Jumplight Odyssey

GRTV News - Development on Jumplight Odyssey has been paused indefinitely

League of Geeks has been met with major redundancies.

Audio transcription

"Hello everyone and welcome back to another episode of GRTV News, today we're going to be talking about something that's really quite surprising and quite alarming actually as well because it's relating to a developer that's had, well that has multiple projects in the works and for, well no longer does because of the fact that it's been met with a whole bunch of really unforeseen circumstances which has caused it to have to pause development on one game indefinitely, lay off half of its company, it's quite a disappointing or yeah demoralising story really but it's a big one nonetheless so let's dive on in and take a look at this."

"Development on Jump Light Odyssey has been paused indefinitely, League of Geeks has faced mass redundancies following withdrawal of funding and poor early access sales for its titles.
Developer League of Geeks has announced a collection of huge decisions that are affecting the way it operates and the people it employs, it's noted that following rapidly rising operation costs, a weakening AUD, poor early access sales and the unprecedented withdrawal of funding opportunities across the industry, the developer has been forced to lay off more than 50% of its employees including the entire Jump Light Odyssey team and that this means that development on that upcoming game has been paused indefinitely."

"The change means that Jump Light Odyssey will not debut as a full and unfinished product and that it will also not debut on PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles.
As for League of Geeks and other games, we're told that Solium Infernum will still be looking to arrive on February 14th 2024 and that Amelo will continue to receive its support that it currently gets."

"In terms of the actual number of employees who have been laid off, that number amounts to 29 people and this is the actual full statement here from League of Geeks, get rid of Alex's face, this is what they say, so for almost 15 years League of Geeks has been home to some of the most talented and brilliant folks in the industry, this week we've had to say goodbye to many of them."

"Increasingly rising operation costs, a weakening AUD, poor early access sales and the unprecedented withdrawal of funding opportunities across the industry places us in a position where we could no longer afford to cover development costs.
As a result we've had to make the impossible decision to pause development indefinitely on Jump Light Odyssey."

"More than 50% of our studio has been impacted by redundancies including the entire Jump Light Odyssey team meaning plans we had to get the game to full release including release plans for PS5 and Xbox have been put on hold indefinitely.
This decision will not impact the launch or quality of Solium Infernum as we continue to work towards a February 14th release, nor will it affect the existence of what we offer our mellow and its players."

"You can find more information including a FAQ and a link to the staff who are affected in their roles within this thread.
We wholeheartedly recommend each and every single League of Geeks team member we have had to say goodbye to, so if you're in a position to signal, boost or hire them, please do so."

"We are devastated to be in this position and we've done everything in our power to avoid it.
We are so very sorry.
And that's come from the founders of League of Geeks or the co-founders of League of Geeks Trent Blake and Ty."

"So yeah, it's a rather depressing sort of situation and it sort of signals that again the sort of state of the games industry as a whole.
2023 has been fantastic for releases and I guess in a consumer sense has been really really competitive and really engaging but in an industry sense there's been a huge amount of layoffs and redundancies taking place."

"This is likely partly due to the pandemic because the games industry kind of, well obviously there wasn't as many new games coming out during the pandemic, games were being played a lot and companies were making a lot of money during the pandemic when people weren't allowed to leave their homes which caused people to sort of, you know, scale up their efforts a little bit and then the pandemic ended, things kind of went back to normal and costs kind of went all over the place."

"So hopefully this won't necessarily mean the end for League of Geeks and that they'll continue producing incredible games in the future and hopefully in time they'll be able to sort of build back up a team and get back to development on Jump Blight Odyssey because it's been in development for a long time, it was getting close to making its debut as Early Access or in Early Access and now we're not going to see it."

"So but yeah, let's know what you think about it, let's know what your thoughts are about this industry trend of redundancies and layoffs as well and otherwise we're back now tomorrow for the next GRTV News of the Week, it'll be the final one and it will no doubt be talking about something Game Awards, maybe the Game of the Year, Victor, who knows."

"We'll find out tomorrow morning, so until then I hope you enjoy the rest of your Thursday, you enjoy the Game Awards show as well later if you plan on staying up for it and yeah, we'll see you on the next one, take care everyone."





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