Prelude Dark Pain

We learn about soulslike-inspired S-RPG Prelude Dark Pain in broad strokes (literally)

Francisco Ruano is the narrative design manager at Quickfire and at the IndieDevDay he talked our Rebeca Reinosa through this pretty unique and ambitious tactical RPG, including its factions, 50 playable characters, 10 classes, or distinctive artstyle.

Audio transcription

"Hello everyone and welcome to another amazing Gamereactor interview.
We're here at the IndieDevDay event and I'm here with Fran.
Thank you so much for joining me, Fran."

"Thank you.
We're here to just get to know a little better Prelude.
Okay, this amazing title, I have to say it.
I saw it yesterday, we didn't have the chance to just interview until today."

"And well, can you introduce it a little bit for those who don't know, unlucky you guys.
So our game is a classical RPG.
It's inspired by the classics like Final Fantasy Tactics."

"But we are trying to refresh the genre, bring something new to the table with our game.
The art style is very appealing, we think, at least.
It reminds you of Darkest Dungeon and those types of titles, maybe something like Bloodborne, the Souls series, where it's like a dark world."

"The story, at least I'm trying it to be very appealing, very interesting, like a more adult story.
Also the gameplay and the mechanisms are all very deep.
We want the players to have a lot of choice, to play as they want, personalize all the heroes."

"All of them have different talent trees, different abilities.
We have a good amount of choice for the heroes too.
We are aiming for around 50 playable characters, which is a lot.
It's a big scope project, but we're on it."

"We're trying it to be something big and something people will be interested in playing.
As big as your characters are in the game, you pretend it to be.
I was told yesterday that you have not only those 50 characters, because there are some villains or some enemies that can also join your party."

"Usually in just one playthrough you won't be able to unlock all 50 characters.
Many of them will depend on what choices you make during the game, which factions you ally with.
There are going to be some very weird hidden characters you will be able to unlock depending on what you do."

"It's also very replayable.
There are going to be different choices you make during the story, different endings.
So yeah, that's the idea.
Talking about the mechanics, because you told us that you pretend to make a deep gameplay itself, so tactical."

"Because I think the game should be more focused on those people that are used to play tactical games, maybe.
Because you have a lot of statues, a lot of deep mechanics.
Yeah, we are matching together many different things from different games to make a very deep gameplay."

"You have a lot of choice for your hero squad, but also each hero will have different talent trees, different stats.
There's going to be an inventory system where you can choose which items to equip to each one, so you can personalize them as you want."

"Also the battles, we are trying to include big boss battles where it's not just like just go ahead and attack every turn.
You have to create a strategy for the boss, know the patterns, know what they do so you can beat them."

"So yeah, we are trying to add a lot of stuff to the game.
And hopefully it will work out.
And one thing that amazed me also is that you talk about customization of characters and abilities and all that, but I've also seen that different characters, they have their class, for example, Assassin or Rogue or whatever, but also not just one character can be just an Assassin, depending on the skill tree."

"You can change your class at the beginning and later.
Can you explain a little bit how deep and how complex is this ability tree for characters?
Yeah, so when one of your characters level up, you have both attribute points you can add to any of the six attributes we have and also you get points for your skill tree."

"Each character will have two different skill trees and depending on which one you invest the most points on, your character will be classified as one of the ten jobs we have available, ten classes."

"So yeah, basically each character has two possible classes out of ten total.
But each tree, each talent tree, is specifically created for that specific hero.
So there's a lot of choice there.
Because you paid attention to a lot of details of many characters because yesterday I was told also that every character has a lot of tiny details that are specific for that character, so every 50, 55, you said, characters different are very unique."

"They're not similar at all.
No, no, that's the idea.
The main characters you unlock on every playthrough, just by playing the story, are going to be the most normal ones, let's say, but then you unlock other ones by doing other stuff during the game, like secondary quests, everything."

"Those are going to be more quirky, more weird.
Yeah, it's kind of like in League of Legends where every hero is very different and you play all of them very differently.
That's what we are aiming for."

"And we haven't talked about the background and the story itself of the game.
Can we expect just the main story?
Obviously we'll have different choices, as you said, and the story is going to change and we're going to have different finals, but the main base of the story is going to be similar at the first trial?
How is it going to be?
What's the background itself of the story?
So it's a very dark world, and we are trying to add a lot of environmental storytelling elements, like in Dark Souls and Elden Ring and all the Miyazaki games, it's a big inspiration for us."

"So the history of the world is very long, it goes back up to the creation of the world, and we are giving little bits of information for the players who are interested in finding out what happened."

"And then the main story is going to just take you through the journey of a group of heroes who are just trying to rebel against a big empire.
That's the kind of story we're telling.
But it's going to have a midpoint turnaround with some surprises."

"I don't want to spoil anything else, it's going to be dark, it's going to be adult, there's going to be a lot of rich lore for you to find out if you're interested in it."

"And finally, what's the status of the game?
Are you close to the release date?
Do we have any available demo?
Are you planning to release it at some point?
Because it's our first project, we are not actually very sure on time schedules."

"We are aiming for maybe an early access by the end of next year, if things go well.
Maybe earlier than that, maybe a bit later, and a full release on 2025."

"But things will depend on publishers, on how things go during development, etc.
But yeah, that's the idea.
And which platforms do you pretend to release?
I mean, I guess that in two years, more or less, a lot of changements can happen."

"But are you planning on just on PC?
Are you planning to just release it on different consoles?
We are developing the game for PC and Mac, but our idea, our aim is to release it for all consoles."

"Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox, etc.
So you have no excuses to just play it.
Well, we're really looking forward to just playing it.
I enjoyed it yesterday a lot, like the tiny demo that we played here."

"So just stay tuned, you're going to love it if you're a Tactical fan.
And well, thank you so much for joining us.
It's been a pleasure.
Thank you for the interview."





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