Corsair K65 Plus Wireless (Quick Look) - Superior Skill and Style

This gaming keyboard comes in a 75% form factor, features hot-swappable MLX Red switches, and boasts a wireless and hassle-free design.

Audio transcription

"Hello everyone and welcome to another Gamereactor Quick Look.
While Corsair sometimes opts for a more premium price point, they often also have a tendency to undercut their competitors a little bit."

"And that's when they do their greatest work, at least that's what Kim and I used to think.
And they've kind of done it again with this one, it's the K65 Plus Wireless.
And what is essentially the idea is to offer you a really strong competitive 75% form factor keyboard with hot swappable pre-loop switches by the way, but for a fraction of what a lot of the sort of competing keyboards around this particular sort of price point would cost."

"So, what is it?
Well, as I said, 75%, and if you're unfamiliar with keyboard form factor lingo, then you'll know that basically 75% is that it's a keyboard that's a little bit more expensive than a regular keyboard."

"You slice off the numpad, but you leave enough room for the directional arrow buttons on the bottom right side to have their own dedicated.
If you're going at a 65% keyboard, well then these will be absorbed into the range of keys, meaning that for in some instances it'll be more difficult to navigate, but then again a lot of people care a great deal about having the most space saving gear that they possibly can."

"This will kind of hit a middle ground in between, and a lot of people seem to prefer this particular form factor.
So they're right there.
And beyond having the 75% form factor, they have these beyond here, obviously these are PBT, but not double shot key caps."

"So that means that there is a fear amongst consumers that if they aren't double shot, that basically means that.
At least theoretically, that at some point you will be able to wear off the actual symbols on each key."

"But Corsair counters that by basically saying that they have kind of indented the symbols in the actual key itself.
It's very difficult for us to test because we're talking about months, if not years of wear and tear that will ultimately wear these symbols down."

"But beyond that, I mean, it's pretty cool.
You have an option in place.
Beyond these single shot PBT caps, we have pre lubed up."

"Basically that means that they're lubricated, they're worn in, and that in most cases will mean a more damp and a less sound pressurized sound when you click them.
So I'm pretty sure that this also translates through our microphones into your ears again for aficionados."

"This will be various.
It's simple stuff, but for a lot of people getting some of the sound pressure off of regular mechanical keys and off to these pre lube ones, it's a great deal and it it perhaps will result in a calmer typing experience."

"I would say in any case, it's Corsair's own MLX red linear switches.
So that means that there should be a good bump and a good tactile feel when you press it.
And I have."

"No stability issues or anything like that.
Of course, real performance is something that we're going to have to test in a full review, which is coming beyond that.
You're not really saving or like there are no real compromises here to speak of."

"There is both Bluetooth and a 2.4 gigahertz dongle.
And obviously in points between you can have multipoint connectivity, meaning that you could be connected to several devices at once, controlling them on the fly through through basically shortcuts on the keyboard itself."

"It has 266 hours of alleged battery life that is without the RGB, but it does have RGB, which I think is I mean, that's absolutely awesome.
And this RGB will have built in effects which you don't need IQ for.
So for instance, I just turned on Bluetooth, meaning that there will be two blue lights switching to indicate that it's ready for pairing."

It's per key RGB.
So there should be a lot of effects that you can run through IQ if that's your sound sort of thing.
And these keys, by the way, these switches are hot swappable if you want to do something else with it and you're perfectly fine to do so."

"And there are also some cool little touches like this rotary dial here, which is knurled around the edges and it is metal.
So it is a higher quality.
And you can, of course, set that up to do anything you like."

"Also using the IQ software, all of this you get for around, I think, is one hundred and sixty dollars.
Which is a lot less than competing keyboard from, say, Razer.
And as I said, it's a bit of a flourish."

"There are some like niggly little faults.
For instance, this deck here is actually thick plastic rather than metal.
And you do get that from competing boards from, say, Keychron.
But beyond that, really good stuff."

"Can't wait to review it.
Thank you so much for watching.
See you on the next one."





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