WaterField Designs Essential Laptop Backpack (Quick Look) - An Everyday Companion

This backpack is built for everyday use, with a lightweight design, a variety of pockets, and space for a 16-inch laptop. You can purchase the backpack here.

Audio transcription

"Hello everyone and welcome to another Gamereactor Quick Look.
This time again we're taking a look at something from Waterfield Designs, a manufacturer that I have taken quite a liking to for a number of different reasons, mostly because they tend to be able to fuse sort of really classic aesthetic sensibilities with modern features that you would expect out of a good sort of techie backpack."

"Now most of that sort of classic aesthetic sensibility comes from the materials that they use, so I found to my great surprise that they also make something which is much more akin to something like Air out of San Francisco and is much more sort of sleek and modern and minimalistically looking."

"So we wanted to take a look because this is also one of the cheaper backpacks that you can get from Waterfield Designs and it is a really nice manufacturer that really knows what they're doing and they make high quality stuff.
So to get in on all that for around $189 is pretty much a steal already."

"And this sort of retains a lot of those sort of strong capabilities of something that we've spotlighted in other Waterfield Design videos, which I urge you to go take a look at as well.
So what do you get in the Essential Laptop Backpack?
For one, you get this sort of ballistic nylon exterior, which is very nice, very much akin to something that is modern in the business, in the EDC business already, but it feels awesome and it can withstand, I would say, pretty much all of the elements combined."

"It is very waterproof, both in look and also obviously in sort of function.
And these YKK zippers here are really thick and enclosed, meaning that there's not getting any sort of moisture ahead through there as well.
Very, very nice."

"Now, you can choose your own accent color.
I choose the blue one, but there's a couple of different options, which is great and they're all the same price.
There is one central pocket here."

"As you can tell, it's still used this really nice sort of bright yellow or sort of orange-y yellow for the interior.
And that, by the way, I've been told is mainly when you have to navigate into the bag through poorly lit conditions, then it's much easier to see what kind of pocket, for instance, you're sticking your hand into."

"Very, very nice.
There is one here for the keys.
I've never understood these because I just find myself in situations where my key has to go further than this."

"But obviously it is in all of the modern sort of EDC classic backpacks for a reason.
And that just doesn't apply to me.
But it is here.
Don't worry."

"The one gripe I have is that this is only one, like this is one central compartment.
And I, for one, would like to carry a wallet, a set of keys, AirPods, maybe even a little playdate or just a lot of different things that I would want tucked in in separate pockets so that I know that nothing is happening to them when once they're jostling around down there, if I'm on a bike or something."

"So point is, I would have loved more like different pockets in here.
So that is one potential gripe there.
But overall, I think it looks quite stunning.
There's a big, like double big pockets here for water bottles or an umbrella or something like that."

"Very nice when the bag is this light and this small.
If you open up to the main compartment here, you'll see that they've retained one cool thing, which is this massive laptop sleeve here, which is incredibly padded to the point where it's perhaps even just a bit too much."

"You can see like the thick padding here inside the laptop sleeve, which holds up to a 16 inch laptop in a bag this small.
The one thing that they have given up, which is a shame, is the massive tablet pocket, which is on most other also small-ish Waterfield Design backpacks, meaning that you could carry like a 14 inch, like a 12.9 inch iPad Pro with the keyboard attachment as well."

"No problem.
You can't do that here unless you want to put them inside the same, which they can if you want to.
Then you have this little extra accessories room here, which is quite small."

"It doesn't travel all the way to the doesn't travel the height of the backpack, really, but it is there.
And apart from that, you have this big one spacey compartment for all of your stuff.
That is in this little lightweight frame here, and I can't stress enough how light this is."

"If you're worried about your bag already adding a lot of weight by itself, well, this is a remedy for that.
I would have loved to see a little bit of extra sort of pockets here and there to just differentiate the placements that I can have for my different kinds of gear."

"But beyond that, for $189, it's a pretty good deal.
Thank you so much for watching.
See you on the next one.





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