Screen Time - 2024

We take a look at the biggest and most exciting movies making their debut in cinemas throughout 2024.

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"Now that 2023 is wrapped up, it's time we turn our attention towards 2024 and what this year is looking to offer for film fans. While we have recently begun including TV series and new additions and streaming platforms in our Screen Times, as we're looking at the next 12 months, we're focusing solely on theatrical films, of which judging by the premiere dates we do already know about, there are plenty to look forward to. But before we dive into this expanded edition of Screen Time, a quick reminder, we've based our picks on a UK release calendar, so be sure to check local listings and dates."

"Kicking off the year, we have a brand new action flick led by everyone's favourite raspy-voiced Brit, Jason Statham. The beekeeper sees Statham taking brutal vengeance on those who revealed his secret identity as a special clandestine operative to the world.
After two decades, the original Mean Girls is getting a fresh coat of paint. The Mean Girls of 2024 is going to offer some big changes. A new cast, some musical numbers and more will bring the classic comedy to a new generation. But for older fans, there are also some returning cast members to keep the nostalgia going."

"A spy novel author, real spies, a boatload of action and explosions and a cat in a backpack.
All that and more comes to our screens in early February when Argyle launches. Coming from the mind behind Kingsman and Kick-Ass, Argyle follows a novelist who is brought into the underground world of spies and syndicates."

"Coming hot off the release of the Super Mario Bros movie, Illumination is ready with another animated adventure. This time we'll be following a family of ducks as they go on the journey of a lifetime. Beginning in New England, they'll travel through New York all the way to Jamaica in this light-hearted comedy."

"Wrestling is fake, we all know that. But sometimes the stories are all too real. The Iron Claw stars Zac Efron, Jeremy Allen White and more as the Von Erich brothers who made history in the world of pro wrestling in the 1960s. Pushed by their father to be the best they can be, the family's story quickly takes a dark turn."

"We can't believe they made Morbius for women. In all seriousness, Madam Web is the latest Sony spin-off for its own spider universe. Starring Dakota Johnson as the titular Madam Web, the film will see her and three spider-women facing down a villain with the ability to see the future."

"After the acting strike pushed Dune Part 2 out of its destined release date, next spring finally lets us return to Arrakis. Based on the second half of the first Dune book, we'll see Paul Atreides rise to power on the desert planet as he seeks revenge against the Harkonnens.
If you're into your sci-fi epics, you won't want to miss this one."

"One of the hottest actors in Hollywood these days, Ryan Gosling leads this action comedy flick where he stars alongside Emily Blunt, portraying a former stuntman who gets wrapped up in all kinds of crazy antics when hunting down a missing movie star. With Aaron Taylor Johnson also appearing, the Fall Guy is looking to be one of March's biggest movies."

"After three fantastic mainline outings, Dreamworks' legendary animated series is making a comeback.
In this movie, Poe will be up against a new villain called the Chameleon who can shapeshift into powerful kung fu masters. Hopefully this film will match the expectations set by the previous trilogy."

"When there's something strange in your neighbourhood, there really is only one person to call. Ghostbusters Frozen Empire is the sequel to the rebooted film series and sees Finn Wolfhard, McKenna Grace, Paul Rudd and the rest of the team working together with Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson and the remaining original gang to stop an icy attack on New York City."

"You've seen the giant ape and the radioactive lizard fight each other and a shared threat, and now we're seeing the latter happen once again. Godzilla X Kong The New Empire sees the primordial duo teaming up to take on another potential world-ending calamity, in a movie that promises huge amounts of destruction and devastation."

"Chris Pratt might have one of the best agents around. Not only did he manage to score the role of Mario this year, but next year he'll be starring as one of the most famous felines on the planet. The Garfield movie will involve everything you'd associate with the fat cat.
Some minor hatred towards Odie, some quips to the camera and plenty of lasagna to eat."

"It has been a long time since we last got a look at what the world might resemble if apes took over. In the latest Planet of the Apes movie, we're jumping forward in time, past the age of Caesar and into a new era as we follow his ancestors. With the dominion of humans long over, Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes will see our distant ancestors establish themselves in their new world."

"Following the success of the epic Mad Max Fury Road, Furiosa is a spin-off that explores the origins of the renegade post-apocalyptic warrior, before she joins forces with Mad Max. This epic story sees Anya Taylor-Joy leading the cast, while Chris Hemsworth also stars in a supporting role."

"Boasting one of the most stacked cast you'll see in 2024, Imaginary Friends is a comedy film that follows a young girl who, after living through a difficult experience, gains the ability to see imaginary friends that have been left behind by their adult counterparts.
With Emily Blunt, Ryan Reynolds, Matt Damon, John Krasinski, Steve Carell, Sam Rockwell, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Vince Vaughn, Awkwafina and more all appearing, this is looking to be the spring's big comedy outing."

"Pixar's next big flick will see the animation studio returning to one of its more recent IPs. After a nine-year hiatus, Pixar is finally giving us a sequel to Inside Out, with this follow-up seeing the crew of Emotions being overwhelmed with new Emotions joining their team, all as host Riley reaches and faces the challenges of being a teenager."

"While Madame Web debuts early in the year, Sony has saved Kraven the Hunter for late summer with this installation into the Spider-Verse revolving around Aaron Taylor-Johnson's Sergey Kravinoff as he strives to become the greatest hunter in the world. With Russell Crowe and Ariana DeBose attached, this film will give us a darker superhero tale."





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