Screen Time - April 2024

We take a look at the biggest and most exciting movies and TV series planned to arrive in cinemas and on streamer over the next few weeks.

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"April is a shadow of what we saw in March, both in the film and TV sector and in the games world. There are a few exciting new additions coming to cinemas and streamers this month for movies and series lovers, but the offering is significantly lacking compared to what we saw last month. Still, to see what stands out, let's dive into a new episode of Screen Time."

"But before we do, let's get to the typical housekeeping. We've based our picks on a UK release calendar, so be sure to check locally for accurate listings and information.
This film serves as a prequel to the iconic and classic horror film The Omen and revolves around a young American woman sent to Rome to begin life in servitude to the church."

"However, a frightening young conspiracy and untold darkness surrounding the birthing of pure evil puts a massive strain on her devotion to the faith.
Colin Farrell teams up with Apple TV Plus to lend his talents to the role of John Sugar, a private investigator who has been tasked with uncovering the dark and twisted truth behind the disappearance of the granddaughter of one of Hollywood's elites. With gritty action and a bewildering story, the series also stars Amy Ryan in one of the leading roles."

"Dev Patel stars in this John Wick-like action movie set in India. Monkey Man revolves around a young man who, in a vengeance campaign against a corrupt who murdered his mother and endangers the helpless, dons a monkey mask and unleashes gritty and violent justice.
Arguably the most anticipated series making its arrival this month, Fallout is a grand scale live-action adaptation of Bethesda's iconic RPG video games. The show revolves around Ella Purnell's Vault 33 dweller Lucy as she explores the wasteland, getting up to crazy hijinks and meeting several new allies and faces along the way, including Walton Goggins' ghoul and Aaron Moten's Brotherhood of Steel soldier Maximus."

"In quite an unusual turn of events for production company A24, Civil War is a massive action-packed adventure that explores a dystopian future where the US has been split into two warring factions. Following a team of embedded journalists as they race to save the country from further irreparable damage, this ambitious film brings together Nick Offerman, Wagner Mora, Caley Spany and the real-life power couple of Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons all to lead the cast."

"Apple is getting back into the historical dramas they loved so much this month with the Michael Douglas-led Franklin. This series follows America's founding father as he sets out on a dangerous mission to France in an effort of engineering an alliance to secure the future of the young nation during the American Revolutionary War."

"Nicolas Cage lends his talents to this upcoming flick that sees him portraying the father of two teenage twin sons as they fight and struggle to survive in a remote farmhouse towards the end of the world. Fighting back against terrifying and deadly creatures, this thriller is looking to be crammed with action-packed and horror elements."

"This April really is crammed with horror and that's precisely what we're getting with the upcoming Abigail once again. This film follows a group of criminals who realise they're in for more than they've bargained for if they kidnap a powerful underworld figure's ballerina daughter, only to discover the girl is not particularly normal. Giancarlo Esposito leads the cast, which also includes Catherine Newton, Dan Stevens and Matthew Goode."

"The second part of Zack Snyder's sci-fi series sees Sofia Boutella back in the lead role of Cora as she begins her effort to dismantle and to strike back against the overpowering empire. With Charlie Hunnam, Anthony Hopkins, Kerry Eulds, Michael Huisman, Juwan Hunsu, Jenna Malone and more starring or returning, this is set to be Netflix's big offering this month."

"Justice Smith stars as the young Aaron, a magical individual who has been recruited to join a secret black society that is tasked with making white people's lives easier.
The fantastical comedy film is looking to poke fun at race dynamics and sees David Alan Grier leading the cast to complete said task."

"Zendaya lends her talents to this dramatic romantic sports film about a young tennis prodigy turned coach called Toshi, who is tasked with helping her champion husband return to form, all while he faces off against his former best friend and Toshi's ex-boyfriend.
If you enjoy romantically complicated movies or sports flicks, this is one to watch out for."

"That wraps up yet another episode of Screen Time. Be sure to return in a few weeks time when we take a look at what May 2024 is bringing to the table."





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