Screen Time - Horror Highlights 2024

We take a look at the biggest and most exciting horror films set to make their arrival throughout this year.

Audio transcription

"There is no shortage of freaky films set to make their debut throughout 2024, and while we′ve already had some great ones to celebrate, we′re looking ahead to the rest of the year in this special horror edition of Screen Time. So, pull up a chair, kick back, and take a look at these teasers of what to look forward to from the horror genre in the coming months."

"What′s all that stuff? It′s called stop motion animation. What do you think? It′s a bit boring. It′s not finished, and it′s not boring. Make a new one. A new one? Yeah.
I know a better story. You wanna hear it?
There′s a girl. She′s scared. There′s someone coming."

"Who′s coming? The man no one wants to meet.
The Ashman. He′ll bring her to life.
What does the Ashman do? Don′t be scared.
Whatever it is you think you saw back there, it′s not real."

"I don′t wanna make this film anymore.
Don′t you want to hear the next bit of the story?
I want to go. I want to go.
What happens when it takes on a life of its own?
How does it feel being back? Good. I had such good memories here."

"Maybe my happy place can be our happy place? We left you all alone down here.
I′m playing a new game with Chauncey. The scavenger hunt list? That′s fun.
Chauncey says you′re not allowed to play with us. Oh.
Because you left him. I need something happy."

"Something happy? I thought bugs freaked you out.
If I can finish my list, Chauncey will take me on a trip to the place he′s from.
Something that hurts. Alice! You been spending time with a new friend?
He asked you to do something that hurt you. It was part of the game."

"Does that seem like a game a good friend would want to play?
Maybe we shouldn′t play together anymore, Chauncey. Maybe we shouldn′t be friends! No, no, no, no, no! Alice! Alice! Alice! Alice! Alice! Alice! She′s lost, but we′re gonna find her."

"Every culture has entities that tether to the young. We call them imaginary friends.
You are always playing with your imaginary friend.
When the connection is severed, the entity becomes enraged.
He says he′s right behind you."

"Can I hang out with your imaginary friend? He′s not imaginary.
And he′s not your friend.
I guess I′m still searching for what that reason is.
Too much blood of Christ?
It′s a miracle. You are with child."

"Out of all the women in the world, why did he choose me?
How can we trust what′s inside you?
You should love."

You don′t have to be afraid."

God has great plans for you.
This child is his way.
There′s this girl at the orphanage.
I think that she really needs someone to look out for her."

Suffers from a touch of madness.
You must be very careful, Margaret.
Bad things will start to happen around her. Evil things."

"It′s all for you.
No, don′t.
What does any of this have to do with Carlito?
This church has maintained power for thousands of years."

"Lady will stop at nothing to keep it that way.
All you control are people who no longer believe.
You create something to fear.
I believe a girl is to be the mother."

"Mother of what?
It′s the mark of the devil.
Hey! That′s not real.
That′s not real."

"That′s not real.
That′s not real.
That′s not real.
That′s not real.
Who said that?
This is very real."

"We are back in five, four.
Now, here′s Mr. Midnight, Jack Dallar.
Oh, good evening, night owls, and thank you for allowing me into your living rooms once again."

"Well, night owls, we′ve got a heck of a show in store for you tonight, and I′m very excited for you to see it all unfold before your very eyes.
I really hope you love it.
Gosh, I hope you love it."

"Please love it.
Please love it.
I′m trying to host a nationally syndicated talk show, and I′m trying to help you keep it on the air."

"We all know how important it is to keep our sponsors and affiliates happy, but in my humble opinion, there is only one person who really matters in this whole darn crazy business, and that is you, our viewer."

"You′re meddling with things you don′t understand.
Whoa! Now, as you know here on Night Owls, we think it′s very important to keep an open mind."

"Please welcome Dr. June Ross Mitchell and Lily, the young subject of the book, Conversations with the Devil.
I really don′t think it′s a good idea, Jack.
It′s becoming more unpredictable."

"That′s a good thing.
That′s why we still do live TV.
Ladies and gentlemen, please stay tuned for a live television first as we attempt to commune with the devil."

"Lily, can you hear me?
Good to see you again, Jack.
Lily, return to me.
This isn′t about ratings anymore."

"No one′s going anywhere.
How could you let it happen, Jack?
How could you let it happen?
Please be warned, anyone with young children in the room."

"Go to commercial, go to commercial! You′re about to see.
You okay, Jack?
It′s profoundly disturbing and shocking.
You get out there, Mr. Midnight, and you knock him dead."

"You called about the noises in your walls, right?
Oh, no, no, no, not me.
You sure about that?
Yes! Hey, there, little guy."

"Charlotte, I need you to watch Liam.
Because he′s six months old and he eats paper.
Every time I try and connect, she takes two steps back."

"Night, Ethan.
Because he's six months old and he eats paper.
Every time I try and connect, she takes two steps back.
Night, Ethan."

"You hungry?
We're gonna call you Sting.
Hi, Eric.
Could a spider grow twice as big in a couple of hours?

"It's a physiological impossibility.
Sweet Jesus, what the hell happened to it?
I don't think a rat's gonna do that."

"Spiders only know two things, eat and kill.
What kind of spider are we talking about here?
A big one.
A spider bite will paralyze its prey because it likes to feed on living flesh."

"Sting! It's all my fault.
We have to deal with this together.
What was that?

"Sting! That's your spider?
You all came highly recommended.
You know the rules.
No real names, no backstories, no cellphones."

"Who's kid is she?
A very wealthy man who's about to be 50 million dollars poorer.
I'm here to make sure you're safe.
What's your name?
Mine's Abigail."

"You can call me Joey.
Do you have any kids?
I have a little boy.
See you in 24 hours.
Do you know what a pinky promises?
If you behave and do as we say, like Pinky promised you, it'll all be over soon."

I'm sorry about what's gonna happen to you.
What the fuck?
Shit, we gotta get out of here."

"I think she knows something.
What the fuck is that thing?
We kidnapped a fucking vampire."

"A ballerina vampire.
Okay, how do we kill a vampire?
What are we talking about?
Like an Anne Rice or a True Blood?
You know, Twilight?
Stay through the heart."

"Daylight is a big one.
Alright, let's go kill us a fucking vampire.
Vampire with my ass! What can I say?
I like playing with my food."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! She's fucking flying! I fucking hate ballet.
Giving you the chance to be of great use in our quest for preservation."

"This person needs to be trained.
At the same time, young, single, private, friendly.
Any more words?
I don't know what you're saying."

"What is this place?
Who are you?
We're just like you.
They come every night."

"They watch us until the sun rises again.
It's a window on the other side.
They'll be very interested in someone new.
What is that?
What is he doing?

"For you, Mina.
Do you want to know what they are?
That's impossible.
Help me! Help me! Help me! Help me! Help! Please! Please! Help! Help! You You You You You Run You You You You You You You You"





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