Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III has seen record engagement

Activision has revealed that fans have flocked to the sequel.

Audio transcription

"Hello everyone and welcome back to another episode of GRTV News. Today we're gonna be talking a little bit about Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 because following its launch, multiple launches in a way, back in sort of early November time, Activision has now released, or stated we say, that Modern Warfare 3 has had the highest player engagement out of the current Modern Warfare trilogy. So out of Modern Warfare, Modern Warfare 2 and Modern Warfare 3. So with that being the case, let's dive on in."

"Modern Warfare 3 has the highest player engagement out of the current Modern Warfare trilogy.
Activision's latest shooter seems to be off to a good start despite mixed reviews. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 was met with unusually negative reviews from a lot of the video game media, including us, as it often felt more like an expansion for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, rather than a brand new AAA title. But this doesn't seem to have affected people's urge to play the game even the slightest."

"As reported by the official Call of Duty account on X, the game has set records with the highest engagement in the new Modern Warfare trilogy. And the good news doesn't stop there, as they also revealed that the zombies mode is officially the most played co-op in Modern Warfare history, and that people are spending more time per player in the campaign than in the previous two installments."

"Quite impressive if you expect a result as good as this. Let's just zoom in on this real quick.
This bit here. So this is the official statement from Activision. They say, thank you Modern Warfare 3 players for setting Modern Warfare engagement records. This season we are thankful for you. Thank you for a historic launch just two weeks in. Modern Warfare 3 has already set records of the highest engagement in the new Modern Warfare trilogy. Thank you for inspiring us and spending so much time in this game. Your feedback and passion continually make us better, and thank you for playing with us. It's been a blast and there's much more fun in store."

"And then it goes on to say, congratulations to our talented colleagues at Treyarch for setting a new Modern Warfare record with Modern Warfare zombies. And another shout out to players for making all of this possible. To celebrate with us, look for a triple feed holiday weekend this week with double XP, double weapon XP, and double battle pass XP coming your way. And circle your calendar for season one launch on December 6th with new maps, a ton of content, and more. So I think the key thing to say about this bit of information is that Activision never really explained what they mean by engagement. If it had the biggest launch in regard to players, if it had a specific millions number of players playing this game more than Modern Warfare 2, we probably would have seen that specifically mentioned, but instead the term engagement was used there. So it is stated that there's more hours per player overall than Modern Warfare 2019 and Modern Warfare 2. And it says that the campaign people are putting in more time per player in Modern Warfare 3 than the previous two installments. As well as obviously Modern Warfare has obviously been the most engaging third mode in Modern Warfare history. So yes, clearly people are flocking to this game, despite the fact that it has received, as Jonas puts it, mixed reviews."

"But we'll have to see whether this continues to be the case as the game continues. Because as we know with Call of Duty, it's not just about the launch that's important for this game, it's the continual engagement over the course of a year. And maybe the next couple of years, who knows with what's going to happen with the Call of Duty series in 2024 and whether or not there will be a premium launch or not. You would expect there to be, but now that Microsoft owns Activision Blizzard, maybe they'll choose to transition away from the annual premium release schedule, should we say. But either way, as we know more about all of that good stuff, we'll be sure to keep posting updated. And otherwise, let us know what you think about Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 in the comments. Make sure to tell us what you think about the game and whether or not you believe that it deserves its mixed reviews, deserves harsher reviews, or should have had more favourable reviews. Let us know below. Until then, we'll be back now tomorrow with the next GRTV News of the Week. So yeah, I hope you enjoy the rest of your Wednesday and we'll see you all on the next one. Take care everyone."





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