What to Watch on Netflix in April 2024

We take a look at the biggest and most exciting new movies and shows coming to Netflix this month.

Audio transcription

"If we're in the treble, yeah, what are you going to do with that?
Surely you've got to go Netflix.
There is one treble. Premier League, Champions League, FA Cup."

"Do it together, guys. Do it together.
This documentary is going to be the best ever.
Now we're talking.
He doesn't know a dance trap, Greenwich."

"This is what the people have to realise.
That today I'm the king.
Are you alright, Gunther? Do you need to wrestle?
No! Just another day at the office."

"Absolutely brilliant from City.
We've bought the last five Premier League.
Are we going to do it again?
I mean, are they unstoppable this season?
It's tough, the Premier League. It's unforgiving."

"You have to work and fight for every single point you get.
It's so easy to look far ahead.
And that's the one thing that can get you killed.
Our City title contenders once again."

"The questions were starting to be raised.
Manchester City's lead has been obliterated.
If we want to win this Premier League, we have to go like this.
This is normal. Today we are done."

"For the guys who travel to follow us, to perform in this way.
They're in a proper, proper title race here.
If we focus on ourselves, we can beat them all."

"And we want to do it again.
And that's when we get big.
I think we can go all the way.
They're one of my warriors.
If you're coming for the king, you best not miss."

"The biggest prize in club football is still the Champions League.
That was a little bit special.
He's got to turn Manchester City into a team that conquers Europe.
That has to happen."

"We're all going to Istanbul! One more next week.
You know, tomorrow we play for the immortality.
Will it be a treble or a seismic shock?
It's once in a lifetime, guys."

"This situation, we are not going to leave it again.
Two local men confronted authorities with a rather bizarre story.
The two men told of a strange craft and of being taken aboard by three unearthly creatures.
I was so afraid that they were going to take me away from here."

"And they would never know what happened to us.
Yuba County lawmen call this one of the more bizarre missing person cases they've ever handled.
None of it made any sense.
Places all over this mountain hold mysteries that humans will never understand."

"There were gelatinous blobs everywhere.
No one was able to tell me what the substance was.
Over the years, 21 feet have come ashore.
It's a mystery."

"And it's weird.
I felt something grab around my ankle and yank me real fast.
Myrtles is one of America's most haunted homes.
It makes you wonder, who's watching you?
At a point, he had to question himself."

"Am I insane? Am I going crazy?
It wasn't a dream. I know it wasn't a dream.
Were they human or non-human biologics?
This has the most profound possible implications."

"There's no way they got lost.
Something was going wrong. Really wrong.
I don't know what happened.
That's part that bothers me."

"I need to know where he is.
Is there something more going on here that we don't know about?
That's the million dollar question.
When the simple is not the explanation, you have to go for the extraordinary."

"May I ask you to describe Thomas Ripley?
What line of work are you in, Tom?
You're a very hard man to find.
He came to Italy. Moved into Dickie's house."

"He just wouldn't go away.
You like art, Tom?
You're in the right place.
You like art, Tom?
Well, you're in the right place."

"Tom is one of those people who takes advantage of people.
He's taking advantage of Dickie.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
False IDs. Bank letters."

"What's going on, Tom?
You crazy?
I don't trust him.
He's a liar.
It's his profession."

"The corpse was found on the Via Piantica.
Struck on the head by some heavy instrument.
My God.
This is what I do for a living."

"You're interfering.
I'd like you to leave.
I bet you would.
Someone is dead in Rome.
And Signor Ripley is missing."

"This is the situation.
I'm sorry.
So, this is the third violent crime today.
How is he?
He's fine."

"What are you talking about? You said he was in the car.
A few months ago.
This parasite was found all over the world.
And it took the human's head."

"It's the parasite in you.
It's the parasite in you.
It's the parasite in you.
It's the parasite in you.
It's the parasite in you."

"It's the parasite in you.
If you and I weren't together, we would have both died.
Humans are researching us, chasing us, and trying to kill us."

"What is it?
A mixture of humans and humans.
You're good at imitating humans.
You're a threat to us.
You're a threat to us."

"Let's kill each other.
Let's help each other.
When the sun rises tomorrow morning, let's set up a small-scale operation.
I am the enemy of the East."

"I will never run away.
I am the enemy of the East.
In the end, you and I have no choice but to live together.
An hour of television can change everything."

"Three women in a whip-pit.
Wouldn't have seen that in a BBC studio when I started.
The allegations surrounding Jeffrey Epstein include his friend, Prince Andrew."

"Sam, let's start pushing the palace.
I want it for us.
You're chasing a story that we're never gonna get.
This is the work."

"My job is booking the people we can't just call up.
Hello, everyone.
You have a problem that won't go away.
We're looking at options."

"But there is a red line.
I've never been smuggled into a palace before.
If I do an interview, the question is, why you?
With respect, you know how people see you."

"Spell it out.
Brandy Andy.
With respect?
Everything's changed.
The FBI are raiding Epstein's home."

"You can't stay silent.
This is our story room.
Two chairs, six feet apart.
It's like a Western.
Make no mistake, if we don't get the tone right, the story won't be him."

"It'll be us.
Your Royal Highness.
Tomorrow night, in an unprecedented interview, we will hear from the Duke himself.
I thought that all went very well."

"All across the world, every paper, on every news channel, has a story.
Go away! This is only going to get bigger."

"This interview, does it matter?
Yeah, it matters.
Every summer, we get our butts kicked by the other camp.
This might hurt a little."

"Hoorah! That never gets old.
We're going to train like nobody's watching.
Because we'd be embarrassed if someone was watching."

"Last thing I need is a loud-mouthed woodpecker spoiling my plan.
Let the games begin! All you've done since you got here is cause chaos."

"Is that my toothbrush?
No! Their nightmare is you and I fighting together.
You must know you cannot win."

"You're all here.
Because there is nothing to return to.
Dark days lie ahead of us all.
We will teach you how to fight."

"That's impressive.
The Scargivers among them know what this village holds most dear.
I shall destroy them.
I have no choice but to fight."

"The Scargiver herself.
Go, go, go, go, go! Are you truly prepared to allow this to continue in your name?
I'm sorry."

"I won't allow this place to die for me.
Go, let's bring it on! There's no time.
Do something.

"I can do it! Sorry, I hit you.
I wanted to see you, but I got carried away.
What a sinful woman you are, little woodpecker."

"Don't make me sin.
I'm counting on you.
I'll never forgive you.
They are quite the crazy bunch."

"Shut up and let the dead rest in peace.
The Scargiver! Go! Sorry! We are the Dead Boy Detective Agency."

"He's the brains.
I'm the brawn.
We're ghosts.
And we solve mysteries.
Dead Boy Detectives?
It's Aces, right?
It's just a stupid name."

"We're pretty bang on detectives when we're not hiding from death.
You see?
I opened a real bag of worms.
Marty! Jesus! I'm trying to threaten some kids."






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