BenQ ScreenBar Halo (Quick Look) - Light Up Your Life

This monitor-mounting lighting solution aims to be able to improve productivity and ensure your desk is well illuminated without the need of a defined and additional desk lamp.

Audio transcription

"Hello everyone and welcome to another Gamereactor Quick Look.
Lighting has become somewhat of a fixture, get that pun, in the past couple of years ever since the arrival of COVID-19 which forced everyone to basically reinvent or at least reinvigorate the idea of the home office."

"So we are, much more than we ever have been, interested in creating meaningful spaces where we can be efficient when we are working either from an office space if we are doing that or from home.
Now one of those, one of the ways in which we can do that is lighting and in particular there seems to be this resurgence of the monitor light, now that is exactly what you see right here."

"It's called the Screen Bar Halo made by BenQ and BenQ of course is no stranger to professional office equipment.
Now the Screen Bar Halo is exactly what you would think that it is, it is a bar formed lighting fixture which sits or rests on top of your monitor cascading a light downward which serves two main purposes, one it illuminates your space, basically playing the part of a light so you don't need a big desk lamp otherwise on your desk which saves up some space."

"But secondly, it also claims the people that make these kind of lights, frames what it is that you are doing on your monitor.
For one, it means that you can turn down the amount of nit-peak brightness that is coming out of your monitor which obviously can be more searing blue light which can create some let's say discomfort at sort of extended time periods but it also makes you more focused of what is happening inside the frame that is being illuminated by the bar form light."

"Now all of that is let's say that it's theory, it's very much up to you as an individual to figure out whether this light that is cascading downwards onto your monitor is making you more focused on what is happening on it or not.
But I will say that a lot of people prefer the lights that these kind of fixtures give and it's easy to see why."

"I've had one installed on my monitor over on my desk just over there for about a week and while I can't say for certain whether it makes me more focused or more efficient, it is pleasant.
There are three light modes which means that it both utilizes this particular string of LEDs up which you can see, I can just move it like this."

"But it also has a fixture on the back.
What that means basically is that it can cascade light downward and also backward.
Now we've seen that a million times with RGB lights on monitors for instance because what the general idea is because you can't see them if they're on the back of monitors is that they will cast the light onward to the wall which your desk might be put up against and that will create an effect that you can then notice when you're playing."

"Same thing here is that it can cascade a warm glow onward to your wall behind you and that will bathe your entire space in pleasant light which makes it easier for you to focus.
Now it costs about 160 euros which isn't nothing to be honest.
So it's very good that for one BenQ has created something that is really well made like the light in itself is really well made but you also get this."

"This is a little wireless controller that runs on AA batteries and that means that it's just a very nice professional way to interact with your light.
So for one you can click on this and then use a big circular wheel which has a stepwise counter almost akin to a clock or the active crown on a smartwatch."

"And you can see on the little LEDs around the rim of the circular display here that it turns it upwards or downwards but there are several modes to this.
There's also the coolness.
I don't know if you can see this on the main image here but it is really nice."

"I prefer honestly to have a much warmer glow.
I just think that's more pleasant for me.
But there is also something called real-time auto dimming which is a singular setting by the way."

"So if you put that on it will basically read your, it knows the time of day, it knows basically what the color temperature or the current light temperature in the room is and it will adjust accordingly.
Now all this is really cool and it's expertly built and I for one think that for this and the light in terms of what we pay for desk lamps on our desks at home or at work, €160 isn't all that bad and it does create I think a pretty comfortable lighting scenario when I am so working."

"So the ScreenBar Halo is on sale right now and we'll be reviewing it in full in text on your game or domain of choice.
Thank you so much for watching.
See you on the next one."





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