Games To Look For - February 2024

We take a look at the biggest games set to make their arrival throughout the month of February.

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"After a January that featured some incredibly well-received titles and even a record-breaking PC launch, we're now barrelling into February, a month that is quite frankly stacked. Between action-adventures to multiplayer titles, strategy offerings to RPGs, indies to puzzlers, the second month of 2024 is not to be missed. So, let's dive into another episode of Games to Look For to see what February is serving up for gamers around the world."

"Kicking off the month is a game that is no doubt highly anticipated by JRPG fans. Granblue Fantasy Relink takes players to the Zygogrande Skydome, a rich and broad aerial world crammed to the brim with exciting opportunities and overwhelmed by a dangerous and deadly invading force. Needless to say, there's a lot to enjoy in this promising action-RPG."

"One of the largest releases to come out this month, Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League is Rocksteady's long-awaited return to the Arkham-verse. Ditching the single-player focus to give us a bombastic co-op experience, we're finally taking on the role of the baddies as we have to put down the Justice League."

"Atlas seems to be on a bit of a roll as of late and while we wait for metaphoric Fantasio to debut, we can keep ourselves busy with a return to Persona 3. Persona 3 Royal comes with new story scenes, character voice-overs and more for returning fans and gives those who haven't yet had a chance to play the genre-defining RPG the opportunity to visit it for the first time."

"What happens when you replace Splatoon's paint with bubbles? Well, you get phone stars.
The latest title from Square Enix is a multiplayer title where two teams use unique characters to claim the most territory in an evolving and chaotic arena. With multiple game modes on offer, eight launch characters and even free access if you're a PlayStation Plus subscriber, there are a lot of reasons to get excited for this colourful competitive project."

"Are you doing your part? If there was ever a game that reminded us of Starship Troopers, it would be Helldivers 2. Arrowhead Game Studios is bringing us a lot of sci-fi action early on in the month as we track down as many alien threats as we can and make them go boom.
Settlers in a new land are being plagued by a haunting curse and it's up to you as a banisher to see that these spirits don't bring any harm to the community. As this action RPG is coming from Dontnod, we can expect a deep story with plenty of consequences for our actions, as well as a lot of creepy spirits to fight and an interesting location to explore."

"While they're not for everyone, the Hotline Miami games certainly carved out their own niche among the wider gaming community and a large part of that was due to their trippy visuals. The designer behind a lot of these visuals is now back with a futuristic Metroidvania gardening simulator in Ultros. If you want to get psychedelic this February, look no further."

"If you're a fan of grand strategy or just want a good reason to mess with your friends, Solomon Furnum might just be the game for you. Hitting the rulers of Hell against one another, you'll have to use your wits and your fiendish might to put yourself atop the throne of Pandemonium."

"Could this game finally see the light of day? Most of us aren't going to believe that Skull and Bones has come out until we're playing it, but it seems that Ubisoft finally might be ready to take us to the high seas in the pirate game we've been waiting years for.
Donkey Kong has only gone and stolen all the mini Mario toys from their factory and as someone who's likely going to make a fair chunk of change from this merchandise, Mario isn't about to let him get away with it. Chase down Donkey Kong in over 100 puzzle-based levels in this return to a classic Mario title."

"In Pacific Drive, you find yourself alone in a surreal imagining of the Pacific Northwest.
With only your car as your companion, you'll have to gather resources and avoid the supernatural dangers awaiting in the Olympic Exclusion Zone. Each journey into the zone brings new challenges, but with the risk also comes reward, usually in the form of an upgrade for your car."

"Stranded in a strange realm, one much like our own after a portal collapses behind you, you're going to have to learn to survive in the Feywild in the hopes of becoming a Realm Walker. Nightingale is an early access launch, but for fans of single player and co-op survival, it'll look to bring plenty of the gathering, crafting and building that the genre is so famous for."

"Disney has greenlit the remasters of several Star Wars video games over the years and this February we'll be seeing the next expansion into this fold. Star Wars Dark Forces Remaster gives the iconic action FPS a fresh coat of paint and improves its performance, all while retaining the signature Boomer Shooter style of gameplay that made it a fan favourite in the first place."

"Arguably the biggest launch of the entire month, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will continue to tell the tale of Cloudstripe and his allies as they work to save the world from the dangerous and formidable Sephiroth.
This second part of the remake of Square Enix's lengthy and acclaimed RPG will take the gang to new locations to battle fresh adversaries and some returning faces, all on top of introducing a slate of new mechanics and gameplay features that look to elevate the Final Fantasy VII experience significantly."

"And there we have it, another GTLF is in the books, be sure to return in a month's time to see what March 2024 is bringing for gamers of all shapes and sizes."





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