Western Digital Black SN850P (Quick Look) - Store More, Play More

This solid state drive is designed for PlayStation 5 consoles, and offers up to 4TB of storage.

Audio transcription

"Hello everyone and welcome to another Gamereactor Quick Look.
You might be on the verge of buying a brand new PlayStation 5 Slim, and if you are, well then you'll find that if you don't purchase the now external sort of adaptable disk drive, well then you will have a digital-only console."

"That's how these new machines work.
And if you have a digital-only console, well then the 1TB of storage that you get internally might not be enough to store all the games that you want.
So we got in touch with Western Digital, which obviously runs the very successful Black Series, in order to showcase this as an alternative of expanding the amount of storage that you have."

"Now, obviously you've probably seen this before because they've kind of been at the forefront of expanding PS5 storage through these NVMe drives.
If you're not aware, obviously, Xbox have gone for a much more user-friendly but arguably more gatekeep-y way of expanding storage on the Xbox Series platforms through these proprietary enclosures, which adds extra storage to the Xbox Series console."

"Whereas Sony, well they've just gone with an NVMe slot, meaning that in most cases you'll be able to fit your regular NVMe SSD in order to expand the storage if it meets Sony's read and write speed requirements, which this obviously do.
It's officially licensed by PlayStation."

"Now, this is 2TB of storage, and it goes beyond that.
There's also less than that if you don't want to spend quite as much.
But what is common for these is obviously you get up to 7,300 Mbps reads and up to 1.2 million IOPS, so that's internal operations per second, basically means how it can multitask and how it can flow between the tasks of copying to the drive and copying from it."

"Essentially what that means is that when you insert this, you just remove one of the plates on your PlayStation 5.
I think it's one screw in order to batten down this, and the PlayStation will immediately recognize it and sort of pair it."

"I've done that on my regular PlayStation 5, and I think it's been an absolute no-brainer of running it like that.
Point is, this cool little drive adds a smooth 2TB to the amount of storage that you have to store games on."

"It's officially licensed with a five-year warranty, and it has a pretty nice and massive heatsink on it.
You can see it because the actual drive is really just, I think, about a third maybe of the actual thickness of this drive."

"The rest is a heatsink in order to dump heat on when it warms up as it operates, and this will help that dissipate and maintain the drive's temperatures so that it can not only operate safely, more smoothly, but also over a longer period of time.
So we'll be fully reviewing this when we insert it in the PlayStation 5 Slim Review Unit, which we're hoping to receive from Sony soon, and when we do, we'll report back."

"Thank you so much for watching.
See you on the next one."





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