dbrand Arachnoplates Carnage for PlayStation 5 (Quick Look) - Let There Be Carnage

We check out these PS5 console skins from dbrand that give Sony's device a new appearance that would make even Venom uneasy.

Audio transcription

"Hello everyone and welcome to another Gamereactor Quick Look. Let me take you back for a little while. So first and foremost back when Sony and Insomniac Games launched Marvel's Spider-Man 2 last year they wanted to promote the game and they wanted to do so by launching a limited edition pool of particularly designed plates for the original PS5 which was Spider-Man themed. Now they did that and immediately sold out because as with a lot of things PlayStation these days they seem to have completely underestimated the amount of people that really wanted to clad out their PS5s in these Spider-Man themed plates. It seems that Sony in general has kind of jumbled up the launch of extra for like different types of plates for their PS5 because they launch in these weird collections and they're mostly available through PlayStation Direct."

"Which isn't available in all countries and there's low stock issues all the time. It's a complete wash which is why it's no surprise that companies like dbrand have moved in wholesale to just completely take over that part of the PlayStation accessories market. Now you may recognize the shape of the different types of plates that I have on this particular PS5 disc edition right here because these are Dark Plates 2.0 which we've already already quick looked way back when I originally purchased them myself before we had a working relationship with dbrand because I just loved the design so much. Back then I urge you to go watch we basically just commended dbrand on the bravery of basically just sticking it to Sony's lawyers and giving us a product which was just markedly better than what Sony was offering doing it quicker and with larger stock available it was just a slam freaking dunk. Now dbrand is known for being edgy in terms of their sort of marketing strategy and this really is no exception."

"What they've done here is that they've launched oregano plates and the overall idea i'm sure you can already work out in your head is to say well Sony completely failed to give all of you who wanted these like to want who wanted sort of spider-man themed plates what you wanted so here are some."

"So obviously there is no specific spider-man themed plates here.
Spider-Man branding here, but I'd say that it's at least a theory of mine that it's pretty clear what this is in reference to. These are called the Aragno Plates and in the product description for the Aragno Plates, they write this. The popular video game console maker Megacorp failed to produce enough stock of their licensed video game side panels. Thanks for dropping the ball, you series of expletives. That's pretty direct and that's how Debrained operates and it's lovely. It's absolutely great. Again, it's basically the fantastic Dark Plates 2 again with this Aragno spin on one side. Now, it isn't on the other side. I don't know exactly why, but I presume that they've just very much focused on it being a sort of an effect that crawls over the PS5."

"And to do that, well, you do get first and foremost a one side panel where this is sort of pressed on there and then the rest are stickers that you can clad your PS5 in if you want to. So the general idea is that here you have the entire midder section of the console. So that would stretch all the way from down to the on and the eject button over and downwards. It basically just continues the same theme and if you are at any point really scared about adding like stickers basically or skins to your devices, I can tell you now from experience that it's much easier than you think and it actually is very easy to line up and apply in a safe and beautiful way. So don't hesitate. It really is lovely in that particular regard. And then you have sort of this Aragno skin going over the middle of the console and then fading into the regular Dark Plates here."

"It is, by the way, really easy to use. You don't have to worry about it. You don't have to worry about it.
You don't have to worry about it. You don't have to worry about it. You don't have to worry about it.
It is, by the way, not more expensive than regular Dark Plates. So if you like this idea and you like the design, well, then dbrand isn't charging you more for the privilege."

"Now, it is noticeable, I would say, but dbrand has a lot of different designs out there. That's generally what they do. They try to fan a wide net and if there's something that appeals to your particular aesthetic, well, then you're able to choose that. So if you don't already love like Spider-Man based aesthetics, or maybe Spider-Man based aesthetics, I guess, well, this isn't going to appeal to you. But it's really, I think it is very noticeable and very well done, which is the most important part."

"It is around $64, I believe, and you can add these stickers and you could also add red LED lights where there's a built-in guide, essentially, for adding them to the middle strip of your console, basically make it more in theme with the red and black aesthetic. It works very well, I'm sure.
So, these are the Aragno plates and it has been launched together with a series of skins."

"We have one here which I haven't applied yet because we'll do a separate video on the Carnage skin series right here. This is for my own iPad mini. Again, we'll be doing a separate video where we will also have put these stickers or the skins on the middle of the console, so stay tuned for that. But for now, again, big applause for dbrand. They know how to be edgy in their marketing and they're really confrontational in a really funny way for us consumers and at the same time they offer a good strong product for good aggressive prices. Thank you so much for watching. See you on the next one."





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