Fallout (Amazon)

GRTV News - Fallout will be back for a second season

The live-action adaptation of Bethesda's RPG series has been greenlit for a return.

Audio transcription

"Hello everyone and welcome back to what is my final GRT News of the Week.
Today we're talking about something that I think the majority of us is kind of expecting to worry to take place but it hasn't yet.
And that's that Fallout has now finally been greenlit for a second season."

"There was this whole thing going around that the state of California is going to give it a tax reduction so that it can film its second season over there.
Which to most people basically seemed like a surefire confirmation there would be a second season despite no official greenlight and confirmation from Amazon.
But now all of that sort of question mark stuff has been stripped away."

"The official confirmation is here we will be getting a follow up season of Fallout but we don't know anything else really about it just yet.
So yes confirmed Fallout will return in Season 2 even if pretty much all of us assumed it would it's still nice to get an official confirmation.
We admit it may not be the most shocking news of the day and you probably thought it was a done deal."

"But that said it's now confirmed that Amazon Prime's Fallout series will continue in a second season.
We don't have any more details but it was recently revealed that Amazon is getting a tax credit from California for filming Season 2 there.
Part 1 was primarily shot in New York and the fact that Amazon applied in California granted it was itself a pretty telling sign of things to come."

"While waiting for the next season we suggest you quench your Fallout cravings by playing one of the many great games available with Fallout Shelter, Fallout 4 and Fallout 76 being particularly popular right now.
All three have already been or will be updated in the near future with everything from new content to graphical updates.
And this is the confirmation here."

"It's just Fallout back for Season 2 and then an image of the three characters.
Well you can't miss the dog meat character.
Four characters Maximus, The Ghoul, Lucy and then I think they just call it dog meat.
But yes Fallout has been confirmed for a follow up season."

"Not that any of us are really surprised.
It was both pretty critically acclaimed but also picked up and did serious numbers in a viewer sense as well.
So good news for Fallout fans, good news for those who like gaming adaptations, good news for Prime Video.
Lots to look forward to in that regard."

"Again though we don't know anything else as of yet.
We don't know when it's going to start filming, we don't know when it's eyeing up a release window.
We can sort of infer plot details based on what happened in Season 1 which I'm not going to do here to keep us out of spoiler territory.
But yeah it's good news that more Fallout is coming and maybe the success of the show will sort of..."

"Inspire should we say Todd Howard and the Bethesda gang to look at and to explore the idea of adapting The Elder Scrolls into a TV series as well at some point.
Or a movie, whatever.
Either way it's nice to see that they're exploring additional ways to bolster out their franchises considering it takes them so long to make a video game.
But yes this is all the time we have in today's episode of GRTV News but I'll be back now on Monday for the next one of the week so stay tuned for that."

"Otherwise I hope you enjoy your Friday, enjoy your weekend and we'll see you on the other side.
Take care everyone."





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