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GRTV News - Steam users still aren't giving up on Red Dead Redemption 2

The 2023 Steam Awards have seen some unusual games being nominated and awarded.

Audio transcription

"Hello everyone and welcome back to another episode of GRTV News. Today we're going to be talking about something that took place relatively recently. We're talking about the Steam Awards, which is basically a community vote that took place throughout the holiday period during the Steam Winter Sale where users across Steam got to vote for their favourite games in a variety of different categories. Now, the reason why we're talking about it is because I think it gives us a first glimpse into what award ceremonies and award events would look like if it was solely a community vote. Because some of the decisions that were made in these Steam Awards are a little bit, should we say alarming maybe? And yeah, it shows that moderation is probably useful in the grand scheme of a critical set. So with that being the case, let's dive on in and check out some of these weird award winners."

"Steam users still aren't giving up on Red Dead Redemption 2, even if Rockstar seemingly did years ago. The 2023 Steam Awards have been presented and with this being a community driven selection of awards where Steam users could vote for their favourite games across a broad array of categories. While many of the categories look to celebrate better befitting games, some of the categories also show that fans aren't ready to give up on certain games, even as the developers behind them have moved on to greener pastures. Because Red Dead Redemption 2, a title that Rockstar seemingly decided to move on from years ago, has been awarded by the Steam community as the winner of the Labour of Love Award for 2023. It's a bizarre situation as the game has essentially received no significant support in a long while from Rockstar and yet it is one award that came with the description, this game to this day is still getting new content after all these years. As for the rest of the winners, the full list of Steam Awards 2023 victors can be seen below. And instead of reading them out here, I'm going to go to the actual Steam Awards page here where we can see them in a sort of fancy detail. So game of the year award, Baldur's Gate. I don't think anyone's going to really dispute that. You know, there's arguments for other games, but Baldur's Gate is still a very well deserving award. You can even see the finalists here as well. Actually, the finalists are a little bit more unusual, I would say. You know, there's certain other games that I feel like should be in this category as well that haven't been included in this category. But you know, Resident Evil 4 is a very high, critically acclaimed game. Lethal Company is one that's kind of just burst onto the scene in a fan sense. EA Sports FC, Hogwarts Legacy, they're both sort of, you know, differing opinions on that one. But yes, that's game of the year. VR game of the year, Labyrinth. Again, it's up against, I expect you to die, F-123 and then Ghost of Tabor. So, you know, solid win there. Labour of Love. This is when things get really weird. So up against Dota 2, Rust, Deep Rock Galactic, Apex Legends, all games that have been, you know, these are games that you probably wouldn't even necessarily say should be leading the pack in this sort of ongoing game category. And yet there are four games that have been supported to a huge degree over this past, over 2023. And yet Red Dead Redemption 2, a game that hasn't been supported in years and Rockstar has given up on in order to better support Grand Theft Auto Online and to, you know, continue developing, get Grand Theft Auto 6 and whatnot. Red Dead Redemption 2 won this award. To be honest, it probably shouldn't even be nominated, nevermind winning it. But anyway, best game of Steam Deck, Hogwarts Legacy is against Brotato, The Atlas Trials, Diablo 4 and Dredge. Pretty solid win there. I don't think anyone's going to dispute that one. Better With Friends Award. Again, this is a good Lethal Company Award. It's against Sun to the Forest, Party Animals, Darktide and Sunken Land. I would have campaigned for Party Animals personally, but again, solid win. Outstanding Visual Style Award. Atomic Heart wins that. Very pretty game, so you can understand it. Cocoon's in there though. Inward, Darkest Dungeon 2 and High on Life. Yeah, I don't think anyone's going to really necessarily dispute that. I think there are some pretty games in regard to art styles that probably missed out in this category, but Atomic Heart is a very pretty game as well. So again, this is another weird one. Most Innovative Gameplay Award. Now, first things first, Starfield's not a bad game, but it's by no means an innovative gameplay."

"By no means offers innovative gameplay. It's very similar to pretty much every other Bethesda RPG that's ever been made. So what part of this that the fans are seeing is innovative gameplay, I'm not exactly too sure about. I think there are other games out there this year that should be nominated and potentially even winning this award. But yeah, Starfield for some reason has taken that one. It was up against Contraband Police, Your Only Move is Hustle, Shadows of Doubt and Remnant 2. There's some games in this nominations list as well that aren't necessarily innovative either. So another peculiar one, should we say. Best Game You Suck At Award, Sifu. I suck at that game. So yeah, Lords of the Fallen, that's a very challenging game."

"Overwatch 2, like that game, it's essentially Overwatch and that game came out in 2016 or whatever. So EA Sports FC 24, I assume that's just a lot of people who are very good at these football games and then they're not. So there's that and then Street Fighter 6 is a fighter, so it's very similar. But again, some weird nominees in there. Sifu is one of those games that, yes, you know, you probably do suck at it. But yeah, interesting one nonetheless. Also as well, I'm fairly certain Sifu didn't come out in 2023. I think it's a 2022 game. But yeah, we'll move on from that."

"Best Soundtrack Award. Again, the last was part one. Yes, it is a new game.
It's a remake, but yeah, but it's a remake of a game that came out in like 2013 or whatever.
So should it really be winning Best Soundtrack when it's up against games like Hi-Fi Rush, which is a new game for in 2023 sense and Chance of Sonar and Pizza Tower. Like Persona 5 Tactica is a new game as well. Granted, it's like a sort of a spin-off of a game that's been out for a while as well. But the last was part one is by far the biggest outlier in this category, and yet it was voted as the winner, which is unusual to say the least."

"A Stunning Story Rich Game Award, Baldur's Gate 3. No one's going to really knock that. I mean, it's up against some good quality content here. You know, Resident Evil 4, Lies of Peace, Star Wars Jedi Survivor. I don't know what that is. So, you know, a bit of a joke nomination, I'd assume. Sit Back and Relax Award, Dave the Diver's up there. Yeah, I mean, you know, again, this is another category that no one's going to really knock this one."

"City Skylines 2, Trade Sim World 4, Potion Craft and Coral Island.
But the weird thing is, and the point is that when we drag this news piece, this GRTV news video out, is because it shows why these award ceremonies need to have a sort of industry influence. You need to have people who are involved in the industry to sort of set out the parameters for these awards. Otherwise, you're going to get weird nominations and you're going to get weird wins like this. Don't get me wrong, there were some weird nominations and some weird wins in like the Game Awards and whatnot over at the end of the year."

"But if Red Dead Redemption 2 won the Best Ongoing Game Award or The Last of Us Part 1 won the Best Soundtrack Award at these major events and the ones that are still ongoing and coming up, I think a lot of people would be quite disappointed. So yeah, I think it sort of proves a point here. But anyway, that's all the time we have in today's episode of GRTV News. So we'll be back now tomorrow for the next one and the final one of the week, believe it or not, the final one of the first week of January. Crazy. But until then, thank you for watching and we'll see you all on the next episode of GRTV News. Take care, everyone."





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