Film Frenzy - Episode 1: Yellowstone Drama and an Eternity of Avatar

For the first episode of our new film and TV series, we talk about the latest Yellowstone drama and the news that the Avatar series could continue beyond its fifth film.

Audio transcription

"Hello everyone and welcome back to our second of two new sort of video series Today this one's gonna be based more about movies. So we did one recently about video games this one We're looking at more the wider entertainment spheres, particularly movies and TV I think we're gonna classify them both together because they do sort of go hand-in-hand Once again, Alex is here because you know, we seem to do everything together these days. Yeah Welcome to Film Frenzy. Editor's note Rafa, add in Something, dub me in saying whatever we call this because we still haven't got a name Yeah, we still haven't got a name. We've been very proactive with this We're recording these before we even decide what we're gonna call these things We have a sort of like a working idea is what we're gonna do There's too many names. We're too good at coming up with stuff, I think. Yeah, I would agree I would agree But now this one's gonna be an interesting one because we're gonna kick off this video today or this video series today by sort of Blindsiding each other. That's our plan today. So we've both picked a sort of topic that we're gonna throw to the person A recent topic mind you as well. Not just like anything We're not gonna talk about like the Revolutionary War or something like that. It's gonna be based on..."

"Oh never mind. Hold on. Can we restart?
I need to change mine if I've got...
But no, yeah, we're gonna be talking about some some different conflicting subjects Do you mind if I throw a topic at you first, Alex? Go for it. Go for it I've got it, you know, I've got to look up a new topic now that the Revolutionary War's not on the table Yeah, well I mean..."

"Which Revolutionary War is? Well, what's your favorite revolution?
Well, my favorite Revolutionary War is the one that's currently happening in Yellowstone. I'm gonna throw this one at you.
Dad topic straight off the bat."

"I love Yellowstone and what I love more than Yellowstone is the drama that surrounds Yellowstone because this seems to go on all the time, you know, one of the biggest shows probably of the past decade I would say. Yeah, it's up there. It's like sort of Game of Thrones level of fandom I believe like when you sort of hear people talking about it. It's the ultimate like dad show, Yellowstone I always think you're quite like, you know above your time I thought that as well, and then I watched it and I was like so sold on it. You know, I absolutely adore this show, it's great I've only watched it with my dad though. So that's that's why I associate it with, you know No, well, it's what dad got me into it. So, you know, it makes sense, doesn't it?
But yeah, Yellowstone's interesting because it's been going for so long making it, you know, massively popular And then this last season comes along and Kevin Costner seems to kind of like spit his dummy out because it's not being Filmed when he wants it to be filmed Now all of a sudden Kevin Costner's not going to appear in the final episodes of the final season He's apparently been written out of it. Wants more money, wants it to be filmed at a different time. Loads of conflicting rumors about him That all happened ages ago. It's been kind of sandstone for a while. I remember this. I remember this It's hit kind of a standstill, nothing which has really happened Now recent reports come out from Puck News Which is alleged that the other cast members, not Kevin Costner, but some of the other cast members, Kelly Riley, Cole Houser Luke Grimes, all them lot, they want, or they're being sort of tipped off by the To portray and carry on their roles in this spin-off series, which is called a spin-off series, but it's kind of a sequel, right?
It's like Yellowstone part two. Yellowstone 2.0. Yeah. And they're Supposedly coming back in that series to tie it together right to serve as sort of a bridge between the two series and Because they know how valuable this show is they want a lot of money to appear in it We're talking like a million dollars each per episode, right?
That's not that much. Didn't the Friends cast get like, I know Friends is like bigger because but they got like At least double that, I think. Yeah. Yeah. Easily. Grey's Anatomy Have you seen what the Grey's Anatomy people are on? I'm sorry But if you look up like Grey's Anatomy for you, like I'm not gonna do it now because I don't want to interrupt the story But they're on like mad numbers and they all have like 30 episode seasons. Yeah, and they're still like It's like hundreds and hundreds of episodes and people are still coming back for it because they just love it they just eat up the Grey's Anatomy like slop, but you know Yellowstone I paint the man It is strange, but like Paramount. They're a major production company as well. This isn't just like a TV production company This is a a major Hollywood production company. And yeah, they don't want to dish out the money and I think the interesting thing here though is that these characters like they're not the they are like leading characters But they're not the lead characters and in this Yellowstone sequel thing, they're trying to bring in Matthew McConaughey He hasn't quite committed to the role yet because there's no script used. I'm on the side of the road, you know?
because there's no script and he doesn't want to sign up for something he doesn't actually know what it's going to be yeah which makes sense you can kind of see michelle pfeiffer has been eyed as the lead actress and then you've got these other ones as well essentially it's going to cost a lot of money to make this sequel show but if it's as popular as the one that is now you can kind of understand why they're looking for they did a prequel as well didn't they with helen mirren and harrison ford there's been two prequel series oh my god there's 1923 and 1883 1883 resort is done now it's like a limited series 1923 is getting a second seat which they haven't filmed yet either and this is the bizarre bit it's like this is what always baffles me about these shows is that taylor sheridan writes them all and he also writes um i think it's the mayor of kingston kingstown uh what's the sylvester stallone one um he plays like a gangster or something in like reno or something i don't know i just associate him with like really bad like action movies like yeah i could not care about this uh this show either but everyone tells me it's very good taylor sheridan the name rings a bell when you see taylor sheridan's face you'll know who he is and he writes them all and like i've heard stories about he like oh my god i know yeah he looks like american man if you like put it into some sort of ai generator and he goes off into like a cabin in the woods and he'll just write for like a week straight and come back with an entire season for real yeah he just apparently he does he doesn't have like a room that he goes in and he goes right what if uh he owns a cabin in the middle of nowhere apparently that he just goes to and goes and uh and write stuff it's wild tulsa king is the sylvester stallone show by the way apparently he also writes he loves his like manly dad shows yeah he does and he stars in yellowstone as well as one of the like um the cow or not a cowboy he plays like uh a horse trainer the ranch hands yeah he's in that scene he does all these different things and i don't know how he finds the time to do it all but clearly he's not finding the time to do it all because otherwise the scripts were made so that they could you know get onto production well if he needs you know a break from it all taylor we could have you in as a meeting we could have taylor in special guests we need them um you know ben loves your work i do i've got some more trivia about taylor sheridan as well actually all right so taylor sheridan right it has written into the show a a ranch that's called like the sixes or something like that yeah it's a massive ranch in texas like one of the second in the entire state and um he bought it using his yellowstone money he bought the entire ranch it's like enormous he owns the thing wow he made a deal with paramount like i um you know i'll write you all these things if you give me this influx of cash and he used the cash they gave him to buy this ranch which was going under so he's still like working under yeah indentured servitude to paramount basically because he said give me the branch and i'll give you whatever you want i'll it's fascinating i'm telling you i'm telling you i i always i i i hate gossip but i understand why people like gossip when you follow things like this like it's it's baffling the things that happen behind the scenes with this show like you wouldn't believe it it's it's remarkable the sort of things that uh that come out about it i i'm really interested to see what this this runs up to though because um we're supposed to what season are they on now i think it's five or six i think it's i want to say it's six but that's the weird thing is that the first half of this season is debuted it came out in like late 2022 yeah and we're just waiting for them to film the final half which is supposed to arrive in november but i don't know whether they've even started filming yet my dad was devastated when i told him yeah yeah because his name's kevin as well not to dox my dad but you know the kevin connection between kevin kosner and kevin uh my dad you know it's really tight it's really tight so it's like you know it's like losing a family member i understand it i completely get it i felt the same yeah but no it's interesting that and um i i don't really know what the point of this this topic of the yellowstone was i think i just got into it and just started talking about yellowstone but i'm sorry drama i just you can't but it continues the saga continues and it will continue as well in the future and there'll be more things coming out about this i wouldn't be surprised if matthew mcconaughey doesn't ultimately join the series well he's doing that other game he's doing that video game isn't it what's the video game he's doing he's too busy he can't do it i can't remember the name of the game it's made it's not a game that you'd expect him to be in no it's some like weird sci-fi thing isn't it yeah it's a sci-fi thing he's like your mentor or whatever it's like it's like a mass effect thing yeah google it um you'll find it all on your local game rector region you find it all although you know the name of the game before you go and search it because it's yeah we matthew mcconaughey that's what we put in the titles all of our games are all about matthew mcconaughey not only will you find some information about that game but you'll find more about the yellowstone drama so you'll find more about matthew mcconaughey as well yeah exactly yeah maybe some true detective but anyway let's move on from yellowstone because we've been talking about that for 10 minutes believe it or not so yes because there's loads of drama and it was really interesting it's great i feel like though this isn't a good advert for like watching the show because it doesn't make me go i want to watch the show now because i know that the drama in that won't live up to the real life oh it will it definitely will i'm not if you haven't seen it yeah we're not sponsored if you haven't seen yellowstone go and watch yellowstone it's fantastic although i will say if you're a dude go and watch yellowstone because i don't think it quite hits the same demographic for women it's not the female audience yeah there is a woman in it there is and she's a great character she's an kelly riley is fantastic she's almost the star of the show but i think it's more tailored towards dudes i mean it's about like ranching yeah if i look like look at taylor sheridan if we can get an image of him just for a split second just just you know so that people can can understand he is a dude like if i walked up to that guy and and i ordered like i don't know a margarita instead of a beer i think he'd hit me like that's kind of the dude that we're talking about here the entirety of yellowstone's like that 1883 that one of the prequels it stars the the country singer um couple of um i can't remember their names but it's it's two country singers that are like really well known and they play the lead roles so you know it's it's a very uh american midwest sort of show and series and franchise it's going to continue being that way but anyway let's move on to your thing um talking about yellowstone for long enough now speaking of creators who uh probably locked have sold their souls to a company james cameron isn't going to be done after avatar 5 james cameron is never going to rest james cameron is probably working on technology so that he can be uploaded into a navi persona is that a fursona would you count because they're not furry no i suppose they're not they have skin i don't know i've not touched one so i can't claim to know but they're in any case this man is not stopping um he thinks he's got ideas for avatar six and six and seven uh cameron was speaking with collider and he says he's fully written everything through five he's done that he's all done that i think you can even find plot details for five i like up until now i don't think he's done that he's done that he's i wouldn't recommend that because like i think well i just found them i think on variety or something like a while ago i wouldn't recommend that because i'm pretty sure they contain spoilers they are subject to change as well but it like it tells you like who survives sort of thing as as well so i won't get into that here but in any case he has ideas but he thinks he's gonna have to like sort of pass the baton on because like avatar 5 is slated for like 2031 it probably won't come out then it'll probably be like way later but at that point to be fair at that point he'll only be 76 which i say like only as if it's not it's quite old but at that point he could feasibly have already shot the other two as well because they're shooting avatar 4 right now right and they're doing post-production on three yeah and so i think they've been filming them all for like six years right they've just been doing it consecutively because they don't want them to age they don't want like the kids now that are in it since part two to like age too much but uh yeah i think they're doing it for like six years yeah he's gonna and then like if he wants to do six and seven like martin scorsese's like 80 he is he's 81 at the moment he's 81 happy birthday marty um yeah well how many avatars do you want to see i i'll be honest right when i heard that the the news was that he's had ideas for six and seven i was a little bit disappointed because i don't look advertise a billion dollar franchise already it's a multi-billion dollar franchise and then disney are never gonna let it die and we know but what i'd like is them not to do what they did with star wars and just to keep making it like keep iterating one story forever because then it just becomes you deal with this fomo thing that marvel's dealing with now which is like impossible to crack you got to watch like 40 different projects to catch up with the story today uh and then on top of that as well there's the the fact that to keep it interesting they have to constantly bring back characters and cameos and all these different things it never works that's what they think they could just make films and like people would want to watch them but they could but i i just don't i think the avatars in this position it's a very unique and new franchise right it's it's like yeah it's 10 years old but there's two movies so you can't exactly say that it's you know you can't exactly look at avatar it's young yeah because it wasn't even a franchise until 2022 technically right yeah like they've done like a video game based on the movie and then but then you you could call you couldn't call like over the hedge like a franchise when it has the exact same treat or no exactly exactly and that's the thing is i think avatars in this really unique place where it can look at the the wider sort of um situation that movies and stuff fall into and it can kind of it can tread its own path looking at other people's mistakes yeah you know marvel did great for 26 27 movies the remain the 13 or whatever however many goddamn movies has been ever since endgame and projects because i suppose you have to incorporate the tv series as well um none of it's been that good no they had like spider-man and then even then if you try and watch like no way home now it was it was good as like fan service right at the time yeah but you watch it back it's not actually great that a great movie i'd argue and i'd say that largely none of the tom holland spider-man movies have been that great in standalone i liked homecoming a lot i actually really like the first one because i think like michael keaton's really good in it like how he's like proper menacing and like tom holland as well very much like the kid spider-man who you can sort of like the one that we'd not really seen before because andrew garfield he's like i think he was like 28 when they cast him so he even though he's meant to be in high school he comes across as like an adult and toby mcguire his spider-man is an adult like he's in college by the well he's in like high school at the start of the first movie but toby mcguire's looked like a 40 year old man for about 20 years yeah i mean toby mcguire you know i'd rather like i'd probably rather that i think than end up like looking 60 when i'm 40 rather take the toby mcguire pill you know like you know like look 40 from now until 40 but then still look 40 when i'm like 78 and making avatar 8 for james cameron you know well that's a good point because sam worthington's looked the same age for a man i don't know sam he's such a funny man i like if there's some if like if there's something that i get into like like i don't really have like sam worthington trivia like you have yellowstone trivia but i just think he's such like an exceptionally interesting person because how are you the star of the biggest movie ever and you don't have anything else yeah like that apart from he went to the titans yeah he went through that phase after avatar debuted when he was in everything like he was in terminator um and they all flopped yeah they all sucked and since then he's done uh what's he done the netflix movie kevin hart yeah and he's done like some australian stuff as well i think some like dramas because he's in australia isn't he he was new zealand or something but he like i don't think he's a phenomenal actor to be honest i think he's like fine he's he's very sort of like cardboard cutout action hero of like the 80s that you would see all the time if he was around in the 1980s he'd be one of the biggest movie stars of that time like if avatar came out in that era and then he got to like jump off of that probably why james cameron likes him so much action movies that's what i think a lot of people they watch them they go i wish it could have been a bit deeper i wish it could have been a bit there so what you go and it's like no blue people bang bang the shit you know the machines go boom the the world is dying it's bad these people are bad these people are good it's really simple really clear cut this guy comes back to life that's something that you never see in movies anymore when someone's dead shown to be dead they are dead and yet in avatar they're like actually spoilers for avatar way war but they showed you like press image anyway quaritch gets cloned and he's back as like an evil avatar and it's like that is such an 80s movie trip because i think cameron's still stuck in that era but people love it like it's why like avatar gets so much stuff because it's also like visually the most impressive thing you can probably see in like a cinema apart from like dune 2 yeah which i wish there was a dune 2 story i mean i guess the story is that it's coming out in a month should have been out already you think it's strange that avatars popular as it is but dune isn't no because dune has themes avatar does avatar avatar has like like dune you have to like dig right to actually get themes because there's a lot of people that like dislike dune because they think oh timothy chalamet is just a white savior it portrays all the people of arrakis as like you know um real life sort of middle eastern arabic culture and then timothy chalamet comes in as a white savior it's actually that's what the book is criticizing so you've done half the work you know like actually the book is pretty smart but at the same time i think that dune is a lot more like like i've been reading through the books recently like the ones past like even the ones that they're going to do films on like i'd read the first book when the first movie came out and i've been going through the others and there's like there's stuff like some guy turns into a big worm and he's like a half worm and he has to like flop about all the place and there's like there's i think that's comparing like avatar and dune is that like avatar and dune are like the same thing avatar is really pretty to look at whereas dune is like dune is like warhammer 40k before warhammer 40k and it's like it's not as extreme and it's like blood and guts and gore and and being so grim and derrick and edgy but it is still pretty like it's like your dad's version of a sci-fi thing because everything like is thought about as if it works yeah whereas like avatar the special rock that they want to destroy the tree for in the first movie is called unobtainium yeah so like you know there's your there's your things is that like spice is like the special substance in dune is really thought about really really worth like digging into like it makes people live longer it's how they can travel with space travel it is the most valuable thing in the world why is unobtainium so valuable in avatar money money makes money it's a special metal guys we have to kill the blue people that's why i think i think avatar is just a lot easily digestible and i love it for that i genuinely like i don't know i don't know i don't know i don't know i don't know i i i i can't understand anyone hating avatar unless you just like i don't know have like a blue people phobia or something yeah i would agree i would agree and it's a fascinating thing and uh it's quite interesting we've picked arguably the biggest movie franchise and arguably one of the biggest tv franchises to collide in this first episode of working title tv uh working title video series first episode of film frenzy yeah there we go title there um but yeah no we'll um we'll be back with this most likely in the next episode of unobtainium so thanks for watching weekly basis like we did with the gaming one the other day um so expect to see more from me and alex soon uh unless you don't want to unless you don't want to we'll go away forever yeah but uh yeah we'll also be back with another episode of the game right to show as well for more just general sort of nonsense like this you know we just talk yeah and we'll find out what ben's favorite historical revolution is yeah we'll save that for next episode stay tuned but yeah that's this has been this this has been the show uh we'll be back soon so until then thank you for watching you"





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