Camper Van: Make it Home

Camper Van: Make it Home - IndieDevDay Interview

Maribel Zafra works on narrative and production at Malapata Studio and here she tells our own Rebeca Reinosa much more about the cosily anticipated Camper Van.

Audio transcription

"Hello everyone and welcome again to one of our Gamereactor interviews.
Now today I'm back with Maribel, thank you so much for joining us.
Thank you."

"And today we're here for just checking out Camper Van, which is an amazing title that I'm really looking forward to just play it, but please introduce it a little bit to just get to know it a little better for those who missed it, which I'm sorry for you guys if you missed it, so please."

"So Camper Van is a video game where you can camperize your own van and you will go through a journey of personal discovery while traveling around the world, different landscapes and you will get to know really what the important things are and you will want to leave some things behind which are not so important, so yeah, that's in short."

"So it's like a travel through life, no? We can say it.
Exactly, yes.
And in terms of gameplay, what can we expect?
Because, for example, I can't avoid thinking of, for example, Unpacked and titles like that."

"Can we expect like that kind of puzzle-solving decoration thing that we had in Unpacked?
Or is just like everything's freedom?
You can just customize whatever you want, you can do whatever you want through that experience?
So it's the same puzzle game, so you have to organize things and to decorate things, but the different point here is that when you move out, it's something you have to do, but in this case you go on a journey and this is something you do because you like to do and you have total freedom."

"I mean, you can place the things wherever you want or wherever you can because the space is very, very tiny, so that is the point in this game.
You have freedom, but you also have to think really, where can I put this?
Does it really make sense? And do I really like it?
So you can really make your own van."

"Everyone will have the same game, but the result will be very, very different.
Okay, that's really interesting.
And talking about this life journey, life knowledge that you get by making different decisions, by changing your path completely, what can you tell us about the main character or about the main story?
I mean, can you spoil us a little bit and tell us a little bit the background of the main character?
How did she or he decide to just go on this travel?
So the main character lives a perfect life."

"She has everything she's supposed to have like a good job, a good partner, a really, really nice house, but she feels empty, so she is really looking for something different and she decides to go on that journey and there is where she finds happiness.
And yes, she will get to know other people, other kinds of love."

"You can not only get love from partners or friends, but also from a pet.
And I can spoil you with this.
You will have a companion and you will be able to choose between a dog, a cat and an iguana.
So yes, it's like really a journey through landscapes, through different places, getting to know many people and other kinds of love to get to know yourself better."

"And now that we're talking about, well, we've been talking entirely about this, about a journey and experience, but what can you tell us about your own experience in your own path as a developer team?
I mean, how's the development status? When are you going to release it, if you can tell something?
So a technical demo is already available, but that's only for publishers and so on."

"And now we have started with the production and we expect to have a vertical slice soon.
And yeah, we expect it to be released next year, at the end of next year, if everything goes as we have planned, yes.
Well, thank you. And have you thought about some specific consoles?
I mean, it's going to be, of course, available on PC, but on any other platforms?
Are you thinking about more possibilities?
We want to launch it on every platform."

"Yeah, so we are ambitious, but yes, it's feasible anyway.
I feel like it's a really cool experience to just enjoy while actually traveling and getting inside another travel or just being at home. So I think it's going to be okay.
Thank you for everything. And it's been a pleasure. I'm really looking forward to just playing it."

"Thank you so much for this experience that you're going to offer us.
Thank you. Thank you for your time.





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