GRTV News - Sony's One Punch Man movie is going ahead

One Punch Man will be getting the live-action treatment... at some point.

Audio transcription

"Hello everyone and welcome to another GRTV News, I'm Alex as usual covering the afternoons latest and greatest in terms of gaming, gear, tech, entertainment, whatever you like, whatever you love, we've always got it here for you at GRTV News and in the wider Gamereactor network as a whole, so if you like gaming reviews, movie reviews, gaming previews, exclusive content and so much more, as always be sure to check out Gamereactor wherever you get it from."

"But without further ado, we're diving into today's news piece today, not the hottest news day, over the weekend we saw some stuff break out, especially in the movie realm, but you know, there's some interesting stuff, it was the end of CinemaCon, we've got some updates on Sony's One Punch Man movie, now it is going ahead with Rick and Morty's Dan Harmon being signed to the script alongside Heather and Campbell."

"The project is still reportedly in active development, One Punch Man if you're not aware was the anime, well, manga series beforehand created by an artist called One, which then broke out to be a big anime hit in 2015 and has sort of, it's not held that same stranglehold I would say over pop culture as it did when it first came out, but it's still a popular IP, people still love the manga, people still are eagerly awaiting season 3 as it's about to come out."

"No further details on sort of filming or when we might see this come to light yet, but it's getting more and more names attached to it, as I said Dan Harmon, Heather and Campbell, and it's an interesting project, that's why I thought I'd highlight it today, it's an interesting thing because we were talking a bit, a bit of a behind the scenes thing here, but today on we recorded a film frenzy and a gaming gossip, and in those two we talked about gaming adaptations, specifically Fallout, and how gaming adaptations are sort of shaping up to be the next major thing that really takes over Hollywood, at least we think."

"We saw it for the last 10 years with the MCU and comic book movies for example, and now it might be video game movies that are the surefire box office gold, but we don't really hear much about anime live action that much anymore, sort of following Ghost in the Shell and things like that, it's always seemed a bit of a doomed franchise."

"Now One Punch Man obviously has the comic book vibe and the anime vibe, so there's a lot of crossover chants here, but it's whether they can actually get it to be successful because a lot of what made One Punch Man as an anime so successful in the first place was the quality of the animation in season 1."

"Now of course people did love the idea of the parody of the superhero genre, we've seen a lot of different twists and takes on the superhero genre do really well, The Boys and Invincible being two examples, I mean Invincible to me is more of a straightforward superhero story but it still has that twist of like, I guess, extra gore."

"In any case, One Punch Man has obviously the fact that it's a parody of superheroes as it explores, and people might be interested to that, I think it's a really interesting project because, you know, it could sort of go either way really, I don't have much faith in anime adaptations as a whole, but considering the fact that we've seen video game adaptations turn a new leaf, perhaps we could see the same elsewhere."

"There have been anime adaptations that have been successful, like One Piece did well at Netflix for example, but then again Cowboy Bebop did terribly at Netflix, so it really is about sort of picking and choosing which ones you think this will follow the trend of."

"But let me know what you're thinking about One Punch Man movie and I'll see you in tomorrow's GRTV News video, buh-bye."





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