GRTV News - Grounded is coming to Nintendo Switch on the 16th of April

Grounded is heading away from Xbox this Spring.

Audio transcription

"Hello everyone and welcome to another GRTV News, I'm Alex as always taking you through the afternoons, latest and greatest when it comes to gaming, gear, tech, entertainment, whatever you like, whatever you love, we've always got it here for you at GRTV News and we've got it in the wider Gamereactor network."

"So let me read some stuff off to you, see if it sounds good, yeah, gaming reviews, yep, movie reviews, yep, tech reviews, yep, gaming previews, certainly yep, exclusive content, oh boy, yep, if you like that stuff and more be sure to check out your local Gamereactor wherever you get it from, but with enough of me babbling, today we've got a sort of a weird one because although we're sort of looking at this Grounded reveal here, Grounded is coming to Switch by the way on the 16th of April, in case you didn't know, I'm also going to just be talking generally about the Nintendo Direct, the stuff that got revealed because there was a lot of interesting stuff."

"Two Xbox games, the ones that we thought would be coming to Switch have been confirmed for Switch.
As I say, the Obsidian game which is based around basically like Honey I Shrunk for Kids, you're in your back garden with your buddies, you're building your base, you're killing some bugs, you're befriending some bugs in some cases and you're doing all that and more, it's coming to the Switch, it's going to be a fun little co-op experience, I think it's really well suited to the Switch and I think it's already a pretty great game on Xbox so I think Switch fans are going to love this one."

"There's not really much more to say about Grounded coming to the Switch apart from the fact that it is one of the four games, three, four, four games that we were planning to play.
We're pretty much sure that we're going to be coming to other platforms."

"Does that mean that it's going to be coming to PlayStation down the line?
I don't know.
This was a Nintendo Direct and it would be weird if they said it's also coming to PlayStation because they just want you to buy things on the Switch."

"Also the other Obsidian game which is the second Xbox game is Pentamon, my favourite game of 2022.
One of the best point and click adventure games we've seen in quite some time.
It's coming to Switch not in April but tomorrow, the 22nd of February."

"That's pretty cool.
It's like a little Shadow Launch.
It didn't get the same amount of attention that Grounded got in the Nintendo Direct that we've just seen but it is still pretty cool that it's coming that way."

"It's not the biggest game in the world but again I feel like Xbox is definitely testing the waters here.
We saw a bunch of other announcements in this Partner Showcase.
One of them was a Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection which comes with both of the first Battlefront games, Battlefront 1 and 2, the OG ones and that's coming to Switch as well and it's got like 60 player multiplayer or some stuff."

"I'm not going to go over absolutely everything, I think we're just going to try and focus on these Xbox announcements because they are I think the biggest things.
They sort of rounded off the single player side of the show because then it went into more Switch Online stuff and then it gave us one final reveal at the end but yeah I think this is pretty much a guarantee that we're going to be seeing much more of a partnership between Xbox and Nintendo going forward."

"Even though this might not mean Starfield coming to Switch or something silly like that, it's still pretty cool.
And I think the Switch audience is going to love Pentament and love Grounded because they're perfectly designed for that platform in my opinion."

"They're not very demanding games but they are very fun and they're very suited to a specific type of audience that might not want to pick up something for like 30 to 40 hours like a Starfield but wants to play something really fun for a short amount of time like Pentament is a really good story and Grounded gives you a lot of co-op and multiplayer fun."

"So yeah I think they're really good options.
Are you going to be checking out any of these games on Switch?
What was your favourite announcement of the Nintendo Switch?
Let me know in the comments below."

"Let me know all that and more and I'll be seeing you tomorrow for another GRTV After News.
Bye bye!"





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