GRTV News - Nintendo Direct confirmed for Wednesday

The show will be focused on third-party titles coming to the Switch.

Audio transcription

"Hello everyone and welcome back to another episode of GRTV News. Today, we're going to be talking about something we've been expecting to happen for a while now.
Nintendo has finally confirmed its first Nintendo Direct of the year. It's not a Direct that I think many of us would have expected to take place, but it's a Direct nonetheless, that's the main thing to take from it."

"We're going to dive in, take a look at what this Direct's going to be, and then we'll talk a little bit more about it afterwards.
Nintendo Direct confirmed for Wednesday. Don't expect news about the Super Nintendo Switch 2, but games like Hi-Fi Rush and more, as it's a partner showcase.
Nintendo has made a tradition of giving us a Direct showcase every February, so it was very expected with rumours about 2024's first one starting weeks ago. The only question was exactly when it would arrive. Now we know."

"Japanese console maker confirms the Nintendo Direct partner showcase will start at 2pm GMT 3pm set on the 21st of February.
We're only told the 25 minute show will focus on third party games coming to Nintendo Switch this first half of 2024, but it might be worth remembering that the rumours claim the show was delayed because of Xbox's announcements last Thursday.
Could this mean we'll see Hi-Fi Rush or Pentament? Find out on Wednesday."

"Which games do you hope to see and learn more about?
And here's the announcement. This is the American announcement because it's in Pacific.
Here's the announcement. This is the American announcement because it's in Pacific.
Here's the announcement. This is the American announcement because it's in Pacific."

"Standard Time and Eastern Standard Time but obviously it's going to be 2pm GMT, 3pm CET but obviously it's going to be 2pm GMT, 3pm CET Now it is worth saying, because, this is why this Direct is bit of an interesting one because A yes it's focused on third party, so maybe we'll get those announcements about Hi-Fi Rush and Pentament making their debut on Switch Maybe Sea of Thieves, things like that What we won't see for sure is What we won't see for sure is is anything about the new console whenever that happens maybe nintendo's usual sort of style with it they'll probably just drop a trailer announcing it at some point whether it'll be this fiscal year now because of the rumor delay who knows but it's not going to be in this direction don't expect to see more about the nintendo switch to the super nintendo switch in this um don't expect anything about first party either so you know despite the fact that uh princess peach showtime comes out midway through march don't expect to see a trailer of it here because this is going to be focused on partners and third party titles so don't expect anything about the games that are supposedly coming out in the summer as well like the luigi's mansion 2 remaster which is also called dark moon i can never remember the name of the game but i don't expect to see that either because i won't be there um and likewise as well this isn't actually a live show right yes you can yes it's going to be dropping at 2 p.m gmt 3 p.m set tomorrow uh but it's going to be just a video they're going to put out so you can watch it on demand right that's that's the weird thing here so it's it's a lot of interesting things about the way they're doing it um essentially i don't think we're going to be expecting as many significant announcements if you unless you regard the the cross-platform xbox titles that we're assuming are going to make their debut at some point uh as like a significant announcement but to me pentagon or hi-fi rush coming to switch isn't as big announcement as say like you know hollow knight silk song getting a release date and all of this makes me think that we're probably not going to get a particularly large amount of announcements but regardless it's the first nintendo director of the year so if you like these sort of live shows make sure to tune in for that tomorrow obviously we'll be covering it all in your local gear as a region all the trailers and announcements and all that good stuff so stay tuned for that uh but otherwise that's all the time we have so we'll be back now tomorrow to talk about something no doubt equally interesting uh we'll be regarding this direct because it won't have happened by the time we record this next year tv news but uh no doubt it'll be something exciting all the same so be sure to join us for that tomorrow until then though i hope you enjoy the rest of your tuesday and we'll see you on the other side take care everyone"





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