We learn all about Soliloquy, a narrative survival game in your own existence's desert

Guillem Serra is the solodev at Noumen Interactive and instead of a soliloquy at the IndieDevDay he gave us this dialogue with David Caballero where both explore how this narrative experience will evolve during the progression of the game in a very intimate way.

Audio transcription

"Hi Gamereactor friends, we are at the IndieDevDays in Barcelona and we are taking a look at a very special game that is narrative and it is very personal, very intimate and it is about talking to oneself and perhaps to others in a very special way Thank you so much for joining us Guillem What can you tell us about Soliloquy?
Soliloquy is a narrative game, as you said, with elements of survival, right?
So in Soliloquy you wake up in the middle of the desert, completely lost you don't know how you got there and you have to keep surviving by finding water, making bonfires for the cold nights and all that and while you keep surviving and doing all that and the days pass you will have at first an empirical... trying to understand what's happening here but every day it's going to be more metaphorical and the game is going to gradually go into Soliloquy about existence itself Alright, so you just started the game, this is the demo you are bringing to Barcelona So what's going on on the screen right now?
So right now the player has just woken up in the middle of this desert and now she's trying to understand where she's going to go right now So right now she will need to observe the environment to try to figure out is there any rock?
Which way do I go? Do I just follow the sun?
Because this is completely empty, this desert and she will eventually go into a rock, for this demo in particular not in the final game, it's not going to be as scripted as right now, right?
It's going to be... right now it's fast because the players need to go faster in this Fira, in this event but in that rock she will need to create a fire to light the interior of a cave and when she goes out there will be a cliffhanger I don't want to spoil anything You need to find the cave Okay, so you've talked about the message and then this cave, can we say it's kind of a puzzle that you have to solve?
Are there puzzles or is it just exploration based and then narrative and then just follow the path?
There is going to be puzzles but it's not the kind of puzzle that personally sometimes in some games are too unrealistic and then it breaks my own experience on the game itself The game is a narrative game You will need to survive and that survival is a puzzle itself a little bit but it's not going to be a puzzle about Oh, I need to put a rock there and then something opens you know, something like that Not at least in the real part of the game because I haven't said that before but at night when you rest and you dream these dreams are going to be more not realistic so there are going to be some puzzles there that you kind of buy as a player It's not breaking your experience as much as this supposedly reality of the desert It's a dream and there's going to be a little more puzzles of interacting with your environment and trying to understand what's going on in that dream in particular and trying to solve that She's sort of deciding which direction to take as you said, she chose to follow the sand here For that demo in particular right now it's like the correct answer, quote-unquote would be to follow the rocks, go see the rocks So right now what's going to happen is that I'm going to spawn the rocks right in front of her so that the demo can keep going so it's not infinitely Oh, because I haven't said that The desert is procedural, pseudo-procedural It means that these chunks of dunes are prefabricated and then I spawn them in the desert infinitely You got slightly into spoiler territory by saying that you have dreams that those are different, etc Also perhaps we can get a tease of how you guys are going to deal with narrative in terms of it starts as a soliloquy but a bit of a hint of what's going to happen next So everything we've talked about until now it's the first part of the game, of three parts So this is spoiler territory but it's also kind of the hook of the game so personally it's hard to sell this game without that kind of spoiler But if I can say something it's that it's going to..."

"For me it's too much spoiler so if you guys just want to stop listening right now and just buy the game when it's out in a year or a little bit more just close right now, ok?
But we're going to break the fourth wall there and the player is going to have to communicate with the character himself What does the character want to understand once he understands his fiction?
He wants to understand why he's been created Maybe you and I also want to understand why something, God or the universe or randomly, why are we here?
Why have we been created?
But the character also wants to know that but we can answer that We cannot answer ourselves but we can answer about the fiction character So what's going to happen is that player character will meet the creator of the game which is me and we're going to have a dialogue together You got me hooked there because it is a little bit like Immortality by Sam Barlow In the way you sort of break that wall and all of a sudden you talk to the player So finally, you said in about a year from now so what's the status of the game and where can we expect it to release on and it's your own solo work, right?
Right now it's my own solo work I do have some friends that externally help a little bit with UI sound effects and all that It's a solo developed game Actually, right now in Catalan and Spanish I have dubbed it myself In English?
Not yet, but What do you guys think?
Should I dub my..."

"I think if we are meeting you in game you should be all voices even the languages you don't speak Yeah, that's right, I can buy it But if it's too hard my accent or something it's going to be a hard experience for the player which the majority of the players are going to be English speakers I haven't decided that The state of the game is I've been a year developing solo as I said and right now I'm looking for publishers so publishers, if you're seeing that also I'm looking for you and I'm going to keep developing the game no matter what finding publisher or not and doing my best I'm learning a lot in this process and what you see is what's developed right now so we could say it's a pre-alpha right now it's a lot to do, lots and lots to do lots of work to do Alright, that's Oliloquy and I enjoyed this two players conversation very much so thank you so much Guillem and good luck with the project Thank you very much"





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