Twisted Minds 27FHD280IPS (Quick Look) - Flat and Furious

This flat screen FHD/280Hz IPS display is designed for gamers who value maximum fluidity over graphical fidelity.

Audio transcription

"Hello everyone and welcome to another Gamereactor quick look.
It's very rare that we get to bid welcome to a brand new challenger on some of these fixed accessories markets because it's just very difficult to get in on a market, particularly in consumer electronics, and really make a name for yourself, sort of break the mold and find your own little shelf in an otherwise really overcrowded market."

"But Twisted Minds is attempting to do just that.
And they're doing it mainly by offering what seems like pretty competitive specs and pretty competitive prices, but there are caveats and there are certainly compromises.
So this has a really long-winded name, like one of the most long-winded names that I've probably ever seen, but it does make sense."

"So it's called the TM, that's for Twisted Minds, which is the brand.
There's also an IPS in there because it's an IPS panel, a fast IPS panel.
It also has some 280 in there, that's the main hertz refresh rate.
So that is 280 hertz refresh rate, which is really not too bad."

"The full name, just to give you some context, is TM27FHD280IPS.
That is seemingly the name that they've chosen to give one of their flagship monitors.
But then again, Twisted Minds, 27 inches, full HD, 280 hertz, IPS panel, that particular regard, it makes more sense than some of the other long-winded, particularly monitor names that we've seen over the past couple of years."

"So again, if you are very interested in a very particular set of specs, mainly having a responsive, semi-compact gaming experience at not a big asking price, well, this might be your next stop.
27 inches is very popular, and while I prefer something bigger, that's because I'm a console gamer in general, and 27 inches is, as I said, very popular."

"1080p is on the verge now of becoming a tad bit old school, and if people tend to buy 1080, they want higher refresh rates than 280 hertz.
They would go for something like 360 hertz, which has become an increasing norm, let's say."

"This is a price-to-performance monitor, so 280 hertz is really not bad, 1080p is okay.
It's a fast IPS panel, but even though that IPS panels can provide very decent color accuracy and very high mid-peak brightness, this doesn't really offer any of that.
That is not the point of the monitor."

"It's a 16 by 9 aspect ratio, which means that we get a little bit of a chin down here, and they sport a 0.5 millisecond response time.
That is all well and good.
It's actually within the parameters of what is considered quite okay."

"There's also HDMI 2.1 at the back, but don't worry, you can also use DisplayPort 1.4 if that's what you want.
There are two small RGB strips at the back, which can be controlled through the OSD, which is fine."

"So what are the compromises?
Well, before we get to those, it's probably worth it to say that while it was actually more difficult than I thought, there is a Danish distributor who has sent us these monitors, but it seems like they are intrinsically tied to the United Arab Emirates to the point where if you go to twistedmind.co, which is supposed to be like an internationally minded shop, they default to AAD, the Arab Emirates default currency."

"So I had to do some currency translations, but it costs around 1,080 AAD, which translates to about 270 euro.
So depending on what your local deal might be, that's really not bad for a 27 inch, 280 hertz monitor."

"And it's quite difficult to get something with these specs for that price.
Now that means compromise.
Main compromise, build quality.
Everything is plastic and none of it is high quality plastic."

"Sure, there seems to be some really thin metal alloy to this stand, but from this little red circular pad here and onwards and upwards, it's all plastic and it doesn't feel particularly good either.
It feels like the kind of plastic that if you touch it once, it kind of scuffs or it gets sort of grimy."

"So I wouldn't count on the build quality being fantastic.
Now it has quite decent height adjust all the way down to the edge of the monitor and it can twist quite far as well, which I think is really good, but it's not expertly built and I don't think we were ever expecting that."

"The other thing is that while this is an IPS panel, it's around 250 nits default and 300 nits max.
That is at least the measurements that they themselves have provided.
We will of course review it in full."

"That's not very good.
And since they write HDR, that has to be taken with a huge grain of salt.
I also think that that might, let's say, inform the way that the color accuracy is tuned.
We don't know a lot yet."

"We know that it's a thousand to one contrast ratio, which isn't like abhorrent or anything, but take like a Samsung Odyssey G5 that has two and a half thousand to one contrast ratio.
So we'll see how it measures up when we measure how it does in terms of DCI-P3, Adobe RGB, and perhaps crucially sRGB in terms of color accuracy, but still cheap, very cheap indeed."

"So if you care about high refresh rate and you want a good deal, well, maybe it's going to be something from Twisted Minds.
Thank you so much for watching.
See you on the next one."





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