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Life by You (Gamescom 2023) - Live your life your way

During Gamescom 2023 we were lucky enough to discover and learn more about this simulation title that promises to give us all the keys to create our world, our characters and our story in our own way. Want to know more? Then take a look at this video and discover our very own impressions!

Audio transcription

"Hello, everyone, and welcome to a brand new Gamereactor Gamescom Impressions video, in which today we're going to talk about a game, about a live simulation game specifically, okay?
And I think we haven't talked about any live simulation game in this Gamescom 2023 Impressions video, so I'm really happy to do it right now."

"I'm definitely talking about Live by You, okay, a game developed and published by Paradox, which is going to be released this 5th March 2024, okay, on PC and as an early access game, okay?
Maybe you've heard about it, maybe you haven't, but I promise you that if you like live simulation games, you're not going to regret just hearing about it, okay?
The developers just want this game to be one of the most moddable and open live simulation games, okay?
They really want to focus on all the customization, they really want to focus on all the characters, they really want to focus on, well, basically, all these creations, all these stories that we can build with our imagination and with our creativity."

"And I think that's the most important thing in these live simulation games, okay?
Of course, it's just looking for similarities with real life and just, well, maybe being able to recreate your own life or recreate a real story, but also just focusing on different characters or on the story that you want to create."

"There are some other live simulation games that have some, well, restrictions or some limitations and, well, Paradox actually wanted with this game to be completely the opposite, to just give you as many possibilities and as many customization things as they can, okay?
So, basically, I would say that the main word that can define this live simulation game is just customization, okay?
Because for example, just for you to know, you'll be able to, well, customize your character personality, well, every character personality, because you can create your own characters, but also there's no need to just focus on one character."

"You can focus on one character to create the story, et cetera, but you can jump from one character to another and just, like, live everyone's life, I don't know if you get it.
So, you can create, like, a kind of city or society with different characters, with different personalities and with different backgrounds and stories and just control all of them at the same time if you want to, okay?
But let's talk first about this, well, I think that was super important what you just said, so sorry for just jumping from one information to another and one feature to another, but I think that's really important, but as I've said, you can customize the personality of every character, you can actually choose what that character likes and dislikes, obviously they'll have their own ambitions, their own careers, those careers, they'll have different levels of promoting, just like we've seen on some other life simulation games, okay?
We'll have different chatting options depending on, well, the relationship level that those characters have, for example, and I don't know, I think that everything feels so real as I've said, because everything depends on your background and everything depends on your choices, on how you want to create that character, that relationship and that everything, okay?
And we'll find a lot of more features that will feel just like real life, okay?
Even though, as I've said, you can create everything and you can just create a lot of different characters as you want to, but we can't forget that this is a life simulation game and just because of that, we'll find different features such as, I don't know, just leaving all your dirty clothes on the ground and you'll have to say to your character, you have to pick up this and clean this, okay?
And just clean your clothes and all that and that felt so real, okay?
Because there are some times that in life simulation games, they forget about that because they want to focus on other content, other DLCs and other party situations or other adventure situations, but sometimes we forget about the ordinary things and I think that's super important if you want to create actually a life simulation game."

"And not only that, okay?
Not only that, because you'll be able to customize your house and your environment almost as you want, okay?
This can seem obvious, okay?
But I don't want to compare this life simulation with any others, okay?
But if you've played different life simulation games, you know that there are some times that, as I've said at the beginning, they put us some limitations and some things."

"For example, when we create our own house and we put the furniture and we choose the colors and we actually want to create the house of our dreams or just a real house or whatever, but sometimes you can't just because you have these color limitations, some placement limitations, et cetera, and this time that's not going to happen because you can almost put everything on everything, okay?
You can just put a lot of objects just above different objects, you can put them all together without almost any restriction, you can change the color of almost every item, okay?
Not only the color of the item, what we've already seen."

"You'll be able to change the color of the different parts, okay, of that item.
So you can create, I don't know, the plush of your dreams, I don't know, with the colors that you want, with the shape that you want and on the exact place that you want.
And not only that, there was one thing that really impressed me, that they showed me."

"That, for example, if you have like, I don't know, like a group of flowers and you want to customize that group of flowers, okay, you can customize the color of one of those flowers.
There is no need of just change every flower color, no?
And like as we've seen in some other titles, for example, you have different flowers and you can put them on a table or whatever, but those flowers are going to be all, for example, white, pink or red, okay?
In this case, no, you can have that group of flowers just with one flower in red, another one in white, another one in pink, another one, however you want to."

"And I think that's awesome and that's going to give us a lot of possibilities in terms of customization and of all our surroundings.
And I don't know, for example, I've been told that you'll be able to customize, for example, your character's tattoos."

"You'll be able to customize almost everything.
That's why I said at the beginning that this game was all based, obviously, on the live simulation features, such as I've said, through different ordinary tasks and ordinary things that we all forget when we play these titles."

"But when they're there, you realize and you say, hey, that's cool because this is just like in real life and I feel like I'm playing in real life.
But also, just because of those things, you can customize almost everything and I think that's amazing."

"On one hand, I think that can be a little bit ambitious and that can be a little bit dangerous because if you try to customize everything, maybe you'll get bored or you'll forget about the gameplay or maybe you don't pay that much attention because there are a lot of things to customize."

"You don't want to spend that amount of hours just, I don't know, customizing one flower, for example, as I've said.
But in case that you want to, you have that chance.
I think even though it can be risky, if you know what I mean, not risky like itself because I think it's really cool, but just because of what I said, it can be a little bit risky."

"But at the same time, I think it's really ambitious in the good way and I think it can be really, really cool for those people that really want to focus on the customization thing because there are a lot of people that just like to customize their own house, the characters, the background, the story, the personality, et cetera, just as we can do in here."

"And they forget about the gameplay because they don't care.
They just want to create the life and the background that they wanted and that's it.
And I think that's also okay.
It's worth it and it's cool and it's acceptable, of course."

"So that would be it in general.
We'll have a lot of options in general.
We'll have a lot of customization things, as I've said.
And also, you'll be able to play the game however you want to because we know that sometimes we have this need bar, okay, when the game is going to tell us if our character is hungry, if our character needs to go to the bathroom or whatever, okay, or if it's bored, et cetera."

"But if you want to, and as I've said, if you want to focus, for example, on the customization or you don't care about this challenging feature, no, and you just want to focus on living your own life and forgetting about the basic needs and all that, you can just cheat, okay, and modify these bars and just forget about those basic needs and just focus on the story that you want to create."

"I think that's perfect because every player, every life simulation player just wants to play different, these kind of games.
And this game allows you to play however you want to without moving to another game or without needing or forgetting some things that you really want to focus on."

"So I think this game was full of possibilities.
This game was full of customization features and that it's really promising.
I was really surprised by the amount of things that you can customize and by the amount of things that you can do in this game in general."

"I was really surprised by, well, all the map, okay, all the neighborhood, even though it was not complete, okay, but they showed me a little bit of sneak peek and it looked really promising, as I've said, and I think that the gameplay is going to be really, really cool and worth it if you like life simulation games."

"So seriously, if you're a fan of the genre, just stay tuned, add it to your wishlist if you can because this game is going to be stunning and it's going to be surprising and it's going to be promising, as I've said.

"And if you like all the customization features in these games, you're going to love it because it's all focused on that and on playing however you want to, which is the most important feature in here, okay?
And I would say that's it in general."

"I know that I've talked a lot about all the customization things, but definitely it was the main feature and I think that's amazing.
So please, well, I know that you've been watching the trailer in here over and over again, but please give it a check, read all the features, give it a try once it's officially released, add it to your wishlist if you're a fan of the genre, and I hope that you've enjoyed my very own impressions and all this explanation about the features of the game."

"And well, thank you so much for being here.
I remind you that this game is going to be released supposedly this 5th March 2024 on early access and just on PC, and that it's been developed and published by Paradox.
And I hope you've enjoyed the video, the explanation, the game itself, etc."

"And see you in the next Game Reactor Gamescom Impressions video.
As always, have fun, take care, and hugs and kisses to all of you, my guys.
See you soon.





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