Games To Look For - December 2023

We take a look at the biggest games all making their debut within the final month of the year.

Audio transcription

"It's been a long and very busy year but we're on the final stretch now.
Before we all head off to bask in festive cheer and to enjoy the holidays with friends and family, we have one final Games to look for to serve up, specifically looking at the new launches planned for December 2023."

"Admittedly, it's quite a sparse month, so prepare yourself for a rather short episode to conclude the mighty 2023.
The Station has decided that it's time fans started to create their own Steamworld adventures, and in the spirit of this, the developer has now cooked up the idea of Steamworld Build."

"This simulation strategy game is all about mining and gathering resources and then using them to upgrade and improve a growing town.
With the pressures of managing a homestead of increasing size and the dangers that lurk deep beneath the surface to worry about, Steamworld Build is putting a new spin on the long-running franchise."

"It's not often that we decide to highlight virtual reality games on Games to Look For, but considering the barren nature of December, we figured we'd give Arizona Sunshine 2 some attention.
Coming to PC, PlayStation 5 and Metaquest VR systems, this sequel to the fan-favourite title will see players blasting and slashing through hordes of the undead while thriving in the heat of the desert sun."

"There are few universes that have more of a presence in the gaming space than that of Warhammer.
Adding to the already plentiful list of Warhammer projects, Owlcat Games is serving up a story-rich classical RPG set in the 40,000 era and following the crew of a giant void ship as they look to seek out new opportunities to make a quick buck in the vast and perilous regions considered to be the backwater of the Imperium by many."

"The biggest launch of the month by far, Ubisoft's Massive has been working with James Cameron's Lightstorm Entertainment for years to give fans an authentic and fresh interactive take on the famed sci-fi universe.
Avatar Frontiers of Pandora is this very creation, a game that seems to be taking what Far Cry has made so popular and then slapping a Pandoran coat of paint upon it."

"If you've ever wanted to feel what it's like to be a Na'vi, this is the game for you.
Skynet just will not stop.
The world is once again threatened by the dangerous Terminator robot army and it is your job to lead the remnants of humanity in their efforts to put a stop to Legion."

"This RTS is coming solely to PC and will feature a single-player campaign that revolves around a commander in the founder's military force as they are tasked with stopping Legion and foiling its plans, all while being able to enjoy multiplayer and skirmish competitive modes."

"It may sound highly unnatural, but The Day Before is set to make its debut as an early access project on PC this December.
Fantastic will be finally putting its anticipated, promising yet unproven title into the hands of fans, asking them to take on a dangerous version of post-apocalyptic present-day East Coast of America where the undead are just one of the many threats that could prove to be a problem."

"We love buying awful houses, fixing them up and reselling them for a major profit turnover and this is precisely why Frozen District is shaping up to release the House Flipper sequel on PC in December.
Coming to consoles a few months later in 2024, House Flipper 2 will give players better and broader options with how they enhance the properties they purchase, further improving the customisability and personalisation potential in this follow-up."

"We don't usually cover expansions in games to look for, but considering this is arguably the biggest and only major first-party addition coming to the Switch in December, we had to include it.
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be expanded for the second and final time this month when the hidden treasure of Area Zero, the Indigo Disc, makes its debut, bringing with it a new area packed with all manner of new and returning pocket monsters, as well as more trainers to battle and a fresh storyline to follow."

"And there we have it, 2023 is officially in the books in a games to look for sense.
We will be back at the end of December during the holiday period to give you a preview of the biggest and most exciting games planned for 2024 as a whole.
Before looking at the January 2024 additions early in the new year."





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