Eden's Guardian

Voragine on how Eden's Guardian looks at both Blasphemous and Hollow Knight as metroidvania references

At the IndieDevDay in Barcelona director & designer Jesús Martínez and programmer Agus Sánchez tell us more about the promising, soon-to-be-kickstarted metroidvania Voragine Game Studio are developing with a classic style in mind but also implementing a very fresh sword-throwing mechanic.

Audio transcription

"Hello everyone and welcome to another Gamereactor interview here at IndieDevDay.
We're here today with part of the development team of Eden's Guardian, a metroidvania title that we all like, that seems to look really interesting. What can you tell us about the game, guys?
Basically, it's a classic metroidvania. It's inspired in the art style of the game, a little bit of Blasphemous, because if you want to make a pixel art game, I think they are the best, and they are from Spain too."

"And about the gameplay, we are more like, we are trying to be like Hollow Knight, we have a nice mechanic, a unique mechanic, you can throw the sword and teleport to it. It's like the mechanic of Noctis in Final Fantasy XV, so we applied that to a metroidvania, and yeah, this is a very short of the game.
I don't want to scare you, but you said that you were inspired by Hollow Knight and it's my favorite game, so I'm going to judge you. No, I'm joking, I'm joking."

"And well, we've talked about the kind of game that it is, the genre, but what can you tell us about the background of the game, like the story, what are we doing here, who's the main character, who's the background?
The main character is our guardian, this woman, and yeah, the narrative of the game and the lore is deep lore, like Dark Souls, Lendrin, this type of games. It's a dark fantasy ambientation, I can say that it's a story between humans and gods, humans and gods intertwined. Yeah, the story you have to discover playing with the lore."

"So we'll have to play it, definitely.
And well, as every metroidvania knows this kind of games, we know that usually the main characters have different abilities, different skills, besides this throwing the sword and teleportation to it, what kind of abilities or skills can we expect from this main character or in the game in general?
You can stall the health of the enemies in ability and you can rebound the sword in different surfaces."

"In wood you can grab and don't fall, and the stone you can grab in wall slide ability, and in the metal you can rebound the sword and teleporting them to it.
We are focusing the entire platforming section of the game, we focus everything in the teleport mechanic, with different surfaces, and in the combat with a teleport to the enemies, with some executions, some unique mechanics from different enemies when you stick the sword to them."

"So everything is focused on this core mechanic.
So we can say that it's going to be at least a challenging game, right?
Yeah, very challenging, yeah.
If you have to be used to just play this genre, these challenging gameplays, no?
Yeah, sure."

"What's the status of the game? How are you? How's the development? When do you plan to release it, if you have any approximate date?
Yeah, we will release a Kickstarter very soon. We can't say the date now, but everybody follow us on Twitter, so we can share more information.
And wishlist.
And wishlist on Steam."

"And yeah, after the Kickstarter, we have an estimated time of 18 months of development, so we hope the game will be ready in about 2015, I think.
And are you planning on any other platforms, or that's like a future plan?
We want to publish obviously on Steam, but we will try to get the different consoles, but we want to focus on Nintendo Switch."

"And well, I guess that I had to ask this before, but talking about the mechanics and all that, I just realized that what kind of enemies are we facing?
Because I know that you don't want to spoil me and that we have to discover the game through playing, but I really want to know what are we fighting against, I mean, or what kind of enemies can we find?
We can find like corrupted human beings, and of course the different guardians, the bosses of the game are the different guardians, corrupted guardians, so that's the point."

"And as you said that, well, some of your inspiration has been with Blasphemous and all that, can we expect some kind of Spanish culture behind in the background, or Spanish folklore, or is it just all based in a super fantastical environment?
Super fantastical, in this game I don't take a Spanish background, it's only a fantastic world.
We will try to add some easter eggs from, I don't know, things we like, you will see it."

"So you'll have to pay attention to every detail then and just try to find out every easter egg.
And lastly I wanted to ask you guys, how do you feel in general, because you have experience in the video game industry, but it's your first title as a team, so how do you feel that people are experiencing the game, what's your feedback?
Actually very good, I think everybody who plays the game loves it, and Metroidvania players of course are loving the game, so we are so glad and very thankful."

"Well, thank you so much, we're really thankful also for just letting us to know a little bit better of the game.
Good luck, enjoy the day and wishlist the game and stay tuned and follow them on Twitter and everything, and see you next time! Bye bye!"





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