Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

GRTV News - Cameron Monaghan will only play a live action version of Cal Kestis if the conditions are right

Cal Kestis could come to Star Wars in a live-action capacity, but only if his addition to the universe will matter.

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Today we're looking at a galaxy far far away, we're going to Star Wars, specifically Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order, Star Wars Jedi Survivor, Cal Kestis is the topic of today's conversation but jumping from video games to potentially a live action debut."

"Now a lot of people have wanted this for a very long time, Cameron Monaghan is a pretty well respected actor and he's done a lot of other projects apart from just this video game alone obviously, I mean he's been in everything from like when he was a kid, he was in Malcolm in the Middle."

"Just to name some stuff that he was doing but he said that it would have to be sort of right, he doesn't want to just hop in to the franchise as you know Cal Kestis for a quick cameo appearance I think.
I'll read you the quote that he said at Fan Expo Vancouver 2024, it would have to be right, by that I mean it has to continue the story or the character in some way, I don't want him to just kind of show up and stand around and be there, I want him to mean something and for there to be a significance for the character itself, so it would have to make sense."

"But in the right context?
Yeah, absolutely.
So Cameron's definitely, Mr Monaghan, is definitely up for it as you probably would be because the Disney paycheck for a live action thing is probably going to be a considerable amount more but I respect the sort of thing of him saying that he's not just going to show up and do it, I like that he respects the story that has been made in the Respawn trilogy of Star Wars games so far and he doesn't just want to show up as live action because it's probably a bigger paycheck or it probably means more exposure to a wider audience, I think that's a big step."

"And especially considering that the Star Wars fanbase is very divided right now, there's a lot of people who haven't liked anything besides like Andor for the past five plus years that Star Wars has put out and there's other people that just want more and more and more and it seems that Star Wars is leaning a lot on its sort of nostalgia, especially with Filoni's sort of characters looking at series like Ahsoka and things like that where you see these sort of Star Wars Rebels and Clone Wars characters making reappearances, and it's good that Cameron Ronhan is against showing up just for nostalgia's sake, just for being ooh that guy that's in the video game, I know him, I get to see him in live action now because to be honest it would be quite hard to shove Cal Kestis in in a main sort of way that isn't just he's around, he's there because Cal Kestis seems a very important character for the Star Wars Jedi games but in the wider scheme of the galaxy because of when Respawn has decided to place this trilogy, he can't exactly blow up the Deathstar on his own for example."

"And he can't exactly dual Luke Skywalker in the middle of what would essentially be Return of the Jedi or things like that because they've gone for this sort of in-between episode three and episode four setting.
I'm still very excited about Star Wars Jedi and where the trilogy will end after Survivor but yeah I think this is a really well-rounded response from Cameron Ronhan."

"Do you want to see Cal Kestis come to live action and if you do, how do you think he should be introduced to Star Wars as it is right now?
In any case, let me know all that and more and I'll see you in tomorrow's news video.
Buh-bye guys!"





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