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Forza Motorsport - Video Review

We share a bunch of thoughts and opinions on Turn 10's latest racing title.

Audio transcription

"After multiple delays and what has seemed on the outside to be quite a challenging development, Turn 10 Studios is finally ready to launch Forza Motorsport.
If you've played a Forza Motorsport game before, you'll know that this isn't a racing simulation to the same degree as an Assetto Corsa or an R-Factor."

"It's more akin to the Gran Turismo series, where the gameplay has been designed with console gaming and controller input at the forefront, and thus the racing systems and mechanics aren't as complex as that of sim racers that are built with wheels and the likes in mind.
So, with this all being said, Forza Motorsport operates in the same limbo as that of Gran Turismo 7."

"Still, Turn 10 has clearly put a lot of effort into making this game seem as real as possible.
The cars are detailed and truly resemble their real counterparts, more so when you use the graphical option that prioritises visuals over performance.
This also stretches to the tracks and their design.
There has been a huge attention to detail placed on making each track feel as accurate as possible, and that has been achieved in droves."

"But, Turn 10 made massive amounts of noise regarding the appearance of this game, and quite frankly, it doesn't feel stunningly unmatched in a visual sense.
In terms of the actual racing, Forza games have always had this physics style where the cars feel like they are sliding all over the track on ice, and this is the case here too.
As you push each car to its limits, you'll find it sliding around with the tyres screeching on every corner, and this has always led us to have to tune our cars to lack in speed but improve in handling just to get the best time out of each corner."

"But while the physics is undeniably tapping into that Forza theme when it comes to tyres and handling, the rest feels fantastic.
Regardless of the car class or type you choose, you'll notice a weight to the vehicles as you rag them around the track.
You'll feel the difference in the material that makes up each track and notice the very second you go too deep in a corner and your tyres touch a patch of dirt."

"When it rains, the patchy puddles up the challenge significantly as you will aquaplane if you hit a large body of water, which is easy to notice thanks to the great water physics.
When it comes to racing, there are a few really bizarre annoyances. First of all, the AI in this game is horrendous.
Regardless of whether you max the driver to our difficulty or set it to its lowest, the AI will brake when it doesn't need to, invoking crashes, push you off the track, go wide on corners and compromise its own laps and then return to the track and proceed to hog the racing line and ruin your lap."

"Then to add to this, the credits currency that you earn is only ever used for buying cars.
Forza Motorsport's progression and upgrade suite asks you to keep driving one car to level it up and to unlock new upgrades for that specific car.
Each car has 50 levels to complete and with over 500 cars to purchase at launch, you can already see that there's a serious nightmarish progression system that has been brought into this game."

"This progression system is frankly exhausting. Yet when you move past the career mode and instead look to head into the multiplayer side of things, Forza Motorsport really comes into its own.
Real players are far better to compete against than the AI, and with a practice, qualifying and race section designed for each event, every facet of the online experience is important.
Plus, if you're worried about online players griefing you, Turn 10 has come up with a genuinely brilliant solution for this, as players are not ranked on race wins or anything as such, but rather their safe driving skills."

"The better and cleaner you race, the higher your rank and the better quality of racers you will find in your online lobbies.
With tons of events of different kinds constantly on offer, the multiplayer is without a shadow of a doubt the best part of the Forza Motorsport experience.
All in all, Forza Motorsport is a very well made racer with fantastic graphics, top performance, brilliant menus that feel intuitive and quick and a decent physics engine powering the whole thing."

"There's a huge amount of attention to detail and it's clear that Turn 10 has put a massive emphasis on quality control, as this game feels almost as polished as a game can get.
There's a lot to celebrate about this title, but, and yes this is a weird comparison as Forza Horizon is an arcade racing series first and foremost, it will struggle to achieve a semblance of the same level of success as that of playground series that excels with its fascinating and fun elements."





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