MacBook Air with M3 (Quick Look) - Leaner and Meaner

The thinnest MacBook in Apple's portfolio has been improved and upgraded with the latest and most powerful M chip.

Audio transcription

"Hello everyone and welcome to another Gamereactor Quick Look.
It's exciting times because we are currently in March where usually Apple tend to drop some major hardware news and we are very much overdue for some announcements from Apple and the first one came through I think last week where Apple, pretty much out of the blue because we were expecting a major event, kind of just dropped a press release and said the MacBook Air is getting M3 chips."

"Now that is just very good news because as Apple have stated correctly, the MacBook Air is the most popular laptop in the world.
So to have more horsepower under the same hood, which is just the most iconic, lovely design that I've ever used, because it's basically a complete carbon copy of last year's MacBook, which in turn was a copy of the M1 redesign of the original MacBook."

"Air, which shares a lot of similarities with MacBook Pro, well, it's basically just golden days to be part of the MacBook team because they are just so, like, it's such a complete design revision that is both comfortable and edgy in all the right ways.
So there aren't really a lot of changes beyond just getting access to the M3 chip and that for a lot of people is enough because they just want their MacBook Air."

"Air is to last and to perform and the M3 will allow it to do that.
So there are four colors.
This is starlight.
I'm unsure what kind of hue this makes me think of, slightly golden."

"And in some light, it is actually a little bit rose gold.
That might be me that is just completely off the hook here, but I think it's pretty.
Probably wouldn't be the one that I personally would pick, but I think it is pretty.
And I think all four colors basically are."

"It ranges from $1299 to $1699 based on what kind of RAM and storage that you want.
And you can also pick between two different M3 chips.
There are no pros."

"Those are only reserved for the MacBook Pros, which makes all the sense in the world.
So for the eight core CPU unit, you're getting four performance cores and four efficiency cores, but you can also get up to a 10 core CPU if you want.
There's also a 16 core neural engine."

"Apple spent a lot of time in their recent press briefing talking about AI and they are really both ramping up to something.
But you should also remember.
That Apple utilizes AI through their 16 core neural engine for a lot of purposes already, which does help to speed up decoding and encoding for video editors, but also just in everyday tasks within macOS."

"That means that the MacBook Air is actually punching well above its weight in terms of the thinness of the chassis, the lightness of the overall package, contra how much power you can expect to gain from it.
And also how long it will stay speedy and responsive throughout the years that you're planning to use it."

"It also taps out at, I think, 100 gigabits per second memory bandwidth, which is just fine.
It also enables hardware accelerated H.264 encoding and decoding, HEVC, ProRes, and ProRes RAW."

"It can all decode and encode if that's what you want.
Inside again, very familiar stuff.
As you can see, we only just got it, which is very lovely.
You do get this more spacious deck on the 15 inch, but you can also go and get something which is a tiny bit tighter with the regular smaller version."

"The massive trackpad, which is fantastic.
The lovely keyboard, which is now a proven entity, which I really like.
Touch ID on the fingerprint reader, which is great.
The notch design meaning that you do get, while there is more bezel than on the MacBook Pro."

"You get less of it than you do in MacBooks of old, and definitely a lot less than, say, the Samsung Galaxy Book 4 Pro, which we had on recently, which is a 16 by 9 display, which looks absolutely ancient next to this.
So if you have to get into specifics, it's a liquid retina 15.3 inch display at 2880 by 1864, I believe, which taps out at around 500 nits of peak brightness."

"That is not the same as the mini LEDs of the Pros, but it is very, very good.
In all moments.
It's a great device for most all scenarios, particularly for sort of everyday use tasks.
It has it covers the entire pre three color gamut and you can work in three color, which is great and supports, I think, up to a billion colors."

"Perfectly fine.
And it's saturated.
It's nice.
It works very well.
Most of the time you can configure it up to 24 gigabytes of gigabytes of unified memory within the M3 chip."

"And you can also go up to two terabytes of storage also on that chip.
Please remember that.
Both the memory.
And the storage that you opt for at the very beginning, like when you purchase the computer is what you'll be stuck with since Apple continues to solder everything down, which I guess is more understandable now that they run their own silicon and it's all within one unified chip pool."

"So bear that in mind at the very least.
So is it recommendable?
Very much so.
Apple again correctly states that this is the most popular laptop in the world."

"And there's good reason why it is not.
Let's say incoherent.
It's not incoherently expensive.
It is extremely well put together."

"We're at a point in time where these laptops can perform for allow for around 11 to 13 hours worth every single day, which is fantastic.
You even get a charging brick now, which I have right here, which has MagSafe and two USB type C ports."

"And it's ready to begin.
And I think that means that I'm ready to end.
The MacBook Air is fantastic.
It always has been, but there were certainly years where it was less fantastic than it is now."

"But we're now at such a place where particularly this 15 inch model is so great at so many different things that I would say, why consider much else?
Sure, you could go pro.
I have a pro myself, but for almost all use cases, this is just fantastic."

"Thank you so much for watching.
See you on the next one.





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