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      Nomad Magnetic Leather Back (Quick Look) - MagSafe Fashion

      This leather skin for iPhones uses MagSafe technology to attach to your device.

      Audio transcription

      "Hello everyone and welcome to another Gamereactor Quick Look.
      dbrand makes vinyl skins for your phone, where it's essentially like a one-stop shop where you purchase these skins and you wrap your phone in them, and so they have the protection of not scratching, because obviously it would scratch the vinyl skin before it would get to your phone, but it probably does not offer up the same protection for the back of your phone as a full full-borne case probably would."

      "So how do you combine those two elements?
      Well Nomad have tried and they've come up with this, which they call the magnetic leather back.
      Now what this is is essentially a really thin piece of metal which is coated with Nomad's quite characteristic US-made and sourced Horween leather on the back, you can get them in different colors don't worry about that, where there is embedded MagSafe system rings in the center to make sure that it really does stick, if I turn it here you can see that there is this really soft sort of fiber finish here to make sure that when you slap it on there it does not scratch the back."

      "Then you have obviously the exposed MagSafe magnet there which have been made extensively stronger by Nomad themselves, again to make sure that it's a tight fit, and then you have these really cool...
      Microsuction patches, there are three of them, because obviously the fourth one is the TPU raised camera ring, meaning that you do get the protection of if you're dropping it face down then what basically like hits the pavement first isn't your camera lenses but this exposed raised ring around here."

      "These microsuction patches alongside the MagSafe magnetic system should ensure that when you slap this on there.
      It grips on tight and just stays put.
      And I've been putting having this on here for three days I think, and it is really rock solid when it's on it doesn't slide around, maybe that though I think it's the main thing is the MagSafe ring and then those microsuction patches helps it to not wiggle if you're touching it if you're coming onto it from a particular side with a particular force."

      "I think it's really, really, really cool idea.
      Now the thing is.
      This is perhaps for a very particular customer, because you want the protection for the back of your phone."

      "My guess is mainly when you put it down on surfaces like this, you know immediately that it is protected.
      You're not sliding it around on a surface, which would, you know, scuff it up basically.
      But I know that you're thinking this already."

      "If you drop your phone isn't the main drop points for the rails the side and the sides are completely.
      You know, unprotected.
      So it's you have to be you have to be a very particular person, I think."

      "But for me, it really, really resonates with me because I'm willing to give up some protection in order to further appreciate the phone's lines.
      That is going to feel perhaps like I'm into phones just a tad bit much, but it is my job.
      And I do like that."

      "This looks like an iPhone 15 Pro Max.
      I think that's that's that's this.
      The cool thing about it is that I know that this has a titanium rail, which is unique to this particular phone, and I paid for that."

      "So I want to basically be able to see that.
      And as soon as I coat it in a big, bulky protective case, I lose some of that design, some of that aesthetic.
      And here I gain a little bit of protection, meaning that I can put it on whatever surface that I want to."

      "If I'm just watching something, I just need to put down my phone for whatever reason.
      But I don't get it covered up, so to speak.
      And speaking of which, if let's say that Nomad just decided to go with this, you could have a an array of them which you could quickly swap between if you wanted to, which I think is also a really cool thing."

      "Of course, it is all down to whether or not Apple keeps Mac safe, but I'm pretty sure that they do and that they're going to do that.
      So just, you know, instead of having to pull off covers and put on other covers, just having something where you can quickly detach and attach."

      "I think it's a really original idea.
      And particularly because I think these are 40 US dollars, which is slightly cheaper than I was expecting.
      I was expecting it to be that, you know, $60 ish that Nomad and a lot of other competing manufacturers go with."

      "So I'm going to give a careful thumbs up.
      I'm sure that we'll probably see videos online of how it manages to protect it from scuffs.
      And if this slides off, if it takes a really bad tumble.
      I'll be interested to see."

      "But for now, really cool stuff.
      Thank you so much for watching.
      See you on the next one."





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