Devialet Gemini II (Quick Look) - Impermeable Sound

These earbuds boast the latest true wireless and adaptive noise cancellation technology, all on top of new drivers to deliver quality sound.

Audio transcription

"Hello everyone and welcome to another Gamereactor Quick Look.
There are some really mainstream high-end audio brands out there, which we cover extensively whenever they put out a new product."

"And then there are sort of these more boutique high-end manufacturers that you only hear about — I'm exaggerating, of course, for effect — but that you hear about in whispers out there because they are the ones that are, you know, really taking a — takes up a premium price point and rarely can be found in sort of the mom-and-grop normal audio, well, like hi-fi shops, which you tend to visit when you are just walking down the street."

"They are essentially something that you have to seek out and really understand the quality of in order to invest properly in.
And one of those is a French company called DVLA — now, oh, DVLA — and they have made a pair of in-ears."

"It's actually not the first time that they've done this, but the first time that we've been offered to review them.
And these are called the Gemini, particularly these are the Gemini 2.
And it is a way for DVLA, which you might know from the Phantom."

"It is like a big, bulky Bluetooth speaker, which at least for a couple of years sort of set a couple of records for at least the sound, noise, and quality level coming out of a pretty small chassis.
That was really important and something that, you know, made it to Marquesas Brownlee's channel and all of that stuff."

"So you probably don't know DVLA, but they are a really experienced bunch.
And well, they sent us these, which are probably, I think, their most sort of mass consumer marketed product that I've seen at least.
So these are the Gemini 2s, meaning that they've taken in feedback from the first generation of Geminis."

"And they use something called their 10-millimeter, there's a 10-millimeter drivers, which are pretty big for in-ears, by the way.
10-millimeter titanium coated drivers that is optimized to use Qualcomm's aptX codec, which probably means that it can play back sound at least at slightly higher audio quality than at least your standard in-ears."

"And the Hi-Fi mainstream press that have already reviewed these have been pretty chuffed with them so far and say, it says that at least for that 399 Euro price point, which is the highest price point in the market, it's very high, but not unheard of in this business.
Well, that this is pretty much at least the best sounding."

"Also DVLA are very, very, very proud of their noise cancellation technology that they say can go up to 40 decibels of active noise cancellation, which is really cool and something that has been particularly tuned for high frequency, sudden noises.
I mean, you can hear a truck is backing up right next to you."

"There was actually an example of that in the Apple AirPods Max review by Mr. Mobile, where he had a car alarm go off right as he was walking by, and that noise was so sudden and so high pitch and frequency that the entire, like one of the cups on the AirPods Max just shut itself off."

"Now, apparently this is tuned to mitigate some of that, and that's really cool to see.
Apart from that, DVLA is boasting some pretty high-end specs here.
So we're talking 22 hours of battery life in case and in the units themselves, IPX4 certification for water and sweat, meaning that you might want to, you might not want to take these swimming, but you should really be able to work out with them or take them for a run in the rain."

"This case here is Qi wireless charging compatible.
It has Bluetooth 5.2 with multipoint support, so you can have it hooked up to several units at a time."

It has something called active wind reduction or AWR.
And what DVLA says is that the microphones that is used when you talk with the person you're talking to, that those microphones are embedded or buried in a layer of anti-wind material inside the units themselves, which should help it coat it and protect it from those loud gasps of air when you're talking in a windy environment."

"But as I said, the one thing that I am pretty unsure of, and beauty is really in the eye of the beholder, even with consumer electronics, so I get it.
I think that.
This is flashy, borderlining on gaudy and a bit too much."

"I think that of the case, and I also think it of the units themselves, which to me look a little large.
They don't look as large in the ear.
I can just briefly test that for you."

"But I think still that I think that, you know, because it kind of angles upward, it kind of disappears in your ear a little bit more.
A couple of years back, we were used to seeing like really high end in ears sticking out, like small antennae, which I thought was really not that much of a great look."

"But this I think is fine.
I just not sure about this, the white plastic material with the metal.
I just think it looks a bit much.
But then again, DVLA is also very much about the quality of the sound."

"So we're going to have to test this fully to see how it stacks up.
Thank you so much for watching.
See you on the next one."





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