothing's going to happen and that they're playing with your feelings and they're playing with your mind, then is when you're going to find a jump scare.
Maybe not a jump scare, there are some times that they're not jump scares itself, but okay, with some scares in general.
And that's one thing that I really, really liked, because there are some times that when you play horror games, it's like you expect what's going to happen, just like in horror movies."

"There's obviously, for example, a wardrobe, and the camera is just pointing at the wardrobe.
The wardrobe is in the middle of the room, the camera is pointing at the wardrobe, and you have to open it.
And you open it, and you open it with fear, because you think that something's going to get out of there, but this game just plays with that."

"This game just plays with that tension, with that not knowing what's going to happen.
And I think that was super interesting, that in this case, they've applied that feeling and that mechanic so, so well.
And I think that's one of the best things that this game has.
Obviously, the story's interesting."

"These being trapped and not knowing why, being trapped where, because everything's so threatening, but everything's so unreal.
Everything seems so weird, and I don't know, the surroundings are so cool, and it just makes you feel uncomfortable from the very beginning, because you know nothing.
And that's part of the game, because, well, I didn't say it, but the main character is called Roman, and we're trapped in this twisted reality, okay?
So that's why I said that all these threatening surroundings are so important, because they're going to be, well, like, I wouldn't say a dark fantasy surroundings, but you get the point."

"Those surroundings that are going to change, that have weird shapes, that have some weird beings, which we don't know what they are, etc.
And basically, our main purpose in this game is just to explore these unknown places and these unknown, well, like, labyrinth, if we can call it like that.
Explore these threatening surroundings, explore and unravel its mysteries, because we don't know what's happening, why we're trapped, what all that has to do with us, etc."

"And obviously, try to survive, okay? Try to get out of there, try to survive to all those threatens that are going to follow us and that are going to try to kill us, okay?
But, as I've said, the story is really interesting, but they play a lot with not knowing what's going to happen.
So the main thing should focus, and the main feature of the game should focus on the gameplay, on the surroundings and on the audio, just because the story, we'll get to know the story at the very end of the game, okay?
And they've built all those main features really, really well, okay? I have to say it."

"All the surroundings are super dark, are super weird, as I've said, they make you feel uncomfortable from the very beginning, they make you feel in tension from the very beginning, because you don't know what's happening, you don't know what to expect.
Everything's so weird, all those beings that you're going to find are weird, there are going to be objects that seem to move, but they're not actually moving.
And this fixed camera is, I think, the main real character of this, well, main character, no, main feature, main element and main star, I would say, I wanted to say that, the main star of the game, okay?
Because of that, we're going to be scared all the time, or at least we're going to be in tension, and that's, I think, really difficult to achieve nowadays."

"Because we've all played a lot of horror games, we've all played, well, we've all watched a lot of horror movies, and more or less, we know what to expect.
But that's not going to happen with this game, my dudes, it's going to be really, really difficult, really different, sorry.
And I would say that's it, because I didn't have the time, unfortunately, to play a lot to the game, just like for, I don't know, 20 minutes, maybe, or something like that."

"And it was really, really weird, in the rude way, okay? It was really terrifying, scary, really, really mysterious, really weird, again, but I enjoyed it a lot.
And for example, for people like me, who doesn't like horror games, just because of the jumpscares, just because, I don't know, they make you feel some intention, but for no reason, and with weird noises, this game's not like that.
This game can be perfect for that kind of people, for people like me, because you feel, I felt like I was playing, for example, Resident Evil, like the old ones, or Signalis, if you know that game, okay?
There are happening weird things around, but they're not going to stop you from wanting to explore, etc., okay? They're not that scary, they're not constant, as they're going to play with that intention."

"So, just because of that, they'll allow you, those elements, they'll allow you to keep exploring, and to want to get to know the story, obviously, being intention, obviously, getting scared from time to time, but it's not focused on making you suffering, okay?
It's just focused on telling you a story, on making you feel uncomfortable, and on making you feel like you're progressing in the story, and I think that's the most important thing in a game like this.
So, in my opinion, it's a really, really good game for people that like horror games like me, but don't like these games that are going to make you suffer for no reason, or that are going to make you don't want to open that door, for example, you know?
So, there you have it. A really cool game, a really terrifying, weird game, inspired by these genre-defining classics of the past decades that maybe can be for you if you don't like the usual horror games."

"So, a really good option to start with, or for people like me, okay?
And, well, if you want to know more details about this game, you have our very own interview at our gamereactor.yourdomainofchoice, okay? In case that you want to know more details about it, in case that you want to know, well, the developer's opinions, etc., okay?
And, there you have it. I remind you that we've been playing Post Trauma, well, talking about Post Trauma, we played it at Gamescom 2023, a game developed by Red Soul Games and published by Raw Fury, which will be available on PlayStation, Xbox, and on PC at some point, okay? We don't know yet."

"But, a really good horror game, a game that I would play, and keeping in mind that I don't usually play horror games, that's a really good thing.
So, there you have it. I hope you've enjoyed it. I hope that you now know more about this title and that maybe you can give it a try once it's officially released.
And, well, maybe get introduced into horror games, just like me. So, there you go."

"Thank you very much for being here. I hope you've enjoyed. I hope that you're going to wishlist this game and you're going to give it a try once it's officially released.
And see you in the next gamereactor video. Thank you for being here. Bye-bye! Thank you for watching!"





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