Games to Look For 2024

2023 was an absolutely stacked year, but see how 2024 is comparing as we dive into the top releases of the next calendar year.

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"2023 has been and now gone and with that being the case all eyes are now firmly planted on this next calendar year. 2024 doesn't seem to be as stacked as 2023 but this doesn't change the fact that there are some absolute corkers to look forward to. So, with 12 months of games on their way, here are the games to look for in 2024."

"The Prince of Persia is back. Kind of. Ubisoft is returning to its famed platformer series, albeit with a different protagonist leading the way. The Lost Crown explores what happens when the prince is taken, leaving a crew of powerful immortals the task of finding and rescuing the iconic character."

"It's official, The Last of Us now has more remasters and remakes than proper games. Make of that what you will, but if you've not yet experienced Naughty Dog's critically acclaimed sequel, now's the time. Coming with a new roguelike mode, updated graphics and more, The Last of Us Part 2 remaster takes us back to the zombie apocalypse this January."

"2023 was a kickass year for fighters but one of the big three decided to save its latest release until 2024. Tekken 8 brings us more of that 3D fighting that we love with new and returning characters, fresh gameplay and a story mode along with a whole host of other features that have us excited to play Tekken 8 at the start of the year."

"Kicking off your reveal trailer with a nude protagonist is certainly one way to sell a game, but it's just that kind of eccentricity that keeps us coming back to the Like A Dragon series again and again. We've had a couple of Like A Dragon games launch in 2023 but Infinite Wealth is the next mainline entry in the series and is set to be one of the longest games in it."

"After a multitude of delays, Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League is nearly here. At first this looter shooter from Rocksteady faced a lot of criticism but more recently it seems some improvements have been made. Whether that's enough to hold this game up there with the heights of the Arkham franchise remains to be seen but you can check it out for yourself this February."

"With Persona 5 Tactica making its arrival at the end of 2023, Atlus is further exploring the Persona series with Persona 3 Reload in February. This reimagining of the famed RPG offers improved graphics and gameplay, all while expanding the iconic and beloved original story with additional voiceover and new interactions and scenes."

"PlayStation will be doing the unthinkable in early 2024. To kick off its portfolio for the year, Helldivers 2 will be launching simultaneously on PS5 and PC, which is a huge change considering how PC players often have to wait 18 months or so before getting to check out the latest PlayStation exclusive. This action shooter will see players gunning down monsters and aliens in a hostile galaxy, all in the name of freedom."

"Dontnod made the very intelligent decision to abdicate a November launch for Banisher's Ghost of New Eden, instead targeting February as the perfect place to debut its promising action-adventure game instead. With a God of War-like gameplay style and setup, this supernatural story-driven title takes players to a mythical 17th century North America to hunt ghosts and spectres and to protect the pioneers in this dangerous new land."

"Nintendo laid out its plans for a whole range of Mario Universe games in the final Nintendo Direct of 2023, and as part of that, we were given our first look at the upcoming return of Mario vs Donkey Kong. No, this isn't a game about climbing scaffolding and dodging barrels, it's a remade Game Boy Advance puzzler where Mario must use his platforming know-how to recover stolen mini-Marios taken by the giant ape."

"We're fairly confident that Ubisoft will actually look to ship this game in 2024, but if recent developments have been anything to go by, we could be wrong. Skull & Bones will take players to the Seven Seas as they pillage and plunder their way to infamy in this pirating simulator first thought up after the brilliant Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag took the world by storm."

"Square Enix is ramping up and getting ready to put its long-awaited sequel to Final Fantasy 7 Remake into the hands of fans. Serving as the second of three chapters that are giving us a fresh take on the famed JRPG, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth sees Cloud and the gang exploring new places and meeting new folk as they continue to stop Sephiroth's world-controlling endeavours."

"Originally slated to debut in 2023, Alone in the Dark decided to wait until the new year before making its debut, before receiving yet another delay to avoid holiday crunch for its developers. Featuring David Harbour and Jodie Comer as its two protagonists, this survival horror game is looking to start the year off with a fright."

"This past year we've seen a bit of a Mario Rebirth with Super Mario Bros Wonder, a remastered, remaster of the Super Mario RPG and of course the bombastic success of the Super Mario Bros movie. In March it's Peach's turn to take some of that limelight as she stars in her very own game, fighting off Grape and the Sour Bunch to save the Sparkle Theatre."

"The acclaimed studio behind the Nioh and Ninja Gaiden games has given us something a little different next year. Rise of the Ronin follows a nameless warrior forging their own path in 19th century Japan and features a gorgeous world, an epic story and some new, dynamic and accessible combat mechanics. If you're looking to explore an authentic look at Japan, keep an eye out for this one."

"Impressing us from the very first trailer, Black Myth Wukong looks to be a visually stunning game, putting us in the role of the Monkey King himself in an adaptation of the 16th century novel Journey to the West. We'll be fighting monsters and travelling through a vivid fantasy world and there's soul's like from the Chinese developer Game Science."

"Have you ever wanted to know what it feels like to be a biological tank? Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine 2 is looking to appease the combat fantasy of so many when it arrives in September, seeing players take on the role of Titus as he slices and guns through hordes of the Tyranids that threaten the security of the Imperium."

"Using Vin Diesel as an executive producer and giving him a key role in the story, Ark 2 has a lot of ambition when it comes to its narrative, gameplay and more. Recently delayed so that wildcard studios could improve upon the game, there's going to be some substantial differences between Ark 2 and its predecessor. Souls-like combat, strict third person mechanics and only primitive weapons are just some of the ways your dino survival experience will change next year."

"It's been a long time since we've seen a fantasy RPG from Obsidian but next year that wait hopefully comes to an end with the launch of Avowed. Set in the same world as Pillars of Eternity, Avowed will take us on an epic journey to the living lands to investigate rumours of a spreading plague."

"Despite the title, Greedfall 2 is actually a prequel, taking place three years before the story of the first game. This time, rather than playing as one of the colonisers, we'll be taking on the role of one of the colonised Tierra Ferdie people and see ourselves uprooted from the lands we once called home. With improved choices in the story and smarter AI in its gameplay, fans of the first Greedfall will want to watch out for its prequel or sequel."

"The original Hades won an absolute tonne of awards back in 2020. It's safe to say that anticipation is high for the sequel but as Supergiant Games looks to launch Hades 2 next year, we can't say we're anything but excited. As we're now trying to break into the underworld rather than getting out of it, there's going to be new enemies, friendly faces, additional mechanics and more to look forward to."

"Supermassive Games is taking over as the lead developer on the indie horror franchise, now that Tarsier has moved on to greener pastures. But just because a new studio is behind this upcoming prequel doesn't mean that we shouldn't be looking forward to the return of the series' signature unsettling and creepy horror elements."

"You may know this game as Luigi's Mansion 2 HD or Luigi's Mansion Darkmoon, but whichever name you know it by, this title is the updated version of the sequel to the first Luigi ghost hunting outing. With updated HD visuals and a story that has been preserved from when the title first debuted in 2013, this game is looking to tide Luigi's Mansion's fans over until the fourth game eventually and hopefully arrives."

"As we edge ever closer to the launch of what we truly hope will become known as the Super Nintendo Switch, Nintendo has been giving us plenty of updated versions of former iconic titles. The next on this list is Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door which returns with improved graphics and giving players the chance to once again relive this wonderful adventure."

"GSC Game World has been met with development challenges like few would have expected two years ago as the developer has been tasked with creating its stalker sequel while facing a full-scale military invasion. But this hasn't stopped the team from putting a lot of work and effort into this follow-up which is expected to make its debut sometime this year."

"Ninja Theory has been taking their time creating the sequel to the marvellous Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice and judging by the glimpses of gameplay we have already seen, that's all been for the best. Senua's Saga Hellblade 2 continues the adventure of the psychosis-suffering protagonist as she explores a tormented and unsettling Viking Iceland."

"It's been a while since we've had a new game based in South Park but Snow Day is looking to be just that. Cartman, Stan, Kyle and Kenny are back and in 3D form for an adventure that sees the gang basking in a whiteout as they are tasked with saving the world while school is cancelled due to the frosty weather."

"Massive has been incredibly busy as of late as only in December did the developer debut Avatar Frontiers of Pandora, but in 2024 we can look forward to its promising Star Wars Outlaws, an action-adventure title that revolves around a new character based in a galaxy far, far away and sees players on the run from an ever-encroaching empire."

"Telltale is back! After a very turbulent few years, the narrative-heavy adventure game developer gave us The Expanse, a Telltale series last year, and now intends to finally debut the long-awaited The Wolf Among Us sequel this year.
With Bigsby and the gang returning, The Wolf Among Us 2 is looking to explore the next chapter of the fairy tale fantasy crime story. 2024 is looking to serve up countless promising video games so be sure to join us down the line as we delve in further detail into new releases for every respective month, starting with January."





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