Games To Look For - April 2024

We take a look at the biggest and most exciting launches planned for the next few weeks.

Audio transcription

"Let's not beat around the bush, this April has a fraction of what March offered for gaming fans. There are limited major releases within this month, and of the major releases, very few have the same gravitas and weight attached to them as we've seen in months prior. Still, there are a few games to look forward to, so with that in mind, let's dive into a new episode of GTLF."

"This pixel combat and base building game from Pixel Chess sees players constructing fortresses and laying siege to enemy strongholds all within medieval England. This is a game about conquering and raiding, and as the name suggests, you'll be doing this as a brutal and dangerous Viking warrior."

"If you enjoyed the challenge that Escape Academy and Maquette offered, you'll definitely fall in love with Balloon Studios' Botany Manor. This exploration title is all about using botanical skills to research and grow exotic plants, all while uncovering the secrets of the stately home in England where you live."

"So yep, this is the same grounded that you've come to love and appreciate on PC and Xbox consoles over the years. We're including it in this month's GTLF since it's part of Microsoft's big and new multi-platform effort, meaning as of mid-April, PlayStation and Switch fans will be able to join in on the miniature venturing fun."

"This adorable game is all about exploring a terraformed version of the moon Europa. Once a hostile wasteland and now a verdant paradise, this game, named after Jupiter's moon, sees players suiting up as a young adventurer tasked with running, gliding and flying across a colourful and magnificent wilderness to solve the ancient mysteries that it harbours."

"Moon Studios is best known for its Ori games, but soon it's set to give us something far, far different. No Rest for the Wicked is an action RPG that takes players to a dark and cruel fantasy setting to become a Seren, a mystical holy warrior capable of fighting back against the pestilence that is sweeping across the land."

"The latest in EA's Originals franchise, Tales of Kinzira Zao is a Metroidvania-style platformer that sees players exploring a striking and dangerous spiritual realm as a young boy who has bargained with the God of Death in an attempt to bring his father back from the darkness. Giving players an authentic taste of African culture, this game is all about embracing grief and finding strength when all else seems to be lost."

"Rabbit and Bear Studios is giving us a really broad and expansive take on a modernised JRPG this April with Ayudan Chronicle 100 Heroes. This game takes players to a HD 2D fantastical realm to lead a cast of over 100 characters through a sprawling world and in a bid to save it from being torn apart by warring neighbouring nations."

"Boomer shooters have perhaps never been so popular. Slipgate Ironworks knows this and is looking to entertain fans for this April with an action-packed, gory, 80s-like action shooter that sees players suit up as an American hero tasked with travelling across the country in a bid to save mankind from horrible and deadly mutated creatures and cruel soldiers."

"When a developer is known as AgroCrab, you can probably expect them to create games based on crustaceans. Thankfully, this is precisely what we're getting with Another Crab's Treasure, a Souls-like game that sees players undertaking a monumental journey as a hermit crab to buy back his repossessed shell, all while working to prevent the undersea kingdom that you call home from collapsing."

"Akira Toriyama may have recently passed away, but his brilliance lives on in his work. We're seeing this once again in the action RPG Sandland, a game that sees players becoming the demon prince Beelzebub and taking to the harsh desert to use a slate of vehicles to hunt for the legendary spring. With plenty of highly customisable vehicles on offer, plus a broad combat suite that enables players to use Beelzebub's full slate of demonic powers, Sandland is looking to be one of April's biggest titles."

"Whether tennis video games are your jam or not, seeing Top Spin back in action is an exciting development. Coming from 2K, the return of the tennis franchise will allow players to take on the pro circuit alongside the best and most iconic pros to ever compete in the sport, all in the effort of hunting down trophies and etching your name into the history books next to the best that have ever taken to the court."

"We can almost guarantee that you've seen Stellar Blade at some point ever since its arrival, most likely due to its rather provocatively designed protagonist. But regardless of your stance on this matter, Stellar Blade is set to be PlayStation's big launch for the month of April, with this being an action adventure where players become the robotic Eve and are tasked with piecing together the mysteries of Earth's downfall and what led to the formation of the malevolent force that destroyed civilisation across the planet."

"In a similar vein to Grounded, Sea of Thieves is the same game that PC and Xbox players have been enjoying for years, but considering it's a big Microsoft owned and developed franchise making its debut on Sony PlayStation consoles, we've elected to incorporate it in this month's GTLF."

"And that brings us to the end of the month, be sure to join us in a few weeks time when we glimpse and look into what May 2024 has in store for gaming fans."





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