CLeM - Mariona Valls IndieDevDay Interview

We knew Mariona from Agatha Knife and more, but now the art director and co-founder at Mango Protocol talked us through this "a little bit creepy" puzzlevania, the fourth into the Psychotic Adventures universe, at the indie event in Barcelona.

Audio transcription

"Hello everyone and welcome to another Gamereactor interview here at the IndieDevDay here in Barcelona.
Today I'm here with Mariona. Thank you so much for joining us.
And we're here to get to know Clem, which you're just looking amazing with your fancy t-shirt about the game."

"So, well, what can you tell us about the game?
Well, Clem is our fourth adventure. It's set in the same universe.
We create a universe called the Psychotic Adventures.
And Clem is a little bit different because it's a puzzlevania game."

"Because you wake up in a house, apparently abandoned house, and you hear a voice.
And the voice is telling you, wake up and bring me beauty.
So you have a notebook full of notes and clues and you need to find out who's the voice, who are you.
And you get some abilities during your playtime and you will have the chance to open the house more and more."

"And finally, hopefully, find out what is happening.
And I'm curious, well, because obviously it's part of the series, but I guess that it's a brand new story.
It's a different one because you said that we don't know who the main character is, we don't know who this voice is.
So I guess it's a brand new story."

"Yeah, yeah, it is. It is connected to the other games, but it's not necessary to know the other stories.
Because this is like a new installment in the saga, yeah.
And what can you tell us about that amazing book that we have behind?
Is that our book of abilities? What kind of abilities can we, well, check out inside? Can we discover?
Well, the book is like a character itself, almost."

"Yeah, it's super important during the game because it's your way to interact and also understand all the world.
And everything is happening because every time you see a thing that you think is important in the game, your character will take notes about that.
And also the game is already, the book in the game is already full with notes about alchemy and also insects, bugs."

"So this is a really, really important thing to know about what you will be bringing to the boys.
It's really important information for know how it's going to develop all the story, yeah.
So don't forget about the book because if not, you're going to be super lost.
And what can you tell us about, I've seen also like a kind of puppet, a creepy but cute puppet."

"What's the puppet part?
Well, the puppet is you. So yeah, you are controlling the puppet.
The puppet is like, well, what is a puppet, right? It's a doll. It's like an avatar, right?
So maybe you don't have like fully conscious, maybe you don't have a fully personality, right?
So we made this character that is a little bit empty at first sight. So yeah, you can build on top of that, right?
So talking about being empty at the beginning but ending up, I wanted to talk about the progress of the game and what do you expect from players? What can players expect of this game?
Just such a deep story with a metaphor behind, maybe just a chilling story, maybe a creepy one?
Yeah, definitely it's a little bit creepy, a little bit serious."

"I would say, just to not spoil a lot, but it's about loss and also redemption.
So it's a little bit more serious than the other three games we already made.
But yeah, I think it's a really, really beautiful story about a girl and an experience that is really close to my heart.
So I hope the people playing the game also feel this connection to our story in Claymore."

"I'm sure they do. And talking about that, do you think that this game is available for everyone?
Every people can play it, even kids, even teenagers, adults. It's a game for everyone?
Yeah, I think absolutely. Maybe not kids that don't already know how to read because there's a lot of text.
But I think it's not super creepy. There's no jumpscares, there's no horror, no blood."

"So if the kids are curious and really into like investigation and that kind of stuff, I think it's really, really cool for kids.
And also for adults that usually they don't play games. I think it's really easy.
All the interactions like pop, like super natural in the game.
We put you like the button of the controller, how to interact so you don't lose like the input you need to put in the game."

"So it's really, really friendly. I think so.
We've been talking about all the mechanics, all the progression and all that.
But we haven't actually talked about the puzzles itself because it's kind of all about that.
What kind of puzzles can we find in here? Can you put us like an example of some of them?
Yeah, sure. We try to mix like the kind of puzzles more in the classic point and click adventures."

"But also like more logical, physical puzzles with mechanism and pieces to put in certain places.
So yeah, we try to make more like ethereal and more conceptual puzzles and also like actual, actual puzzles.
We try to put all the puzzles in all the kind of like a spectrum of the puzzle itself.

"How cool. I'm really looking forward to play it.
And well, lastly, I want to ask how's the status of the game because I've heard that it's really close to its release date.
So please tell us.
Yeah, sure. The game is almost done."

"We are like finishing like just the finishing touches.
And if everything goes right, the game is going to be released by the end of the year.
We don't have the date right now because our publisher is just trying to know exactly the date.
But yeah, our deadline is by the end of the day, the year."

"And until then, can we play any demo? Is there any demo available for public to just, well, give it a check until it's released?
Yeah, sure. We have a public demo on Steam.
So everyone at home can play the game and check it out.
If they feel like attracted and curious about how the story goes, they can put it on wishlist and wait for the final release."

"That's what I'm going to do once I return home. So I have to check it out.
Thank you so much for joining us, Mariona. Good luck.
And well, let's solve some puzzles together.





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