Scuf Envision Pro (Quick Look) - Built for Performance

This pro-style controller features remappable buttons and paddles, as well as having mechanical switches, adjustable triggers, and a zero latency connection.

Audio transcription

"Hello everyone and welcome to another Gamereactor Quick Look.
Now SCUF is a controller manufacturer and because it's controllers, they have always mainly catered to either PlayStation or Xbox."

"That makes all the sense in the world really.
But when PC gamers don't want to use mouse and keyboard for whatever reason and they want a proper controller, they almost always plug in a controller made by the two platform manufacturers in the console space, so that would be Sony or Microsoft."

"And SCUF kind of thought, well why don't the PC gamers out there get their own pro controller so that they have something which is custom built for their platform.
So they built this.
This is the Envision Pro and it is SCUF's version of what a professional PC controller would look like."

"Now we've just taken this out of the box, there's these small sort of sticky pieces of plastic on it, don't mind that.
But the point is that the one thing that SCUF really does very well is they think they make quite tasteful controller designs."

"And while this is neither a DualSense nor an Xbox controller, nor is it something in between, it's kind of its own thing.
It's bulky, fits well with large hands such as mine, and covered in this almost rubbery material here on the front, while keeping sort of these knurled, sort of grippy materials down here at the bottom to make sure that the grip on the controller is really, really nice."

"Now this is €199, so it is quite a lot, and you don't really get a lot of, the reason I brought the box in, I usually actually don't do that, is that I thought that you'd get more bells and whistles on a controller for €199, particularly when the competition, well the competition is sort of a DualSense Edge or a Microsoft Elite controller, and you do get more bells and whistles here."

"There's accessories for it in here, which I thought that I would briefly take a look at.
Now that, in this particular one here, you get all of the interchangeable pieces of stuff that you can use, so that is a way for you to fiddle with your various buttons."

"There is a long, nicely braided USB Type-C cable that runs at either USB Type-A or a USB Type-C dongle.
There are two different lengths worth of analog sticks, if that's what you want, and you also get a, obviously this is a wireless PC controller, so you obviously also, if I can remove it, I'm going to, you know what, screw that."

"There's also the wireless dongle here, which, by the way, utilizes Corsair's 1ms Slipstream wireless connection protocol.
SCUF is owned by Corsair, so that makes all the sense in the world, but the point is that that is the protocol which it uses, which has a good track record of not missing inputs and being very fast and reliable, so that's good as well."

"But beyond that, look at what you get at some of the SCUF kits for console.
You would get a small carrying bag, you would get an auto-lock cable, you would get various bits and bobs which would tell you, quite specifically, that you've bought a professional or at least an enthusiast piece of gear."

"Now, you buy this, and you get this little piece of protective foam, a cable, two alternative analog sticks, and the dongle itself.
I don't think that's enough to justify the €199 asking price.
Beyond that, though, there's a lot of cool things."

"Beyond the various, sort of, you know, these regular D-pad buttons or face buttons, D-pad analog sticks, select start, which is also capture, on and off, a profile switcher, you get a whole host of extra buttons.
There are five function keys right here, which obviously can be programmed through the software."

"You get G-keys as well.
There are what SCUF called SACs, which is side action buttons on the side, so there's one here and one here.
There are adjustable paddles right here where you adjust the amount of travel that you'll allow on each trigger on these small sliders here, alongside, obviously, wireless or wired, and extra programmable buttons here."

"So a lot of them, I would say, a lot of programmable buttons.
There's also some cool things under the hood here.
These right here, I don't know if you can listen if this sound comes through, but it's way more clicky than you would get on other controllers, and that's because this is actually Omron switches that are inside both the face buttons and the D-pad, meaning that this is such a more tactile feeling, and the sound is really cool as well."

"Obviously, these joysticks or analog sticks feel great, so, I mean, €199 is a lot of money, but if you want a pro-level PC-specific controller, this might be the one for you.
Thank you so much for watching.
See you on the next one."





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